Colts vs. Seahawks: Live Updates, Score and Highlights for Sunday Night Football


12:30am UTC Oct 2, 2017Seattle
Michelle Bruton

It was a slow start, but the 2-2 Seattle Seahawks, true to recent form, really picked things up in the second half to defeat the 1-3 Indianapolis Colts 46-18 on Sunday Night Football. At one point in the third quarter, the Seahawks scored 14 points in less than a minute as J.D. McKissic ran the ball in and then Bobby Wagner recovered a fumble and returned it for a score.

  1. October 2, 2017
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    FINAL: Seahawks 46, Colts 18

    Seattle Seahawks @Seahawks

    Another primetime victory at @CenturyLink_Fld! 46-18 over the @Colts. #INDvsSEA

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    McKissic Becoming a Household Name

    Seahawks almost score as they put away the Colts 46-18 near the two-minute warning

    Seattle Seahawks @Seahawks

    What a catch! McKissic another TD. Q4: 46-18 SEA #INDvsSEA

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    Seahawks Pulling for Teammate Carson

    Seattle Seahawks @Seahawks

    Sending our best to Chris Carson, who injured his leg and was carted off the field. #LoveOurBrothers

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  6. October 2, 2017
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    This Does Not Look Good

    Carson has a serious leg injury.

    Aron Yohannes @AronYohannes

    The cart has come out for Chris Carson. There's an air-cast on his leg.

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    The Rout Is on

    Seattle goes up 39-18 early in Q4 thanks to Luke Wilson's 6-yard TD reception

    Seattle Seahawks @Seahawks


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    Seahawks Scoop N' Score!

    Seattle puts up 14 points in less than a minute as Seattle sacks Brissett, Bobby Wagner recovers and returns it for a TD. Seahawks 32, Colts 18 near the end of Q3.

    NFL @NFL

    Ball comes out. @Seahawks scoop. And @Seahawks SCORE. 😱 #INDvsSEA #Seahawks

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    True to Form, Seahawks Are Picking It Up Late

    Seattle finds the end zone again off the legs of J.D. McKissic for 30 yards. Seattle goes up 25-18.

    Seattle Seahawks @Seahawks

    Touchdown Seahawks! @JdMckissic sprints for 6!! #INDvsSEA #SNF

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    All Tied Up

    The Colts get 3 off Hooker's pick and it's all tied up in Seattle late in Q3.

    Indianapolis Colts @Colts

    Vinny's 40-yard kick is GOOD. #INDvsSEA | 18-18

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    Hooker AGAIN!

    The rookie gets an INT for the third straight game and prevents the Seahawks from building on their lead over the Colts.

    Dan Hope @Dan_Hope

    Former Ohio State safety Malik Hooker continues to be a ball magnet. #Colts rookie now has an interception in three straight games.

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    2-pt Conversion Is Good!

    Now Seattle leads by a field goal, but there's plenty of ball game left.

    Seattle Seahawks @Seahawks

    Wilson to Baldwin + 2️⃣! Q3: 18-15 SEA #INDvsSEA #SNF

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    Wilson Gets His TD in the End

    And Seattle takes a 1-point lead over the Colts, 16-15 early in Q3.

    Seattle Seahawks @Seahawks

    Touchdowwwn Seahawks! Russell Wilson turns on the jets! 🔥 #INDvsSEA #SNF

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    You Gotta Take the TDs You Can Get

    Russell Wilson appears to rush into the end zone for a TD, but he is ruled down at the 1. Carroll is forced to challenge the spot, which means he's out of challenges for the rest of the game.

    Bill Barnwell @billbarnwell

    A lot of teams should save their last challenge here and just take first-and-goal from the half-yard line. Seattle is not one of them.

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    HALFTIME: Colts 15, Seahawks 10

    Indianapolis Colts @Colts

    Your #Colts lead at halftime. #INDvsSEA

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    Blair Walsh Misses the FG

    In his own stadium...

    Jamie Erdahl @JamieErdahl

    What a report by Michele. "Blair Walsh was disastrous warming up kicking this direction. Definitely one to watch." Pushes wide right. 🐐

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    Indianapolis Colts @Colts


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    Who Are These Colts?

    Just before halftime, Brissett and Moncrief connect for a touchdown to put the Colts up 15-10 on Seattle...on the Seahawks' home turf.

    Albert Breer @AlbertBreer

    Fantastic throw by Jacoby Brisett -- and great grab by Moncrief. Colts have the Seahawks on their field.

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    Indianapolis Colts @Colts

    🚨 TIP DRILL 🚨 @mfarley41 gets his first career interception. #INDvsSEA

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    THAT Was Impressive

    Farley did it all - tipping the Russell Wilson pass, bringing it in, and completing it in-bounds to give the Colts the ball.

    NFL @NFL

    Tipped. Caught. And in bounds! What an interception by @MFARLEY41! #INDvsSEA #Colts

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    Avril Is Out with a Neck Injury

    Seattle Seahawks @Seahawks

    Defensive end Cliff Avril has a neck injury. Avril will not return. #INDvsSEA

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    Colts Add 6

    Indy cuts the Seahawks' lead to just 2 points with a Turbin TD but the 2-pt conversion fails. 10-8, Seahawks late in Q2.

    Indianapolis Colts @Colts

    That's a Turbin TD!

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    Brissett on the Loose!

    The Colts QB gains 25 yards!

    Indianapolis Colts @Colts

    7 has some QUICK feet. #INDvsSEA

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    The Colts Get Their First Down

    Somehow, the Colts are still in this one as they get a first down confirmed and advance into Seattle territory.

    Indianapolis Colts @Colts

    Ruling on the field stands. The #Seahawks are charged with a timeout. First down #Colts.

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    ANOTHER Challenge?!

    This is a game of challenges and field goals so far...

    Gregg Bell @gbellseattle

    Great throw by Brissett while hit by Smith , to Hilton for 1st down on 3rd & 13. Carroll may challenge the spot. #Seahawks

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    Pick 6!

    The good news: Seattle is up 10-2 early in Q2. The bad news: Seattle's offense hasn't earned any of those points.

    NFL @NFL

    PICK-6! @Seahawks pick off Brissett and take it to the house! #INDvsSEA #Seahawks

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    Pagano Is on a Roll!

    Indianapolis Colts @Colts

    Chuck Pagano wins his second challenge of the game. That's a SACK for @jabaalsheard!

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    END Q1: Seahawks 3, Colts 2

    A field goal and a safety give us our only points of Q1. We expected this from the Colts, but it's perhaps safe to say that the Seahawks' annual season turnaround may not be coming in Week 4.

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    Another Look at the Safety

    Colts have Nate Hairston to thank.

    Indianapolis Colts @Colts

    Nate Hairston's 2nd sack of the season. 👀 #INDvsSEA

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    It's one of the most bizarre scores you can have in football: Seahawks 3, Colts 2 late in Q1.

    SB Nation NFL @SBNationNFL


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    Bob Kravitz @bkravitz

    Good challenge by the Colts and they should win this. Wilson's knee was down before he threw after being pressured by Hairston. Should be a safety.

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    Colts OL Deyshawn Bond Is OUT with a Knee

    Indianapolis Colts @Colts

    INJURY UPDATE: Deyshawn Bond, knee, will NOT return. #INDvsSEA

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    Seahawks Settle for FG

    Seattle can't get into the end zone on its first drive, but the Seahawks do come away with some points. Seahawks 3, Colts 0 early in Q1.

    MIKE FERRERI @MikeKOMOsports

    1st possession for #Seahawks and they get 3. 44 yard field goal from Blair Walsh. 3-0 Seattle. @komonews

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    Baldwin Showed Up

    Baldwin's big catch on 3rd-and-8 is good for a first down in Colts territory.

    Bob Condotta @bcondotta

    Baldwin with the over the shoulder catch for 27 yards.

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    Maybe it's a silver lining for Andrew Luck that he's not back on the field yet, behind this offensive line..

    Jason B. Hirschhorn @by_JBH

    Colts are already down to their third-string center. The game is not even a series old.

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    Blue's Hype 😂

    Blue @blue

    IT'S GOOOOOOOOO TIME!!! #beatthebirds

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    And We're Underway!

    Colts offense will take the field first.

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    Time for some Sunday Night Football. Seahawks vs. Colts up next!

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    Can These Two Turn Around SEA's Slow Start This Season?

    NFL @NFL

    .@DangeRussWilson + @DougBaldwinJr warming up for #SNF! #Seahawks #INDvsSEA

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    Colts Inactives

    Indianapolis Colts @Colts

    Our #INDvsSEA inactives:

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    Seahawks Inactives

    Seattle Seahawks @seahawksPR

    Seahawks inactives vs. Colts

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    SNF Preview

    Tonight: Seahawks. Colts. SNF.

    SNF on NBC @SNFonNBC

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