Celtics vs. Cavaliers: Game 3 Live Score, Highlights and Analysis for 2017 NBA Playoffs

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12:30am UTC May 22, 2017Cleveland, OH
Matthew Schmidt

The Boston Celtics rallied from 21 points down to stun the Cleveland Cavaliers, 111-108, at Quicken Loans Arena in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. The Celtics were without Isaiah Thomas, but Avery Bradley hit a three-pointer with 0.1 seconds left to secure the win. Marcus Smart led the way with 27 points. Kyrie Irving led the Cavaliers with 28.

  1. May 22, 2017
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    Look at That Ball Hang on the Rim

    What a finish.

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    In the Most Unorthodox Way Possible

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    Celtics 111, Cavaliers 108 - Final

    Avery Bradley hits a three at the buzzer to win!

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  6. May 22, 2017
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    Celtics 108, Cavaliers 108 - 11 Seconds Remaining in 4th Quarter

    That was good defense by the C's, but Kyrie was able to get to the rack and finish to tie this thing up.

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    Celtics 108, Cavaliers 106 - 30 Seconds Remaining in 4th Quarter

    Jerebko buries the long two to give the C's the lead back. What a performance by the Celtics down the stretch. Wow!

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    Celtics 106, Cavaliers 106 - 36 Seconds Remaining in 4th Quarter

    Celtics had a three-point lead, but J.R. Smith buries a three after ill-advised help by Crowder in trying to double LeBron.

    What a game.

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    Celtics 104, Cavaliers 103 - 1:19 Remaining in 4th Quarter

    Marcus Smart has been the best player on either side in this half. He has been sensational.

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    Cavaliers 101, Celtics 99 - 3:21 Remaining in 4th Quarter

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    What Is Happening?

    C's have trailed by as many as 21.

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    Smart Making IT Proud

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    Celtics 95, Cavaliers 95 - 5:33 Remaining in 4th Quarter

    Smart has taken over this game. He has hit seven threes and has 25 points.

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    "First Team All Defense"

    Cavs up two with 6:42 left.

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    This Is Actually a Good Game

    Unorthodox? Sure, but hey; it's a million times better than the garbage we saw in Games 1 and 2.

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    Cavaliers 89, Celtics 85 - 9:51 Remaining in 4th Quarter

    Somehow, Thompson is 10-of-11 at the line.

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    Key Numbers

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    The Cavs and C's Switched Jerseys

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    Cavaliers 87, Celtics 82 - End of 3rd Quarter

    Folks: we have a game.

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    C's Giving the Cavs Taste of Own Medicine

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    Cavaliers 84, Celtics 75 - 1:53 Remaining in 3rd Quarter

    Give the Celtics credit: they are fighting out there.

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    Your Obligatory LeBron Highlight

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    Cavaliers 80, Celtics 67 - 4:25 Remaining in 3rd Quarter

    He has been the Celtics best player tonight.

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    Cavaliers 79, Celtics 64 - 5:07 Remaining in 3rd Quarter

    The C's are actually starting to make some threes and are keeping this thing respectable. Feels like the Cavs are just messing around, though.

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    Cavaliers 77, Celtics 56 - 6:38 Remaining in 3rd Quarter

    Cavs with a rather effortless 21-point lead right now.

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    Cavaliers 72, Celtics 54 - 9:12 Remaining in 3rd Quarter

    Amazing what the Cavs' offense is doing with LeBron only scoring eight points thus far.

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    Cavaliers 68, Celtics 50 - 11:48 Remaining in 3rd Quarter

    Tristan Thompson hits two free throws to start the half.

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    That Is Not Ideal for Boston

    At all...

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    Cavs 14-of-22 from Long Range

    LeBron is basically resting as the game is going on.

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    Cavaliers 66, Celtics 50 - Halftime

    Love hits seven threes in the first half.

    Cavs up big, as expected.

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    Cavaliers 66, Celtics 48 - 21 Seconds Remaining in 2nd Quarter

    Cavs are having a ball out there. They are playing very loose. It's like they know this series is already over.

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    There's the Game Right There

    There was only so long the C's were going to be able to keep this in single digits with that shooting from Cleveland.

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    Cavaliers 56, Celtics 40 - 2:42 Remaining in 2nd Quarter

    Kevin Love is flat out having fun out there. He has now buried six three-pointers.

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    Sweet Move by Bradley

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    These Are Deep Shots Too

    These aren't just behind the line.

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    Cavaliers 44, Celtics 33 - 6:29 Remaining in 2nd Quarter

    They cooled off a bit from three and still aren't getting into the paint.

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    Can't Give This Man an Inch of Room

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    This Is Insane

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    That's Silly

    Of course you take the conference finals appearance.

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    Cavaliers 42, Celtics 29 - 8:57 Remaining in 2nd Quarter

    Cavs continue to rain threes. They are shooting 63 percent from long range.

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    Can't Stop Cavs from Three

    It's not like the Celtics are doing a bad job defensively, either. Cavs are just making shots.

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    Cavs Cruising So Far

    Feels like it's only a matter of time before this turns into a 20-point game.

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    Cavaliers 35, Celtics 24 - End of 1st Quarter

    The Cavaliers hit nine three-pointers in that quarter, five coming off the red-hot right hand of Kevin Love.

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    Bradley Is the Go-to Guy Early

    He has 10 early points. He may very well well be the go-to scorer with Thomas out.

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    Cavaliers 26, Celtics 19 - 2:42 Remaining in 1st Quarter

    It's absolutely amazing that the C's are only down seven with that shooting by the Cavs.

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    Not Sure It Matters

    Amir has been brutal in these playoffs.

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    Cavaliers 22, Celtics 15 - 4:12 Remaining in 1st Quarter

    Love just kills the Celtics.

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    First Quarter Kevin Love Is Here

    Love has already hit three triples to give the Cavs a 17-10 lead.

    How many times have we seen this man erupt in first quarters?

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    Amir Johnson Hurt

    Johnson hurt his shoulder while battling for a rebound, hence the early Zeller appearance.

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    The Celtics are missing wide open looks. They just can't afford to do that.

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    Sounds Familiar

    Cavs' offensive firepower is just too much.

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    Cavaliers 11, Celtics 7 - 7:44 Remaining in 1st Quarter

    The Cavs are already cooking from three, having made three treys in the early going.

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    Celtics 2, Cavaliers 0 - 11:30 Remaining in 1st Quarter

    Horford scores the first points and that is Boston's first lead of the series.

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    Smart in Place of Thomas

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    Not Sure How Much Fight They Have Left

    Isaiah going down has likely taken all of the wind out of their sails.

  57. May 21, 2017
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    Let's Just Fast Forward to the Finals Already

    We know it's inevitable. Why waste time?

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