Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics: Live Updates, Score and Highlights

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12:00am UTC Oct 18, 2017Cleveland, OH
Andy Bailey

A cloud hung over the Cleveland Cavaliers' 102-99 victory over the Boston Celtics on opening night of the 2017-18 season. Just five minutes into the game, Boston's big free-agent acquisition, Gordon Hayward, suffered a gruesome broken ankle that put his season in jeopardy. A coming MRI will reveal whether there's any damage beyond the broken bone. As for the game, the Celtics seemed to rally behind their fallen teammate, erasing an 18-point second-half deficit and taking a late lead. LeBron James, though, did not allow his side to lose. He willed the Cavaliers to victory with 29 points, 16 rebounds and nine assists.

  1. October 18, 2017
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    Cavs 102, Celtics 99 - Final

    The Celtics-Cavs game is wrapped. Scroll below for updates.

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    Cavaliers Nab Season-Opening Win vs. Celtics as Gordon Hayward Injures Ankle

    Celtics vs Cavaliers 2017-10-17

    Cavaliers Nab Season-Opening Win vs. Celtics as Gordon Hayward Injures Ankle

    Tyler Conway
    via Bleacher Report
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  6. October 18, 2017
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    This Will Be the Story of This Game

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    LeBron Is Trying to Will This Victory into Existence

    With almost no one else having an objectively good game, LeBron is trying to win this by himself. He's decided to just go it alone on several possessions this quarter. And it's the right call.

    Cavs 99, Celtics 98 - 1:04 left in the fourth quarter

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    Youngsters Coming Through for Boston

    Jaylen Brown has 25. And Tatum is looking much better in the second half. Now up to 14. These guys are playing huge tonight.

    Celtics 98, Cavs 95 - 1:43 left in the fourth quarter

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    Boston's Winning All the Little Battles

    With the exception of LeBron (and maybe Jae Crowder), plenty of Cavs just look uninspired. And Rose is still bogarting possession after possession. This is a pretty concerning debut for the East's defending champ.

    Celtics 92, Cavs 91 - 3:10 left in the fourth quarter

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    Make That 3

    Irving now has three big fourth-quarter threes. He's locked in.

    Celtics 87, Cavs 86 - 5:38 left in the fourth quarter

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    Uh Oh...

    A couple threes by Kyrie, and Boston holds the momentum.

    Celtics 84, Cavs 82 - 7:02 left in the fourth quarter

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    Green Showing Some Things Tonight

    Other than the dunk, it's been a pretty rough night for Green. He, Wade and Rose are all well below 50 percent from the field. LeBron is almost singlehandedly keeping Cleveland in this.

    Celtics 79, Cavs 78 - 8:48 left in the fourth quarter

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    A Rare Third-Quarter Highlight for Cleveland

    This frame has been all Celtics. Sticking with Rose is borderline unacceptable at this point. He's now 4-of-12 and a team-worst minus-13.

    Cavs 69, Celtics 68 - 0:52.1 left in the third quarter

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    The Kicks May Look All Right, But...

    Rose has not looked good tonight. Same with Wade. Both are hijacking way too many possessions. They need to move the ball or this offense will continue to stagnate.

    Cavs 69, Celtics 63 - 2:14 left in the third quarter

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    Boston Storming Back

    The Celtics are playing some inspired basketball right now, and the Cavs aren't doing themselves any favors. Way too many isolations by Rose and Wade. If Lue doesn't nip that in the bud, it could become a problem for the Cleveland offense this season.

    Cavs 67, Celtics 60 - 4:12 left in the third quarter

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    Heck of a Performance for LeBron

    He already has 16 points, nine rebounds and six assists. If this game stays close enough for him to play the fourth quarter, he's well on his way to a triple-double.

    Cavs 61, Celtics 46 - 8:59 left in the third quarter

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    Boston Showing Some Life

    The Celtics came out of the locker room with as much life as they've shown since the Hayward injury. If they can run off two or three more buckets in a row, we may have a game.

    Cavs 54, Celtics 42 - 11:15 left in the third quarter

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    Dominant First Half for LeBron

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    LeBron Is Dealing

    LeBron already has 12 points, seven boards and six assists. This is a dominant opening performance.

    Cavs 48, Celtics 32 - 2:18 left in the second quarter

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    Work to Do for Boston

    The Celtics had to deal with similar issues with Isaiah Thomas' defense last season. Without Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder, things could be tougher in 2017-18.

    Cavs 44, Celtics 30 - 5:20 left in the second quarter

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    Update on Hayward

    Hopefully, it doesn't go beyond the bone.

    Cavs 44, Celtics 30 - 5:40 left in the second quarter

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    Boston Trying to Hang Tough

    It's impossible to quantify how hard it is to play after seeing a teammate go down the way Hayward did. Credit to Boston for hanging in there.

    Cavs 38, Celtics 25 - 7:10 left in the second quarter

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    Tatum Looks Fearless...

    ...But that's not necessarily a good thing. Tatum's already 0-of-4 from the field.

    Cavs 36, Celtics 25 - 7:38 left in the second quarter

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    This Says It All

    Everyone is still buzzing about the Hayward injury. Just terrible.

    Cavs 34, Celtics 21 - 9:29 left in the second quarter

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    Early Triple-Double Watch!

    LeBron is locked in early. He looks to be in prove-it mode.

    Cavs 26, Celtics 17 - 1:26 left in the first quarter

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    This Looked Awful

    Several players reacted the way Dwyane Wade did here. Hayward's foot/ankle was completely displaced. There's a hollow feeling in the arena right now. Just awful.

    Celtics 12, Cavs 9 - 6:10 left in the first quarter

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    Pick Your Battles

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    Surprise, Surprise: Kyrie's Looking to Score

    Four quick points for Kyrie. He doesn't appear to be going outside the offense for any of his looks, though.

    Celtics 10, Cavs 9 - 6:59 left in the first quarter

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    LeBron's All Over the Place

    LeBron's doing a little bit of everything. Blocking shots, getting boards and assists. He looks very much locked in.

    Cavs 9, Celtics 6 - 8:33 left in the first quarter

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    Kyrie Opens the Scoring

    Kyrie's getting booed every time he touches the ball. He quieted the crowd momentarily by scoring the game's first bucket on a floater.

    Celtics 4, Cavs 3 - 9:56 left in the first quarter

  45. October 17, 2017
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