Cavaliers vs. Warriors: Game 2 Live Updates, Score and Analysis for 2017 NBA Finals


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Andy Bailey

Game 2 is wrapped. Scroll below for updates.

  1. June 5, 2017
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    Warriors 132, Cavs 113 — Final

    Behind another monster performance from the duo of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors crushed the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 2 of the 2017 NBA Finals, 132-113.

    Durant led the way in scoring, dropping 33 points to go with his 13 rebounds and six assists. Curry added 32 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds. Perhaps most importantly, Klay Thompson may have broken out of a playoffs-long slump, scoring 22 points on 8-of-12 shooting.

    Cleveland, meanwhile, was led by LeBron James, who went for 29 points, 14 assists and 11 rebounds. Kevin Love added 27 points. And Kyrie Irving went for 19 on 8-of-23 from the field.

    The series now shifts to Cleveland for Game 3 on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET.

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    NBA on TNT @NBAonTNT


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    GoldenStateWarriors @warriors

    😏 #StrengthInNumbers

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  6. June 5, 2017
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    Cleveland Cavaliers @cavs

    Back to The Land to defend our home court. We've been here before. #CavsWarriors BOX: #DefendTheLand

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    What a Game

    Warriors 132, Cavs 113 — Final @nbastats

    This is the 1st time in #NBAFinals history that players of opposing teams have recorded a triple-double.

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    Durant Is on Fire

    It's hard to imagine any adjustments Cleveland can make to slow this guy down.

    Warriors 127, Cavs 108 — 1:03 left in the fourth quarter

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    33 points. 13 rebounds. 6 assists. KD put on the for the Bay.

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    GoldenStateWarriors @warriors

    Dubs up 127-106. 3:09 left to play. #DubNation x #NBAFinals

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    2-0 Warriors

    Cleveland has cleared its bench. This one's wrapped.

    Warriors 127, Cavs 106 — 3:33 left in the fourth quarter

    Basketball Reference @bball_ref

    30-10-10 in the #NBAFinals, since 1984: Worthy (1988 G7) Barkley (1992 G4) LeBron (3x) Curry (tonight) #Warriors

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    Once Again, KD and Curry Are Dominating

    Curry has a 30-point triple-double, while Durant has 31, 12 and six. Not sure how Cleveland's supposed to defend them.

    Warriors 121, Cavs 104 — 5:43 left in the fourth quarter @NBAcom

    Steph: 30 pts, 10 ast, 10 reb #NBAFinals #DubNation

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    This Is Getting Ridiculous

    Back-to-back threes from Durant and Curry now. This one's all over but the cryin'.

    Warriors 121, Cavs 101 — 5:50 left in the fourth quarter

    NBA @NBA

    Kevin Durant is doing it on both sides of the floor. @warriors have their biggest lead of the night on #NBAonABC!

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    KD May Have Just Iced It

    Huge block by Durant, followed by a seemingly impossible finish on the other end. Cleveland has entered a danger zone.

    Warriors 115, Cavs 97 — 7:26 left in the fourth quarter

    NBA @NBA

    Mama, there goes that man. #NBAFinals

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    Feels Like Kyrie's Finding a Groove

    Warriors 111, Cavs 97 — 8:19 left in the fourth quarter

    NBA @NBA

    Kyrie crossovers 👌 #NBAGIF

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    The @warriors were raining threes at Oracle in the 3Q. ☔️☔️☔️ #NBAFinals

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    Can Golden State Maintain Without Curry?

    Cleveland's on a mini run with Curry on the bench. The Warriors need a lot from Durant right now to maintain this lead.

    Warriors 106, Cavs 94 — 9:22 left in the fourth quarter

    NBA on TNT @NBAonTNT

    Chef Curry closing in on a triple-double 😳 27p/9r/9a #NBAFinals

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    GoldenStateWarriors @warriors

    Steph did some good stuff in 3Q 👍

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    Cleveland Cavaliers @cavs

    .@KingJames with his 8th career #NBAFinals triple-double. #CavsWarriors BOX: #DefendTheLand

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    LeBron's Incredible Run Continues

    LeBron is doing everything he can, but the Warriors have seized control of this game. One more big run and it could be wrapped.

    Warriors 99, Cavs 84 — 1:04 left in the third quarter

    ESPN @espn

    These two do it all on the biggest stage.

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    Classic Warriors Third Quarter

    Golden State has done so much of its damage in third quarters over the last few years. It's happening again tonight.

    Warriors 96, Cavs 84 — 3:18 left in the third quarter

    GoldenStateWarriors @warriors

    Dime. (ABC)

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    Cleveland Cavaliers @cavs

    Nice little 7-0 run. #DefendTheLand

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    LeBron Is Keeping Cleveland Alive

    Warriors 86, Cavs 82 — 5:46 left in the third quarter

    NBA @NBA

    LeBron is one rebound away from his 8th #NBAFinals triple-double. @cavs trail @warriors 86-82 in the 3rd quarter on #NBAonABC.

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    Klay's Breakout Game?

    Thompson now has 14 points on 5-of-7 shooting.

    Warriors 86, Cavs 80 — 5:50 left in the third quarter

    GoldenStateWarriors @warriors

    Klay at it again 👌

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    Curry just put a series of moves on LeBron. He caught him with the little eye fake (where he just looks at the rim to make guys think he's going to shoot) around the three-point line. That was nasty.

    Warriors 83, Cavs 73 — 9:07 left in the third quarter

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    STEPH: “GOT EM!”

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    Cleveland Has No Option to Guard KD

    Warriors 78, Cavs 70 — 9:42 left in the third quarter

    NBA @NBA

    Kevin Durant. 4 points. @warriors & @cavs are battling in Game 2 on #NBAonABC!

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    NBA @NBA

    LeBron James (18/10/6) ignites the @cavs in the first half of Game 2! #NBAFinals

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    Cleveland Cavaliers @cavs

    Kyrie the Closer. #DefendTheLand

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    .@KingJames is on a mission in Game 2. 👀 #NBAFinals He's on triple-double watch at halftime: 18p/10a/6r

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    Cleveland Cavaliers @cavs

    It's a three point game in #NBAFinals Game 2. @KingJames has 18 points, 6 boards and 10 dimes. BOX: #DefendTheLand

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    GoldenStateWarriors @warriors

    Still ⬆️ #StrengthInNumbers

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    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    We have a great one going. Warriors lead the Cavaliers, 67-64 at the half. #NBAFinals

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    LeBron Is Dominating

    18 points, nine assists and five rebounds for LeBron already. He's getting whatever he wants.

    Warriors 65, Cavs 62 — 0:46 left in the second quarter

    NBA @NBA

    LeBron throws it down in transition. @neymarjr approves! #PhantomCam

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    Rare Second-Quarter Highlight for Golden State

    The Warriors have been pretty bad throughout the second quarter. And they're already up to 13 turnovers. The 1997-98 Utah Jazz hold the record for most turnovers in a Finals game at 26.

    Warriors 64, Cavs 60 — 1:20 left in the second quarter

    GoldenStateWarriors @warriors

    .@Money23Green with the beautiful feed to @ShaunLivingston on ABC. #NBAFinals #StrengthInNumbers

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    The Cavs Are Rolling

    Cleveland's aggressive defense is really frustrating the Warriors. Golden State's up to 12 turnovers already. Curry alone has six.

    Warriors 59, Cavs 56 — 3:14 left in the second quarter

    Cleveland Cavaliers @cavs

    Hi Kevin. 😍

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    Durant already has 13 points, four rebounds, four assists, three steals and three blocks.

    Warriors 57, Cavs 54 — 4:36 left in the second quarter


    KD is 🔒 in. #NBAFinals

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    Here Comes Cleveland

    The Warriors' 11 first half turnovers have given Cleveland life. If Golden State doesn't clean this up soon, we could have a game on our hands.

    Warriors 57, Cavs 52 — 5:24 left in the second quarter

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    Cleveland Hanging Tough

    Warriors 50, Cavs 42 — 7:34 left in the second quarter

    Cleveland Cavaliers @cavs

    Korver Kounter: 🔥

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    Klay Thompson Coming Alive

    Thompson has struggled all postseason. He was 3-of-16 in Game 1. So far tonight, he has eight points on 3-of-4 shooting.

    Warriors 50, Cavs 42 — 7:34 left in the second quarter

    GoldenStateWarriors @warriors

    .@D_West30 w/ the block and @KlayThompson with the 💦#SPLASH💦 on ABC.

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    Warriors Are Off and Running

    With LeBron on the bench, the Warriors have completely taken over this game. The pace is exactly where they want it and their defense is starting to lock in.

    Warriors 50, Cavs 38 — 9:25 left in the second quarter

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    Warriors PR @WarriorsPR

    Warriors posted a 40-point quarter in The Finals for the first time since Game 6 of the 1967 NBA Finals (41, 1st quarter).

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    Cleveland Cavaliers @cavs

    .@KingJames leads the squad with 10PTS & 5AST, while @KevinLove adds 9PTS. #CavsWarriors BOX: #DefendTheLand

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    GoldenStateWarriors @warriors

    ⬆️ #StrengthInNumbers

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    King with the Hammer!

    Cleveland Cavaliers @cavs


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    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    Warriors in control early. Put up 40 in the 1st quarter & lead by 6. #NBAFinals

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    Fast-Paced Battle

    Both sides have found their rhythms early. The pace is fast and shots are going down. Biggest issue for the Warriors so far is turnovers. They already have seven.

    Warriors 33, Cavs 27 — 2:02 left in the first quarter


    If the @warriors lob it, JaVale will throw it down! 🔨

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    Another Monster Night for KD?

    After dropping 38 in Game 1, Durant already has five points, three rebounds, three assists, three steals and two blocks.

    Warriors 31, Cavs 24 — 2:29 left in the first quarter @NBAcom

    Durant rejection on one end. Durant 3-pointer on the other. #NBAFinals #DubNation

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    Cleveland Tri Ng to Hang on

    Even with Kevin Love off to such an excellent start, the Warriors are taking off. They're in the midst of one of their ridiculous runs.

    Warriors 26, Cavs 16 — 4:37 left in the first quarter

    Basketball Reference @bball_ref

    Kevin Love had 15 points in Game 1; he already has 9 tonight #NBAFinals

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    No Answer for Kevin Love

    Love has been a monster all postseason. Nothing different so far tonight. He already has nine points on 4-of-5 shooting.

    Warriors 16, Cavs 14 — 7:30 left in the first quarter

    Cleveland Cavaliers @cavs

    Mr. @KevinLove rattling off a quick 9 points. 😍 #DefendTheLand

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    LeBron Off to Another Strong Start

    LeBron's 2-of-4 and really trying to get to the rim early. The Warriors are struggling to keep him out front.

    Cavs 14, Warriors 13 — 7:54 left in the first quarter


    .@KingJames 👑 passes Bill Russell for 6th on the #NBAFinals Field Goals Made list!

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    Cavs Come Out on Fire

    Cleveland dropped its first five shots and looks much more aggressive on the defensive end at the start of this one. The Cavs don't look intimidated at all by the outcome of Game 1.

    Cavs 11, Warriors 6 — 9:41 left in the first quarter

    NBA @NBA

    LeBron James gets the first bucket of Game 2! #NBAFinals WATCH: #NBAonABC

  52. Clock Icon12:08 am @NBAcom

    Standing ovation for Steve Kerr #NBAFinals

  53. June 4, 2017
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    Cleveland Cavaliers @cavs

    Huddle up, Cleveland. #DefendTheLand

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    Arash Markazi @ArashMarkazi

    Kevin Durant shooting around before Game 2 of the NBA Finals in his Beats by Dre headphones.

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    Steve Kerr will coach Game 2. "The intention is to go the rest of the series."

  57. Clock Icon11:02 pm

    Big News for the Warriors

    Mike Brown is undefeated in Kerr's absence, but Golden State getting its coach back is definitely a good thing.

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    BREAKING: Steve Kerr will coach in Game 2 of the #NBAFinals, per @ramonashelburne

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    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    Dray takes the blame for last year’s Finals.

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    GoldenStateWarriors @warriors

    3 hours... 👀 #NBAFinals #DubNation

  60. Clock Icon9:09 pm

    Cleveland Cavaliers @cavs

    It's time to rebound in Oakland. #NBAFinals || #DefendTheLand