Federer vs. Nadal in Classic Australian Open Final: Live Score, Highlights and Commentary

8:30am UTC Jan 29, 2017Melbourne, Australia
Joe Tansey

Roger Federer won his 18th-career Grand Slam championship in five sets over longtime rival Rafael Nadal on Sunday at the 2017 Australian Open. Federer used a comeback in the fifth set to capture his fifth Australian Open title, and first since 2010.

  1. January 29, 2017
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    Roger Federer Is the 2017 Australian Open Men's Champion

    The win gives Federer his 18th career Grand Slam, and he did it in phenomenal fashion with a comeback in the fifth set. If that is the final meeting between Federer and Nadal in a Grand Slam final, it was one heck of a last showdown.

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    He'll serve for the match again.

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    Federer's return from the baseline goes wide. Back to deuce.

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  6. January 29, 2017
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    Fifth Set: Federer leads 5-3

    Federer gets another break!!! He will serve for the match now.

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    Federer with Yet Another Chance to Break After Long Rally

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    Fifth Set: Federer leads 4-3

    Federer blows three straight break points, the last one being because of a poor backhand return at the baseline.

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    Fifth Set: Federer leads 4-3

    Not even a minute after earning the break, Federer walks to his chair with a one-game advantage. The momentum and crowd have shifted in Federer's favor now. What response will we see out of Nadal?

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    Fifth Set: Tied 3-3

    The crowd rises to give Federer a standing ovation after he finally breaks Nadal on his sixth break point of the set.

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    Fifth Set: Nadal leads 3-2

    Federer once again cruises to a hold, but that's going to do much for him unless he picks up a break sometime soon.

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    Fifth Set: Nadal leads 3-1

    Nadal works his way out of trouble as he bounces back from break point again. Federer is just 4-for-13 on break points in the match.

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    Fifth Set: Nadal leads 2-1

    Federer gets on the board in the fifth set with a relatively easy hold. He has attacked the net more in the last two games. It would wise of the all-time great to continue that strategy and work Nadal around the court.

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    Fifth Set: Nadal leads 2-0

    Nadal deals a huge blow to Federer's chances of winning, as he powers back from two break points down to earn a hold. A second quick break of Federer to start the set would all but secure the championship for Nadal.

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    Fifth Set: Nadal leads 1-0

    Nadal flexes a ton of strength from the baseline as he breaks Federer to start the final set. The Spaniard isn't showing any type of fatigue after his marathon five-set semifinal win over Dimitrov two days ago.

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    Nadal Cruises to a 6-3 Win in the Fourth Set

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    Fourth Set: Nadal leads 5-3

    Federer will at least take some momentum into the fifth set if he can't break Nadal in the next game. The Swiss will open the fifth set on serve if Nadal holds as expected here.

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    Fourth Set: Nadal leads 5-2

    Nadal slams an emphatic ace down the middle of the court to hold at love as we inch closer to a fifth set.

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    Fourth Set: Nadal leads 4-2

    Federer jumps out to a 30-0 lead on serve before a couple poor shots bring Nadal within striking distance of a break. Luckily for the Swiss, he composes himself and holds to make Nadal's life a little harder as the Spaniard closes out the fourth set.

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    Fourth Set: Nadal leads 4-1

    Nadal produces a superb winner from the right edge of the court to open up a three-game advantage on Federer. The roles have reversed a bit from the third set. Nadal is the aggressor at the moment, while Federer is suffering from some uncharacteristic struggles.

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    Fourth Set: Nadal leads 3-1

    And there's the early fourth set break Nadal needed. Federer slips up on serve with a few bad shots to open the door for the Spainard. If the trend of breaks from the first three sets holds, we're destined for a fifth set showdown in Melbourne.

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    Fourth Set: Nadal leads 2-1

    The fourth set remains on serve through three games. Nadal needs to find a way to break Federer, preferably early in the fourth set, to create momentum for himself not only in this set, but in a potential fifth set as well.

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    Federer Rarely Loses to Anyone Up Two Sets to One

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    Fourth Set: Nadal leads 1-0

    Nadal gains a bit of a foothold in the match with a hold to begin the fourth set. It's worth noting Nadal has never beaten Federer when down two sets to one.

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    Federer Takes the Third Set 6-1

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    Third Set: Federer leads 5-1

    Federer delivers a fantastic backhand winner from the baseline off a Nadal serve to break the Spaniard again!

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    Third Set: Federer leads 4-1

    Federer wastes no time on serve, as he holds at love once again. The Swiss has upped his intensity in the third set. He appears to be in a rhythm that can't be stopped at the moment.

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    Third Set: Federer leads 3-1

    What a game! Nadal digs deep to fend off a few break points from Federer. He ultimately gets on the board in the third set with a charging winner from the right side of the court.

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    Third Set: Federer leads 3-0

    All of the momentum is on Federer's side after a commanding hold at love following the break. What can Nadal conjure up to get back into the third set?

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    Third Set: Federer leads 2-0

    Federer uses a monster forehand winner from the baseline to force a break point, and he then earns the break thanks to an unforced error from Nadal. The momentum has swung dramatically in Federer's favor in the third set.

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    Third Set: Federer leads 1-0

    Federer struggles more than he should have on serve to open the third set. He still won the game, but it showed Nadal some of his weaknesses.

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    Nadal Wins the Second Set

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    Second Set: Nadal leads 5-3

    Federer puts together a fairly easy hold to remain in the second set. Nadal will now serve to level the match at one set apiece.

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    Second Set: Nadal leads 5-2

    Nadal puts the pressure on Federer to hold to stay in the set with a hold at love.

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    Second Set: Nadal leads 3-0

    Nadal fights off a few break points to open a sizable advantage in the second set. Federer has 15 winners and 13 unforced errors so far, while Nadal has nine winners and seven unforced errors.

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    This Bodes Well for Nadal, Especially After His Break

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    Second Set: Nadal leads 1-0

    Nadal cranks out an ace from right to left to pick up his first hold of the second set.

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    Federer Wins the First Set

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    First Set: Federer leads 5-4

    Nadal pushes a forehand winner down the left side of the court to avoid losing the set on serve. Federer will serve for the set next. He is 11-for-11 on first serve points in the opening set.

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    First Set: Federer leads 5-3

    Federer wastes no time recording a quick hold in one minute and 10 seconds, with an ace down the middle finishing off the hold.

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    Federer Picks Up the First Break of the Match

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    First Set: Tied 3-3

    Federer delivers the match's first ace at 30-0 of his latest service hold. We haven't seen anything remotely close to a break point yet.

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    First Set: Nadal leads 3-2

    Nadal holds at love for the second time in three service games. Although we've seen plenty of success on serve from both players, no aces have been recorded yet.

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    First Set: Tied 2-2

    Federer benefits from a backhand winner at the net and a forehand winner from the middle of the court to pick up his second hold.

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    First Set: Nadal leads 2-1

    Nadal forces Federer to return a serve into the net to clinch his second hold. The Spainard took advantage of a let cord winner at 30-30 to avoid break point.

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    First Set: Tied 1-1.

    Federer concedes two points on his first service game, but he picks up the hold. The Swiss veteran needs to limit the length of the points, especially early on in the contest against the high motor of Nadal.

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    First Set: Nadal leads 1-0.

    Nadal holds at love to open the must-see final. Can Federer earn a quick hold himself?

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    First Set: Tied 0-0.

    Federer sends a return into the net to hand Nadal the opening edge on serve.

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    Nadal will serve first

    The Spanish southpaw will open the match on serve. Let's see how much Nadal has left in the tank after his marathon five-set semifinal win over Dimitrov.

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    Federer Is Looking for His First Win Down Under Over Nadal

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