AEW Full Gear 2019 Results: Live Updates, Results and Reaction

12:00am UTC Nov 10, 2019Baltimore, Maryland
The Doctor Chris Mueller

Welcome to Bleacher Report's live coverage of All Elite Wrestling Full Gear. This is the first PPV for AEW since Dynamite launched so it is as important as any previous event. We will see Cody challenge Chris Jericho for the AEW world title, Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega in an unsanctioned match, Riho vs. Emi Sakura for the women’s title, Adam Page vs. Pace and much more. Make sure to keep it locked right here for live coverage of all the action.

  1. November 10, 2019
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    AEW Nails MJF Turning on Cody at the Best Possible Time at Full Gear

    AEW Full Gear 2019-11-9 logo
    AEW Full Gear 2019-11-9

    AEW Nails MJF Turning on Cody at the Best Possible Time at Full Gear

    Chris Roling
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    Grading AEW Full Gear 📝

    🍾 Chris Jericho stays AEW champ 😨 MJF turns on Cody Rhodes 💀 Mox and Omega have brutal match

    AEW Full Gear 2019-11-9 logo
    AEW Full Gear 2019-11-9

    Grading AEW Full Gear 📝

    🍾 Chris Jericho stays AEW champ 😨 MJF turns on Cody Rhodes 💀 Mox and Omega have brutal match

    Erik Beaston
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  6. November 10, 2019
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    Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega Part 7

    Moxley exposes the wood under the ring mat but Omega ends up backdropping him onto it first. Kenny hits another V-Trigger before hitting Moxley with his own DDT for a close two count. The Cleaner climbs to the top turnbuckle but Moxley avoids his phoenix splash. Somehow, Omega kicks out at two. Mox spikes him with a huge Paradigm Shift for the pin and the win. That was a war.

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    Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega Part 6

    Moxley suplexes Omega into the barbed wire and both men suffer the impact. Several officials try to help them out of the mess. Both men are bleeding from their backs. Moxley is the first to his feet and he punches one of the guys who helped him. Omega hits him with a piece of metal and puts him through one of the stage displays with a V-Trigger. Once again, Moxley is the first man to get up. They keep fighting into the crowd and back to the ring. Moxley hits Dirty Deeds on the glass but Omega kicks out at two. Moxley starts cutting the ties holding down the ring mat.

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    Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega Part 5

    Omega dumps all of the broken glass in the ring. Moxley takes a spinebuster into the glass. Moxley kicks out at two and the ref cuts his hand on the glass. Omega drags him through the glass before locking in the Sharpshooter. Mox crawls through the broken glass to reach the rope the hold. Moxley hits a German suplex on the glass. Omega comes back with two V-Trigger knees. Kenny grabs the ice pick from the turnbuckle and stalks Mox up the ramp. He drags the pick across Moxley's forehead. Omega calls for The Elite to bring him something. The Bucks try to reason with him and Page agrees. Kenny convinces them to get what he was asking for. They bring back a huge contraption covered in barbed wire.

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    Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega Part 4

    Mox hits a DDT onto the chain for another near fall. Omega breaks a sleeper by hitting Moxley in the head with the trash can lid. Moxley grabs an ice pick but Omega hits him with a fistful of chains. Moxley suplexes him onto the chains again. Kenny hits the snapdragon suplex a few times. Omega wraps the chain around Moxley's neck and hangs him over the top rope. Omega hits a dive over the top rope that puts Moxley through a table. Kenny grabs a bag from under the ring and pulls out a piece of broken glass. He cuts Moxley's hand with it and laughs.

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    Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega Part 3

    Mox is bleeding profusely as Kenny keeps using the broom as a weapon. Omega uses Moxley's own bat to rake his head before he takes his broom and hits a drop toe hold into the barbed wire. Omega hits his own barbed wire when he goes for a leg drop. Kenny hits a trash can-assisted moonsault for a two count. Kenny pulls out a board covered in mousetraps. Moxley ends up suplexing Omega onto the mousetraps. Moxley grabs a crate full of chains from under the ring. He piles them up and hits a sidewalk slam onto them for a near fall.

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    Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega Part 2

    Mox grabs his barbed wire bat and hits Omega in the gut. He winds up for a shot to the back and hits him a few times. You can see little bloody wounds all over his back. Moxley grabs him by the hair and uses his boot to push the bat into his back. Omega blocks him from using the bat again. He goes for a tiger suplex but Mox rakes his arm with the bat. Kenny has to throw the trash can at him to stop his assault. The Rainmaker piledrives him into the can. Kenny sets up a table and grabs his barbed wire broom. Mox hits him in the face with the can and Omega hits him with the broom in the head.

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    Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega Part 1

    They start brawling before the bell rings. They trade rights and lefts in the corner. Omega nails a running boot to the face. Moxley plants him with a black hole slam. Moxley grabs a trash can and hits Kenny with it. Omega pushes him out of the ring where they continue fighting into the crowd. Omega throws him over the barricade and gets a running start to hit a dropkick over the railing. Omega slams a beer in his face and whips him into a trash can. Kenny hits a double stomp with the can on top of Moxley. A fan hands him a water bottle that he uses to hit Mox in the face. Omega goes for a moonsault off the barricade and Moxley shoves him to the ground.

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    Lights Out

    Moxley vs. Omega in an unsanctioned match is up next and will close the show.

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    Someone sprays MJF with water as he walks up the ramp but he just smiles and walks to the back.

    AEW Full Gear 2019-11-9 logo
    AEW Full Gear 2019-11-9


    Someone sprays MJF with water as he walks up the ramp but he just smiles and walks to the back.

    Mike Chiari
    via Bleacher Report
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    Some Bubbly for Jericho 🍾

    The Inner Circle comes out to celebrate with Jericho on the stage while Cody recovers in the ring. MJF tries to explain what happened to Cody. He cries as Cody circles the ring. Cody helps him up and MJF kicks him in the groin. He knocks Cody down with a right hand before leaving the ring.

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    Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes (AEW World Title) Part 5

    Cody counters a Disaster Kick with the Codebreaker for two. Jericho takes off his belt and hits Cody across the back several times. The ref is not calling for a DQ for some reason. She finally takes the belt away. Cody hits a superkick in the corner. He climbs up with Jericho but Y2J blocks a hurricanrana and locks him in the Walls of Jericho. Cody gets to the ropes so Jericho hits him in the face a few times. Rhodes rolls him up for two. Jericho puts him back in the Walls and stomps on his head. MJF has a towel in his hand and he throws it into the ring. Jericho wins by forfeit.

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    Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes (AEW World Title) Part 4

    Rhodes hits a big spinebuster before locking in the Figure Four with a Woo for the crowd. Hager hits Cody while the ref is looking at Jericho. Cody sends Y2J into Hager. Big Jake hits another cheap shot when the ref is out of view. The ref boots him from ringside. MJF mocks him and Hager throws him into the barricade and apron. Jericho uses the belt as a weapon while the ref is making Hager leave. Despite all of the shenanigans, Cody kicks out at two. Cody counters the Judas Effect and hits Cross Rhodes for a close two count. Cody channels his dad with a flurry of punches and an Atomic Elbow for another close two count.

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    Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes (AEW World Title) Part 3

    Jericho hits a Lionsault for two. Le Champion applies an abdominal stretch to keep punishing the ribs. Jericho drills him with a dropkick for two. Cody blocks the Lionsault with his knees and hits a springboard cutter for a near fall. The challenger starts building up a head of steam as he hits a series of mounted punches in the corner. He knocks Jericho off the apron with a Disaster Kick. Y2J picks him up and rams his back into the ring post. Cody's mom slaps Jericho in the face before Cody spears him into the barricade. Cody hugs his mom before getting back in the ring.

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    Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes (AEW World Title) Part 2

    Cody clotheslines Jericho out of the ring onto the ramp. Rhodes tries to hit a dive and he crashes hard into the ramp face first. He is bleeding from the face as the ref checks on him. Jericho gets a chair and sits down while Cody struggles to see through the blood. Jericho starts hitting him in the wound to make it worse. Cody tells the ref not to stop the fight before Jericho suplexes him into the ring from the apron. Rhodes starts fighting back but one knee to the gut puts him down.

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    Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes (AEW World Title) Part 1

    Jericho is wearing a weight belt to mock the one Rhodes has on. Cody applies a wristlock but Y2J counters into a hammerlock. Cody does a cartwheel to show off a bit. They keep things technical until Jericho hits a few chops and Cody comes back with a rising uppercut. Malenko and Jericho have a staredown at ringside. The Painmaker puts Cody in a waistlock. Cody works hard to break the hold and sends Jericho out of the ring. Cody hits a suicide dive and a missile dropkick for a one count.

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    Riho vs. Emi Sakura (Women's Title) Part 3

    Riho beats Sakura down in a fit of anger but the veteran fires back with some stiff strikes of her own. Riho takes her down for another double stomp. She hits a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Riho hits a double stomp from the top turnbuckle but Sakura bridges out of the pin. Emi hits a back suplex followed by a big slam. Riho gets her foot on the rope to stop the pin. Riho counters a tiger driver and hits a double knee strike. They have a furious exchange of covers and counters. Riho uses a unique pin to score the win and retain her title.

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    Riho vs. Emi Sakura (Women's Title) Part 2

    Sakura hits a flatliner and tries to get the crowd clapping for her. Some do while others boo. She hits Riho with another running crossbody in the corner before putting her in a surfboard submission. The crowd chants for Riho as Emi hits a few kicks. Riho hits a drop toe hold followed by the 619. She hits a crossbody from the top rope for two. Sakura hits a pair tilt-a-whirl backbreakers and a reverse Vaderbomb for a close two count. Riho counters a tiger driver and hits a double stomp.

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    Riho vs. Emi Sakura (Women's Title) Part 1

    They lock fingers for a test of strength. Sakura pushes Riho down and trips her. She grabs Riho by her hair and throws her across the ring. Riho bridges out of a pin and hits a dropkick. Emi counters and takes her down. The veteran hits the champ with a stiff chop. Riho gets knocked off the apron into the barricade with a running crossbody through the ropes. They end up on the turnbuckle Riho trips Emi and hits a double stomp onto the apron. Riho hits a knee to the back of the head before applying a single leg crab.

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    The Third Man in SCU Is Back

    The Lucha Bros attack SCU and the lights go out. An imposter Pentagon appears in the ring and attacks the Lucha Bros. He removes the mask and reveals himself to be Christopher Daniels.

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    SCU vs. Lucha Bros vs. Private Party (AEW Tag Titles) Part 3

    Kazarian spikes Fenix with a huge DDT for a two count. Kassidy and Quen hit a series of double team moves on Kaz. Quen hits the shooting star press for a close two count. Sky helps Kaz clear the ring. They hit Kassidy with their finisher for the pin and the win to retain their titles.

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    SCU vs. Lucha Bros vs. Private Party (AEW Tag Titles) Part 2

    Fenix hits Quen with a Doomsday Dropkick. Quen kicks out after a double team move from Lucha Bros. Quen hits a dropkick but Kassidy was taken out by Kaz. Quen is forced to tag Sky and he takes it to Fenix with a couple of dropkicks. Sky hits a slingshot stunner and transitions into a dragon sleeper. Pentagon breaks it up as he starts kicking everyone in the head. Fenix hits a beautiful move to take out everyone outside of the ring.

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    SCU vs. Lucha Bros vs. Private Party (AEW Tag Titles) Part 1

    This match will be chaotic so the play-by-play will focus on the big spots. Kazarian and Quen start for their teams. They come to a stalemate after a series of counters. Fenix tags himself in off of Quen. All six men end up in the ring for a brawl. The Lucha Bros hit a few double team moves on Kaz for a near fall. Pentagon and Kaz run each other over with clotheslines. Kaz is forced to tag Kassidy after Fenix takes out Sky on the apron.

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    Joey Janela vs. Shawn Spears Part 3

    Tully helps Spears hit a spike piledriver on the floor while the ref is trying to put a turnbuckle pad back on. Spears hits a Death Valley Driver in the ring for the pin and the win.

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    Joey Janela vs. Shawn Spears Part 2

    Janela starts to make a comeback but he misses a dropkick and Spears puts him in a Sharpshooter. Joey grabs the rope to force a break. Janela stomps Spears down in the corner and hits a running knee to the face. Spears rolls out of the ring but Joey takes him out with a senton from the top turnbuckle. Spears hits a suplex from the middle rope for two when they get back in the ring. Joey sends him out of the ring for a suicide dive. Janela hits a series of strikes and a suplex for a two count. Tully distracts Janela from the apron so Spears can take advantage. Spears slams him on the top turnbuckle.

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    Joey Janela vs. Shawn Spears Part 1

    Spears try to strike first but Janela fends him off. They take the fight outside and Spears hits a powerslam on the floor as Joey leaps off the apron. The Chairman unloads with chops to the chest and Janela fires some right back at him. Spears brings him back out of the ring for a side suplex on the apron. The former WWE Superstar applies a rear chinlock. Joey fights out of it but Spears sends him over the top rope to the floor. He hits the apron hard on his way down.

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    Pac vs. Adam Page Part 4

    Page avoids the Black Arrow. Pac counters the Buckshot Lariat. Page blocks a low blow and turns him inside out with a clothesline. Page hits the Deadeye for the pin and the win.

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    Pac vs. Adam Page Part 3

    Pac rolls out of the ring to avoid the Buckshot Lariat. Pac suckers him into a brainbuster on a steel chair at ringside. Page barely beats the count into the ring. Both men have bruises forming on their bodies at this point. Pac drills Page with a missile dropkick for a near fall. Pac gets tripped on the top turnbuckle. Page climbs up with him and hits a super fallaway slam. Pac and Page trade high-impact moves as they begin building toward the finish. Pac locks in the Brutalizer on a standing Page. The Hangman falls into the ropes to force a break.

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    Pac vs. Adam Page Part 2

    Pac grounds Page in a front facelock. The Bastard slows down the pace and methodically takes Page apart. The Hangman tries to fight back but a few precision kicks put him back down. Pac goes for a phoenix splash and Page avoids the contact. Page begins to build some momentum as he hits a lariat. Pac hits a pump kick and Page puts him down with a spinebuster for two. The crowd chants for both men as Page slams Pac on the apron and throws him into the barricade. The Hangman nails a moonsault from the top rope to the floor.

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    Pac vs. Adam Page Part 1

    Page picks up Pac and runs him into the corner so he can unleash a flurry of strikes. He takes Pac out of the ring and runs him into the barricade a few times. Pac blocks a shooting star press with his knees. The Hangman sits him on the top rope and punches him off to the floor so he can hit a suicide dive. Page hits a big clothesline for two. Pac misses an enziguiri and Page hits a pump handle deadlift slam for a near fall. Page's eye hits the ring rope and Pac takes advantage by stomping on his face.

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    The Rubber Match

    Pac makes his way to the ring for the next match against Adam Page.

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    Nothing Beats Experience

    Sammy Guevara comes out and gives Ortiz a sock with baseballs in it. The R&R Express help The Bucks clear them out of the ring. Ricky Morton hits a Canadian Destroyer and a suicide dive.

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    Proud and Powerful vs. Young Bucks Part 4

    Nick tags in and spits his gum at Santana, who picks it up and puts it in his mouth. Santana spits it at Nick and misses. Nick starts unloading on both men with a flurry of kicks but his knee keeps him from going all out. Ortiz hits a powerbomb but the pin is broken up by Matt. P&P hit their finisher for the pin and the win. Good match from both teams. There were a few spots that could have been better but the crowd was into everything.

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    Proud and Powerful vs. Young Bucks Part 3

    Ortiz gets a few near falls on Nick. They trade strikes until Nick hits a superkick. Matt gets the hot tag and hits a double Northern Lights suplex to both men for a two count. Nick and Matt hit a moonsault and splash combo on Santana for two. Santana hits a cutter and Ortiz almost loses his pants as he hits a dive through the ropes onto Nick. Matt drills Ortiz with a superkick. Ortiz takes two superkicks to the back of the head. Santana moonsaults into a pair of superkicks to take himself out. Nick and Matt hit a powerbomb and slice bread combo for a close two count. Matt's right leg gives out when they go for another double team. Santana makes the tag and hits his own superkick.

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    Proud and Powerful vs. Young Bucks Part 2

    P&P starts working on Nick's leg in their corner. Now it's Nick's turn to be cut off from his partner. Matt and Santana get the tag at the same time. Matt takes out Santana at ringside with a huge crossbody. He hits Ortiz with an elbow drop for a close two count. The Bucks double team Santana in the corner. P&P takes control and they throw Matt into the R&R Express. Santana and Ortiz attempt a double superplex but Nick fights out of it. A nice sequence leads to P&P taking Nick out with two dropkicks to his knees.

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    Proud and Powerful vs. Young Bucks Part 1

    The Rock n Roll Express are watching from ringside. Nick and Santana start for their teams. Both men go after the other's partner on the apron before they start brawling. Ortiz and Matt join the fight. Matt gets the tag and hits a spear from the side while Nick distracts Santana. Both brothers slingshot themselves onto their opponents. Nick throws Ortiz into the crowd. Santana realizes he has no partner to tag. The Bucks take control with their signature brand of offense. Ortiz tags in but gets taken down with an arm drag. They keep Ortiz isolated for a long time. Santana finally gets the tag and they lock the Bucks in a double submission for the full five count.

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    We Are Live 📺

    The show opens with The Young Bucks heading to the ring for the first match.

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    An Unholy Alliance 🔪

    Awesome Kong and Brandi Rhodes come out after the match. Bea is still in the ring and Kong nails her with a spinning backfist. Kong pulls a knife out and hands it to Brandi. Kong hits a double underhook slam. Kong takes the knife back and Brandi holds some of Bea's hair so Kong can cut it off like a trophy. She is stealing Brutus Beefcake's gimmick!

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    Britt Baker vs. Bea Priestley Part 2

    They start trading punches in the middle of the ring. They run the ropes and take each other down with clotheslines. Darby Allin is shown watching from ringside. Baker starts building momentum and hits a running knee in the corner. Britt hits a fisherman's neckbreaker for a two count. Priestley goes to the top rope and Baker trips her. Britt hits a superplex from the middle rope and rolls to her feet. Her back won't let her get the second suplex but she hits a stunner for a two count. Bea hits a German suplex followed by shoulder capture suplex for a two count. Baker gets to the bottom rope to force a break. Baker makes a comeback and applies the Ring of Saturn. Bea grabs her hair to break the hold but Baker gets it applied again. She puts on the Lockjaw and The Doctor gets the submission win.

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    Britt Baker vs. Bea Priestley Part 1

    Bea throws her jacket at Baker before the bell. The bell rings and Baker gets the first few hits. Priestley rolls out of the ring and suckers Baker into an attack. Britt hits a Thesz press and several right hands. Britt goes for the Lockjaw submission but Bea escapes and stomps her in the head. Priestley stretches her against the ring post. She chokes Baker until the ref forces a break. Bea hits a big elbow to the back for a near fall. Baker is unable to lift her for a body slam and Priestley takes advantage with a kick to the head.

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    Will You Buy In?

    The announcers welcome us to the arena. Taz is there instead of Jim Ross and Alex Marvez is there instead of Tony, but they might not be there for the full PPV.

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    The Pre-show Is Live

    The Full Gear pre-show is just pre-made video packages so far.