NFL Combine 2017: Live Updates, Analysis and Highlights for QB, WR and TE Workouts

12:00pm UTC Mar 4, 2017Indianapolis
Maurice Moton

Follow Saturday's live coverage of the NFL Scouting Combine to keep tabs on a trio of quarterbacks whose draft projections constantly fluctuate. Will Deshaun Watson force the Cleveland Browns to rethink their interest in Mitch Trubisky? Will DeShone Kizer steal the show? Take your first look at the battle between Mike Williams and Corey Davis for the top wide receiver spot. Tight end O.J. Howard hopes to build upon an impressive Senior Bowl performance. David Njoku isn’t far behind the Alabama standout. Will he move up on draft boards?

  1. March 4, 2017
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    Ross Isn't Just the Combine's New Fastest Man

    2017 NFL Combine QB WR TE logo
    2017 NFL Combine QB WR TE

    Ross Isn't Just the Combine's New Fastest Man

    Matt Miller
    via Bleacher Report
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    The Tight Ends Wrap Up an Overall Quality Workout

    Evan Engram (Ole Miss) could join O.J. Howard (Alabama) as a first-rounder on April 27. David Njoku (Miami) has raw ability with desirable physical traits at his position, but he's a second-round talent with high upside.

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    Official Tight End 40-times

    Evan Engram burned the competition in more ways than one on Saturday.

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  6. March 4, 2017
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    Rich Eisen Puts Evan Engram's Speed into Perspective

    It's almost a guarantee the team that drafts Engram will use him as a wide receiver and primary red-zone threat.

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    We'll See a Lot More of This from Evan Engram on Sundays

    Most spectators knew what to expect from O.J. Howard, but Engram stole the show among the tight ends.

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    The Great Deion Sanders Responds to the New 40 👑

    Did anyone else notice that Deion Sanders didn't accept Ross' challenge to race?

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    Evan Engram Looks Natural as a Pass-Catcher

    Thus far, Engram and O.J. Howard separated themselves from the group with quality performances in the 40-yard dash and receiving drills.

    Engram caught 65 passes for 926 yards and eight touchdowns during his senior year at Ole Miss.

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    O.J. Howard Looks 💪 in Strength Drills

    On Friday, the Alabama tight end bench pressed 225 pounds for 22 reps. On Saturday, he looks like a solid blocking tight end in a pad-pushing drill.

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    Saturday's Standout Performers

    According to Brad Crawford of CBSSports, the 11 performers below have significantly improved their draft stocks.

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    The WRs Aren't the Only Ones Burning the Field 🔥

    Many analysts have said this year's tight end class ranks as one of the best.

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    Leonard Fournette Ran a 4.51 at 240 Pounds. Here's O.J. Howard at 249 Pounds

    The Alabama tight end is light on his feet, but he can stand his ground and drive defenders backward as an in-line blocker.

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    Darrell Daniels Said He'd Be the Fastest Tight End, Well...

    Unfortunately, Daniels' tweets proved to be all talk. He logged a 4.56u and 4.58u, which currently puts him in fourth place.

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    Ole Miss Tight End Evan Engram Leads Tight Ends in 40-times

    On first attempts, Engram ran a 4.43 as the only prospect at the position in the 4.4 range.

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    It's Time to Put Your 40 Where Your Mouth Is, Sir!

    Darrell Daniels played at Washington along with the new 40-time king John Ross. Coincidence?

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    Bucky Hodges Leads Tight Ends in Broad Jump

    Bucky Hodges, Virginia Tech: 134 inches David Njoku, Miami: 133 inches George Kittle, Iowa: 132 inches Jonnu Smith, Florida International: 127 inches Gerald Everett, South Alabama: 126 inches

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    Mike Mayock Compares O.J. Howard to Greg Olsen

    The Alabama tight end leads his position group as the No. 1 prospect. After the Senior Bowl, ESPN's Todd McShay deemed Howard as the most complete player in the draft.

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    Bring on the Tight Ends 💪

    As a position emerging in the passing game, we're set to see a unique mix of power and athleticism.

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    Daniel Jeremiah Ranks Watson as the Most Impressive

    Interestingly, he slotted Pat Mahomes ahead of DeShone Kizer, who flashed a powerful and accurate arm during the throwing drills.

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    Deshaun Watson Shows Smooth Mechanics

    As the most experienced quarterback at the top of the 2017 draft class, Watson looked technically-sound. It's possible that his decision not to participate in the Senior Bowl allowed him to catch his breath after a successful College Football Playoff run. If not the first, he'll be the second passer selected on April 27.

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    Mitchell Trubisky Performed Well Throughout the Drills on Saturday

    According to Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter Mary Kay Cabot, the Cleveland Browns have Trubisky on their radar as a No. 1 overall pick. Those rumors will intensify after Saturday's workouts.

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    Miami Tight End David Njoku Takes Aim at Broad Jump Record

    2017 NFL Combine QB WR TE logo
    2017 NFL Combine QB WR TE

    Miami Tight End David Njoku Takes Aim at Broad Jump Record

    Nick Kendell
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    All-time Fastest 40-time Since 2003

    John Ross could develop into a productive all-around receiver as well. You'll hear his name called on Day 1 of the 2017 draft.

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    John Ross Wears the 👑

    It took nine years, but someone finally beat Chris Johnson's 40-time. Now, can the world see a one-on-one race between these two at a Pro Bowl event?

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    Hey Deion! Where. You. At?

    The new 40-time king wants Deion Sanders in a race. New school vs. old school.

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    A Refined Tyreek Hill?? Oh Lawd 😔

    As a rookie, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill scored 12 touchdowns (6 receiving, 3 rushing, 2 punt returns, 1 kickoff).

    A more refined version of a multi-talented weapon without off-the-field issues should equal a top-15 pick. It's money day for John

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    Congratulations to John Ross! He Officially Ran a 4.22. New 40-time 👑

    Ross edges Chris Johnson's 4.24 time set in 2008.

    Here's another "small" factoid about the Washington prospect. He's a potential first-round pick. A team will not only get a fast receiver but a quality talent. He's a top-three player at his position.

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    Washington Coach Basically Says, Oh Yeah, He Does This All the Time

    Approximately 31 teams will have an issue on their hands in covering a human blur.

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    Past and Present Players Go Crazy Over John Ross' Record-Breaking 40-Time

    2017 NFL Combine QB WR TE logo
    2017 NFL Combine QB WR TE

    Past and Present Players Go Crazy Over John Ross' Record-Breaking 40-Time

    Aaron Torres
    via FOX Sports
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    The Best Unofficial Times (Wide Receivers Only)

    John Ross (Washington) and Curtis Samuel (Ohio State) seperate themselves from the pack.

    *NOTE: Chris Johnson holds the 40-yard dash record with an official 4.24 time.

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    John Ross Is Done for the Day

    There's official word on John Ross' availability status before his 40-time, but that's neither here nor there.

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    Respect Among Competitors 👊

    Deshaun Watson (Clemson) and Trevor Knight (Texas A&M) exchange pleasantries while on their journey into the NFL.

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    Toe Tap Skills on 💯

    Wide receivers at the combine looking similar to ballerinas near the sideline.

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    Curtis Samuel Posts a Modest Fast 40-time

    Samuel might have more publicity for running a 4.31u, but everyone is still awaiting John Ross' official time.

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    Don't Forget John Ross Could Be a 1st-Round Pick

    With a productive junior season at Washington (81 catches, 1150 yards and 17 TDs), blazing speed and nationwide respect, Ross might have punched his ticket as a top-20 pick.

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    Nike Should Give John Ross an Archipelago

    If John Ross breaks the record, he did it in Nike Shoes. So, he doesn't get an island from Adidas. Nike should do the right thing and give the man a group of islands.

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    Whaaaat? 😳😳

    Good luck catching a blur on the field on Sundays. Once he secures the football, it's going to be a problem.

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    Reuben Foster Isn't Worried About Combine Incident

    2017 NFL Combine QB WR TE logo
    2017 NFL Combine QB WR TE

    Reuben Foster Isn't Worried About Combine Incident
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    John Ross Said He'd Challenge the 40-Time Record, and He Shocked Spectators at the Combine

    2017 NFL Combine QB WR TE logo
    2017 NFL Combine QB WR TE

    John Ross Said He'd Challenge the 40-Time Record, and He Shocked Spectators at the Combine

    Bob Condotta
    via The Seattle Times
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    John Ross Could Be Done for the Day

    After a posting an unofficial 4.22 in the 40-yard dash. Calf cramps could keep him out for the rest of the day. He'll continue to hydrate.

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    Yeah, About That. All About the Check ✔

    Note to John Ross: Switch the shoes, run again and claim your island prize!

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    This Is So Yesterday...You Gotta Be Quicker Than That Chris

    John Ross awaits his official time, but it's hand-clocked at 4.22

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    Don't Ruin This Hstoric Moment for Us, Gil Brandt

    For now, John Ross is the most popular college player in the draft process.

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    John Ross Has Chris Johnson's Attention 👀 👀

    Right now, Ross' time is still unofficial. He also has another attempt.

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    Move Over Chris Johnson! John Ross (unofficially) Takes the 👑

    According to Michael Irvin, Ross felt cramps before he ran! 😱

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    📢📢The New KING of the 40-time? 💨

    Washington's John Ross unofficially ran a 4.22!

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    Deshaun Watson and Mitchell Trubisky Tie 40-times

    Deshaun Watson: 4.67u Mitchell Trubisky: 4.67u DeShone Kizer: 4:83 (official time)

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    The Newest Addition to NFL Network Speaks Out

    We're not sure about Steve Smith Sr.'s talent evaluation skills, but it takes a good wide receiver to know one, right?

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    Don't Call Him Mitch

    Mitchell Trubisky ran a 4.71u 40-time. DeShone Kizer: 4.83 (official)

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    Mike Mayock Doesn't Hold His Tongue on Patrick Mahomes Assessment

    "Something really good or really bad could happen on every snap." -Mike Mayock on Patrick Mahomes

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    How Will Deshaun Watson Look Under the Bright Lights?

    If he performs like he does during big games, he'll become a diamond under pressure at the combine.

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    No Pressure Robert Davis 😬

    Robert Davis: Projected to go undrafted out of Georgia State Julio Jones: No. 6 overall pick of the 2011 draft from Alabama

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    Baylor's KD Cannon Officially Ran 4.41

    Cannon ran with the first group of wide receivers and he holds the fastest time. After a breakout junior season, in which he caught 87 passes for 1,215 yards, the Baylor wideout could sneak into the third round of the draft.

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    No 40-time Doesn't Scare Mike Mayock Away from Corey Davis

    2017 NFL Combine QB WR TE logo
    2017 NFL Combine QB WR TE

    No 40-time Doesn't Scare Mike Mayock Away from Corey Davis
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    The First 👀 at Deshaun Watson

    Watson logs a 32.5" vertical. That's still better than Leonard Fournette's 28.5" vertical that drew widepread concern on Friday.

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    Mack Hollins Is Done for the Day with a Quad Injury

    Hollins hurt his quad on his first 40-yard dash attempt. He wanted to continue, but the injury will keep him out. He plans to participate in North Carolina's Pro Day on March 21, per NFL Network's Kimberly Jones.

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    58 Wide Receivers Is a Combine Attendance Record at the Position

    In passing league, there are more opportunities for pass-catchers. Three-wide receiver sets in spread offenses have become the norm.

  60. Clock Icon4:29 pm

    Scouts Dig the Long Ball 🏈

    Teams will certainly fall in love with DeShone Kizer's accurate deep ball.

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    More Love for Joshua Dobbs

    Just when you count him out, he shows you the best of his skills. Dobbs looks sharp on the throwing drills.

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    Dede Westbrook Has a Checkered Past as Well

    Westbrook is entitled to his own opinion, but it's probably not the best time to voice this viewpoint. Public outrage pertaining to societal issues could influence teams on draft day.