1. Report: LeBron Open to FA Talks with Warriors

    Report: LeBron Open to FA Talks with Warriors
    LeBron Interested in Warriors

    Report: LeBron Open to FA Talks with Warriors

    Timothy Rapp
    via Bleacher Report
  2. All of Us

    Mekka Don @MekkaDonMusic

    *Skips over the LeBron “would listen” to the Warriors tweets* https://t.co/tj21mKMfgD

  3. Turtle Knows

    Jerry Ferrara @jerryferrara

    Why is this Lebron meeting with the Warriors a thing? He’s NEVER going there. EVER. EVER EVER. Right??? Am I right? Guys? Bueller?

  4. Well Then

    Saquon OR Rosen?!?! @NYGFans10

    When LeBron heads to the Warriors and people still call him the GOAT https://t.co/j9C4PKGrCj

  5. Facts.

    Sean Sweeney @SEANesweeney

    2010: "if LeBron goes to miami, it will destroy his legacy" LeBron: 🏃🏿 2016: "KD would never go to the team that beat him. it's all about competition" KD: 🏃🏿 2018: "if LeBron goes to golden state i'm done with the nba. worst move ever" LeBron: 🤔 https://t.co/If4rIl7Snv


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  7. Twitter Wants It

    Mike J. Asti @MikeAsti11

    LeBron joining the Warriors would be absolutely ridiculous and create the most super of all super teams in NBA history, which has a long history of super teams. LeBron joining the Warriors would also make social media the most LIT it's ever been. I'm torn.

  8. Damon Kecman @DownWithDamon

    So by my count, LeBron James is set to join the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76ers, New York Knicks and now the Golden State Warriors in free agency this summer. Seems unlikely that LeBron will join all those teams.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  9. Tate Frazier @tatefrazier

    Lacob would do a sign-and-trade for LeBron just to spite Steph

  10. Yep

    Nick Ashooh 🤧 @NickAshooh

    *Hops on Twitter* *Sees "LeBron would listen to Warriors" report* *Deletes Twitter* https://t.co/A6L3T2eYwU

  11. CJ Fogler @cjzero

    "All you gotta do is take a little less money and we ALL on team Lebron" https://t.co/TkRwpI5yJs

  12. Deja Vu 😳

    Thomas Duffy @TJDhoops

    Two years ago, nearly to the day. We all scoffed at it. This LeBron/Warriors report is terrifying. https://t.co/Y5WdeeQaI7

  13. Ant 🐜 @iAmAnt__

    "if LeBron joined the Warriors, Im done watching the NBA" no you wont. stop lying. you'd still watch.. hoping & waiting for GSW to lose.

  14. Charged Up Chopz @Pchopz_

    It’s funny. Windy said the other day that Gilbert would be furious if Channing Frye signed with the Warriors if he was bought out. Now a LeBron might meet with the Warriors leak. Hmmmm. Lol

  15. alex @steven_lebron

    me still up at 5am tonight figuring out how lebron returns to cleveland in a warriors uniform for the christmas day game https://t.co/LUDWezP7ov

  16. Celtics 🍀🍀 @73McAvoy

    If the NBA rejected that Chris Paul trade to the Lakers, they sure as hell better reject Lebron to GSW.

  17. Robert Lepelstat @STATSports23

    “ESPN Sources: LeBron James could meet with Golden State Warriors during free-agency.” The ENTIRE NBA right now... https://t.co/ViU04fPJvd

  18. When Everyone Saw the News Last Night

    Mar 🇧🇿 @retiredmar

    I know y’all saw that bleacher report notification... https://t.co/QHl3pPITS5

  19. gifdsports @gifdsports

    Leaking that story to ESPN is perfect for LeBron's camp...they get to troll the Warriors and Dan Gilbert at the same time. https://t.co/UE75Gkk5lr

  20. 💣

    isaac TYPE BEAT @Stat4Stat

    LeBron James phone when he wakes up: https://t.co/JhmNsQY17Y

  21. isaac TYPE BEAT @Stat4Stat

    *LeBron James May meet with Warriors front office* Warrior Fans: https://t.co/uQKKJG9KYG

  22. KD on His Burner 😂

    Grant Goldberg @GrantGoldberg

    "smh the Warriors don't even need LeBron, they already have the best player in the world with KD." https://t.co/1GYyUVEhO8

  23. Josiah Johnson @KingJosiah54

    NBA Twitter if LeBron comes to the Warriors https://t.co/1XSO2SdZFT

  24. 🏎 @DaveCapone

    NBA teams when Steph, Klay, KD, LeBron and Draymond come out the locker room https://t.co/a5S1dTJ6CT

  25. Cromartie Jr. @SpyroKush

    When LeBron goes to the Warriors and starts making threes from the volley ball line consistently. https://t.co/XSwkT1pFxl

  26. Dane Carbaugh @danecarbaugh

    LeBron going to Golden State would be the one thing to make Michael Jordan lace it up again at age 55 either to join him on the Warriors or try to beat them with Frank Kaminsky and Michael Carter-Williams

  27. Victoria @CountOnVic

    Lebron leaving warriors free agency meeting after causing chaos on his way back to the eastern conference https://t.co/KNLXxuohGA

  28. Shane Young @YoungNBA

    I honestly hope LeBron writes his Goodbye letter to Cleveland in Comic Sans

  29. Tyler Durden @LAXNeddrick

    Lebron stans racing to his defense when he signs with Golden State https://t.co/UOIABxGos5

  30. Lauri ILoveMarkkanen @VJVemu

    LeBron watching the Warriors dominate vs. what it’s gonna be like next season https://t.co/JpHRVT2ZrJ

  31. Cash @CashNastyGaming

    I’m 100 percent with this..since y’all wanna say Jordan is better than LeBron because of ‘rings’ https://t.co/OE89l1eFAA

  32. J @CrownRoyal22

    Lebron leaving to Miami vs Lebron joining the Warriors https://t.co/aTrIPCPkOY

  33. Jermaine Powell @akaJamatic

    @KwaniALunis @ChrisBHaynes Lebron leaving Cleveland for Golden State: https://t.co/Scjljz8T6o