1. KrispyFlakes @KrispyFlakes2k

    So Kyrie is opting in. Alright. Time to move on! OR IS THIS TO BE CONTINUED…👀👀👀

  2. Didn't Quite Work Out 😅

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    How Bron's looking at Kyrie https://t.co/2Isj2tLyH2

  3. H/#LCDLF2 Fan @Size12_Please

    Kyrie used my team for leverage yeah ima pray on his downfall. #LakeShow https://t.co/cny0Ng37jO

  4. Above Average Peso @PBSImpulse9

    Kyrie talking about turning down $37 million to play for the Lakers for TPMLE https://t.co/sex9uDzlgz

  5. Jasmine @JasmineLWatkins

    Kyrie said https://t.co/4VASQlTxk4


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  7. Pickswise @Pickswise

    Kyrie when he couldn’t find a sign and trade 😂 https://t.co/M8gXRgKvOb

  8. 𝙷𝙺 ➐ @HKhan2K

    Kyrie are you serious???😔 https://t.co/Jrwf2450Ob

  9. JOEY @JWepp

    How dare Kyrie did that to LeBron https://t.co/RJGhmnaBlD

  10. Paul Bissonnette @BizNasty2point0

    Kyrie Irving can kick up dust with the best of em. The guy just gets the chatter going on twitter dot com non stop.

  11. iLamar ⚠️ @_IsaiahLamar

    @LakeShowYo @KyrieIrving https://t.co/Lj6TthGnUL

  12. Barry @BarryOnHere

    I never wanted Kyrie anyway *pictures of Kyrie start falling out of my pockets* Uh, he's too injury prone *more pictures of Kyrie fall out of my pockets*

  13. KobeDesu @chinje0l

    No Kyrie https://t.co/ikWFadeQVg

  14. LakeShowYo @LakeShowYo

    Lakers trying to trade for Kyrie https://t.co/5ImIGFHzQC

  15. 🐐 @Djtooreal27

    The people who wanted kyrie seeing him opt into his 37 mill https://t.co/Zajaj8BAZx

  16. 💸🇵🇷Javi No Tax🇵🇷💸 @Melhyphen

    @TylerIAm Kyrie dumb as hell, but he ain’t stupid.

  17. Garaad Tatum @Supreme_Garaad

    @Galadiid23 Lakers fans rn after twerkin for Kyrie for the past 24hrs😭😭 https://t.co/X2y9ykfqCm