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  2. Schwarber's 45th for Lead πŸ’£

    Phillies have a magic number of one and a lead over Astros thanks to first-pitch Schwarbomb

    Philadelphia Phillies @Phillies

    Leadoff Schwarbomb, that's right #RingTheBell https://t.co/lDzU5O2kJE

  3. Schwarbs Game-Tying Knock πŸ’ͺ

    B/R Walk-Off @BRWalkoff

    Schwarbs ties it for the Phillies after a 3-run inning! πŸ”₯ @MLBONFOX https://t.co/dk5BwvWAO3

  4. Kyle Schwarber's 40th HR πŸŒ–

    Schwarber extends his NL lead with a no-doubt three-run blast

    B/R Walk-Off @BRWalkoff

    Kyle Schwarber just DESTROYED this ball for his 40th of the season πŸ’£ @Phillies https://t.co/fd2KjhYXwv

  5. Schwarber's 39th for the Lead β˜„οΈ

    Kyle Schwarber adds on to career year as Phillies strike first vs. Braves

    B/R Walk-Off @BRWalkoff

    Schwarbomb No. 39 got out in a hurry 😳 @Phillies https://t.co/WLFM97mBC0


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  10. Schwarber Big Dinger πŸ”¨

    No. 36 for Kyle Schwarber blows the game open in Arizona

    Philadelphia Phillies @Phillies

    Holy Schwarbomb #RingTheBell https://t.co/g4YA2ClIbJ

  11. Schwarber Hustling Mic'd Up πŸ˜‚

    Phillies OF had to book it and chase a ball mid-interview: 'Oh no!'

    NBC Sports Philadelphia @NBCSPhilly

    "Oh no!" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Schwarbs had to get the wheels turning mid-interview. https://t.co/SnEATdrfp1

  12. Schwarber Sends One Deep πŸ’ͺ

    Looks like a HR Derby at Citizens Bank Park

    Philadelphia Phillies @Phillies

    Holy Schwarbs #RingTheBell https://t.co/p9q6fyOZPg

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  16. Longest Oppo HRs in Statcast Era πŸ“

    Schwarber cracks the top 10 with his 441-ft oppo blast

    Sarah Langs @SlangsOnSports

    Kyle Schwarber's 441-ft oppo HR is tied for the 10th-longest opposite-field HR tracked by Statcast (since 2015) Here's the list he joins ⬇️ https://t.co/uZifvtg4gq

  17. Schwarbomb Goes 441 Ft Oppo πŸ’₯

    Phillies slugger flexes with team's longest Statcast-era oppo HR

    Philadelphia Phillies @Phillies

    Schwarbomb's away! #RingTheBell https://t.co/4uPNVSqsKR

  18. Schwarber Crushes 30th HR πŸ’£

    NL leader starts second half with a bang on the first pitch he sees

    Philadelphia Phillies @Phillies

    Somebody's happy to be home! #RingTheBell https://t.co/6BPIr5JzW3

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  22. Schwarber's Kid Was Snoozing 🀣

    Kade Schwarber was not feeling the All-Star red carpet

    Philadelphia Phillies @Phillies

    BΓ©bΓ© Schwarbs casually snoozing through his first All-Star Red Carpet πŸ₯° https://t.co/VsHGZcEUdF

  23. Was Schwarber Robbed at the Derby?

    Was Schwarber Robbed at the Derby?
    Kyle Schwarber logo
    Kyle Schwarber

    Was Schwarber Robbed at the Derby?

    via RSN
  24. So You're Saying There's a Chance? 😈

    Sportsnet @Sportsnet

    ALBERT PUJOLS IS NOT DONE YET! 🀣 #HomeRunDerby | #STLCards https://t.co/0xF9EgAMyK

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  28. Home Run Derby Bracket Out πŸ“

    Corey Seager completes field in LA. All the matchups for this year's Derby πŸ“²

    Home Run Derby Bracket Out πŸ“
    Kyle Schwarber logo
    Kyle Schwarber

    Home Run Derby Bracket Out πŸ“

    Corey Seager completes field in LA. All the matchups for this year's Derby πŸ“²

    Timothy Rapp
    via Bleacher Report
  29. Schwarbomb No. 28 😀

    Phillies slugger sends one to dead center

    Philadelphia Phillies @Phillies

    Guess who's back. Back again. Schwarbomb's back. Tell a friend. #RingTheBell https://t.co/SP64lamoS6

  30. Schwarber Blasts 2nd HR πŸ’₯

    Phillies star keeps hot streak going with fourth homer in last two games

    MLB @MLB

    There's no one hotter than Kyle Schwarber! 4 homers over his last 2 games. https://t.co/yrys45i1je

  31. Ryan M. Spaeder @theaceofspaeder

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  33. Schwarber Lead Off HR 😀

    Phillies slugger sends this one out in a hurry

    Philadelphia Phillies @Phillies

    Tired: June Schwarber Wired: July Schwarber #RingTheBell https://t.co/tBKYNmSZ14

  34. Schwarber Catch While Mic’d 🎀

    Phillies star makes multitasking in OF look easy

    ESPN @espn

    Kyle Schwarber ends the inning while wearing the mic 🎀 πŸ“Ί ESPN https://t.co/qCA17Crx8B

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  37. Schwarber Crushes 420-Ft HR πŸ’£

    One last June Schwarbomb as Phillies wax Braves 11-1

    MLB @MLB

    You knew Kyle Schwarber had to get in one last June homer. 😱 https://t.co/6GHDEmcOdN

  38. Schwarber Hits Another Bomb πŸ’£

    Kyle Schwarber goes Barry Bonds mode in June

    MLB @MLB

    June Kyle Schwarber continues to be an absolute force. 😱 https://t.co/8RcJ9WjvRw

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  41. Kyle Schwarber with 2 HRs on Nats πŸ’ͺ

    This man RAKES in June. Schwarber ties for NL lead with his 18th of the year

    Philadelphia Phillies @Phillies

    Sources* tell us it's still June. *Kyle Schwarber's bat https://t.co/clLrlbow8J

  42. June Schwarbomb in Washington πŸ’£

    Phillies slugger unloads on his former team

    NBC Sports Philadelphia @NBCSPhilly

    That's 17 dingers on the season for Schwarber πŸ’ͺ https://t.co/PFXXrPKZMX

  43. Jeremy Frank @MLBRandomStats

  44. Would it dong? @would_it_dong

  45. Schwarber Huge HR πŸ””

    Phillies can do no wrong. Kyle Schwarber makes it 5-0 early

    Philadelphia Phillies @Phillies

    PSA: ANOTHER HOMER #RingTheBell https://t.co/1vhqbWZrDC

  46. Schwarbomb Extends Lead ✌️

    Phillies slugger pulls two-run blast vs. Brewers

    Philadelphia Phillies @Phillies

    Another day, another Schwar-πŸ’£ #RingTheBell https://t.co/3EAsk52Hv4

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  49. Schwarber Makes It 2 HRs πŸ’ͺ

    Another Schwarbomb goes 435 feet

    Philadelphia Phillies @Phillies

    Holy Schwarber. #RingTheBell https://t.co/SenQKafcA0

  50. Schwarber First-Pitch Bomb πŸ’£

    No Girardi, no problem for Phillies in 1st inning

    MLB @MLB

    .@kschwarb12 wasn't waiting around. (MLB x @SiriusXM) https://t.co/lWbOQhwyzx

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  52. Scott Lauber @ScottLauber

  53. Schwarber Gives Phillies Lead β˜„οΈ

    Slugger puts Phils ahead after comeback vs. Giants

    Philadelphia Phillies @Phillies

    Schwarbs for the lead!! #RingTheBell https://t.co/WEbOgxKu4k

  54. Schwarbs Game-Tying Blast πŸ’¨

    MLB @MLB

    .@kschwarb12 to dead center for the tie! https://t.co/mHGBCkewHL

  55. MLBBarrelAlert @MLBBarrelAlert

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  57. Schwarber Is a Problem πŸ’ͺ

    Mets would love to have this guy out of their hair

    ESPN Stats & Info @ESPNStatsInfo

    Kyle Schwarber has 12 HR in his last 11 games against the Mets, that is tied for the most HR in a 11-game span vs a single opponent in modern MLB history. https://t.co/2VyhJNRRRs

  58. Schwarber HR Off 1 Knee 🀯

    Phillies star makes it two home runs off Max Scherzer

    Philadelphia Phillies @Phillies

    SCHWARBS DOES IT AGAIN! https://t.co/73y1asEkTi

  59. MLB Network @MLBNetwork

  60. Todd Zolecki @ToddZolecki

  61. Schwarber Scorches Solo Shot β˜„οΈ

    Phillies slugger crushes 113 mph rocket after Scherzer struck out first five Philly hitters

    Philadelphia Phillies @Phillies

    SCHWAR-πŸ’£ TIME https://t.co/x4ky8FQ9Et