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  2. Klay: I Like Our Chances

    Captain Thompson went live on his boat, and he’s feeling great about the upcoming season

    Kylen Mills @KylenMills

    Klay Thompson on Instagram live (from the boat) one day before Warriors training camp starts: “2023, I’m not making any promises but I like our chances.” Steve Kerr said yesterday that Klay is in a great place physically, mentally, spiritually right now. Watch out NBA #dubnation https://t.co/jDRuh1qNzZ

  3. Klay Says Bye to the Offseason 👋

    Warriors on NBCS @NBCSWarriors

    It was a Hall of Fame summer for Klay and Rocco 🥹 [via @KlayThompson] https://t.co/xSY6Y3aBra

  4. Ronnie 2K Responds to Klay's 2K23 Criticism

    'Even though Klay said that he hadn't played NBA2K since the Dreamcast, the fact that he cares about his rating so much, I know that that's not true'

    Ronnie 2K Responds to Klay's 2K23 Criticism
    Klay Thompson logo
    Klay Thompson

    Ronnie 2K Responds to Klay's 2K23 Criticism

    'Even though Klay said that he hadn't played NBA2K since the Dreamcast, the fact that he cares about his rating so much, I know that that's not true'

    Paul Kasabian
    via Bleacher Report

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  9. Klay Going Off on 2K Rating 🤢

    Thompson pulled out the receipts when he saw his 3-point rating

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    Klay reacting to his new 3-point rating on 2K 😬 https://t.co/hfLgbpuzKi

  10. Klay Rips 2K Over 3PT Rating

    Klay Rips 2K Over 3PT Rating
    Klay Thompson logo
    Klay Thompson

    Klay Rips 2K Over 3PT Rating

    Doric Sam
    via Bleacher Report
  11. Long Weekend Energy 😎

    NBA on TNT @NBAonTNT

    Labor Day mood 🕺🏽😂 🎥 @KlayThompson https://t.co/w3kLkaARJI

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  15. Captain Klay Living the Dream 🛥

    TheWarriorsTalk @TheWarriorsTalk

    Klay living life 😂 (via @KlayThompson) https://t.co/qD1TXJSZjj

  16. Better Shooter: Klay or Steph? 💦

    Two of the greatest shooters to ever play the game of basketball. Both with several signature moments. Can you separate them at all?

    Steph: 960 games | 3,678 3PM | 3.8 3PM/G | 41.4 3PT% Klay: 792 games | 2,363 3PM | 3.0 3PM/G | 41.3 3PT%

    (Regular season + playoffs)

  17. Klay Offseason Workout Vid 🔥

    Splash Bro doing what he does best in preparation for the new season

    TheWarriorsTalk @TheWarriorsTalk

    Klay offszn work in LA 🔥 @KlayThompson (🎥 @mccannchase6) https://t.co/B5cKpWmvaC

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  21. TBT: Klay's 60-Point Game 🔥

    Dec. 5, 2016. 60 points in 29 minutes on 11 dribbles 🤯

  22. Klay Just Vibing 💀

    CJ Fogler AKA Perc70 #BlackLivesMatter @cjzero

    This Klay interview still has me in tears. How? https://t.co/9wAerO4uVP

  23. THAT Klay Thompson 3rd Quarter 🔥

    ▪️ 37 points (most ever in a quarter) ▪️ 13/13 FG, 9/9 3PT (record) ⤵️ Relive his historic performance

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  27. Klay's Message from Bahamas 🏖️

    Warriors star with the not-so-subtle flex on the beach 😆

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    Can't tell Klay nothing 😂🏆 (via @KlayThompson) https://t.co/7aOqNwUJVn

  28. Klay's NBA Finals Highlights 🤩

    Watch the best of Klay's return to the Finals 🎥

  29. Klay Loving Trayce's Big Hit 😎

    Warriors star having a blast as his brother breaks game open for Dodgers

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    Klay was hyped after his brother Trayce’s big hit 😎 (via @Dodgers) https://t.co/OrDD5e6lk0

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  32. Klay Chugs Beer at Ballgame 🍺

    Warriors star didn't even know camera was on him

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    Klay chugged the whole beer 😂 (via @NBCSAuthentic) https://t.co/plCLPotG6g

  33. Klay Loving Joc's Flow 🐅

    Thompson can't help but admire Pederson's hair at Giants-Dodgers

    NBC Sports Bay Area & CA @NBCSAuthentic

    Klay is a big fan of Joc’s hair 😂 [via @KlayThompson] https://t.co/xSgJQKgcib

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  36. Thompson Game-Tying Triple 👌

    Make that a triple and double for Trayce Thompson, Klay's brother and Dodgers OF

    B/R Walk-Off @BRWalkoff

    Trayce Thompson comes through with a HUGE triple to tie the game 🔥 @Dodgers https://t.co/YaAtzBFQh2

  37. Steph, Klay's Basketball Influence 'glaring' to Draymond

    Steph, Klay's Basketball Influence 'glaring' to Draymond
    Klay Thompson logo
    Klay Thompson

    Steph, Klay's Basketball Influence 'glaring' to Draymond

    via RSN
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  40. Klay Calls Out Media Doubters 🗣️

    Warriors star has words for ‘experts’ who doubted the Dubs: ‘They said we were dead in the water’

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    “I know it hurt them bad.” Klay calls out at NBA media ‘experts’ who doubted the Warriors 🍿 (via @KlayThompson) https://t.co/jWlFrDGCa8

  41. Klay Putting in Work 💼

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    Summer @KlayThompson is just happy he doesn’t have to rehab 🙌 (via @NBCSWarriors) https://t.co/L7q1EpFM2n

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  44. 🤔

    StatMuse @statmuse

    Which is the most impressive? — Klay scoring 37 in a quarter — T-Mac scoring 13 in 33 seconds — Chestnut eating 76 hotdogs in 10 minutes https://t.co/0fbXElNzcC

  45. Klay Out on the Bay🛥

    Golden State Warriors @warriors

    For @KlayThompson, not even boating can beat the thrill of winning a title. https://t.co/f5rLq5tmry

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  48. Klay's View of Parade 🤩

    See what it's like to raise the trophy in front of thousands of screaming fans

    Golden State Warriors @warriors

    BAY AREA THIS IS FOR YOU https://t.co/RB2do2Wjph

  49. Klay Knocks Over a Fan 😅

    At least he helped them up...Captain Klay trips and accidentally runs into fan on the parade route

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    Klay wyd? 💀 (via paolo.m__/IG) https://t.co/NK64eyE2Xt

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  52. Klay Having a Day 🕺

    Warriors on NBCS @NBCSWarriors

    KLAY DANCING WITH THE TROPHY 💀💀💀 https://t.co/nQ0rRn5rEX

  53. Klay Drops Championship Ring💀

    Dubs star almost lost one of his rings in a crowd at the parade

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    Klay really dropped one of his championship rings 😂 (via @mgafni) https://t.co/h1tY5PajPq

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  56. Klay Brings Trophy into the Crowd 🏆

    Thompson gave these Dubs fans a chance to touch the Larry O'Brien Trophy

  57. Splash Bros Joke About Crying 😅

    Klay 'calls out' Steph at the parade for getting emotional after Game 6

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  60. Klay Lost His Championship Hat 🤣

    NBA @NBA

    "I underestimated the wind gusts" Klay Thompson lost his championship hat driving his boat to the @warriors championship parade 🚢😂 https://t.co/aGel8sZNho