1. Harden’s No-Show in Big Games Should Worry Sixers

    Harden’s No-Show in Big Games Should Worry Sixers
    James Harden is SAVAGE

    Harden’s No-Show in Big Games Should Worry Sixers

    Anthony Puccio
    via Front Office Sports
  2. Harden with the Playoff Braids

    smoothie harden @hardenbbq

    yeah he’s not getting rid of them lmao 😭 https://t.co/5wAonmg6tu

  3. Lakers vs. Rockets 🍿

    👀 First of three meetings between LAL and HOU 🤕 AD questionable to play 🗣️ Who's taking home the W? Sound off in comments

  4. Bleacher Report NBA @BR_NBA

    Welp. https://t.co/gPeOKh3REh

  5. Bah Gawd

    Hector Diaz @iamHectorDiaz

    James Harden's crossover on Wes Johnson, called by Jim Ross https://t.co/sR5CnSXLAI


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  7. SB Nation @SBNation

    The only way James Harden's move on Wes Johnson could've been more disrespectful. https://t.co/qxKwVUqk5r

  8. Tom Martin @TomKCTV5

    [Clippers team doctor gives update on Wes Johnson] https://t.co/nSBeuVP279

  9. Collin Justin @CollinJustin1

    NBA Twitters reaction to James Harden snapping Wesley Johnson https://t.co/YzGuEWATf9

  10. Jonathan Feigen @Jonathan_Feigen

    Montrezl Harrell, who had a terrific second quarter to spark the Clips a bit, starts the second half in place of Wesley Johnson, whose chalk outline is now in the lane.

  11. richie @richiehomiequan


  12. Meredith Minkow @murrminks


  13. The Dream Shake @DreamShakeSBN


  14. Blake Murphy @BlakeMurphyODC

    James Harden crossed up Wes Johnson, logged on to Twitter to quote RT the Vine with a ghost emoji, then hit a 3.

  15. Old Player Tweets @OldPlayerTweets

    Narrator: he wasn’t ready https://t.co/Q4Wc5lwxad

  16. Michael Swander @MichaelSwander

    Summary https://t.co/h1KvGp60VO

  17. Kazeem Famuyide @RealLifeKaz

    Oh My God James Harden. Why? That man has a family.

  18. Lucas Jackson @CoolHand_Lucas

    @Adam_Jacobi Wesley Johnson be like https://t.co/5INi9m6mrf

  19. SB Nation @SBNation

    can't believe February 28th is now National James Harden Crossover Day. amazing

  20. Josiah Johnson @KingJosiah54

    NBA Twitter reaction to James Harden breaking Wesley Johnson ankles https://t.co/60TdOMERp4

  21. Josiah Johnson @KingJosiah54

    “And now Harden will take the strenf of Wesley Johnson’s ankles eweh!” https://t.co/VdXoCdC3XL

  22. Adam Jacobi @Adam_Jacobi

    Harden really gave Wes Johnson the three-mississippi before he drilled that 3, the Clippers franchise belongs to Houston now I'm so sorry Steve Ballmer

  23. Dave Schilling @dave_schilling

    Someone tell @Jpdabrams to get started on the oral history of James Harden vaporizing Wes Johnson.

  24. K. @ThatPersianGuy


  25. Shea Serrano @SheaSerrano

    wes johnson really should've jogged to the bench, picked up a folding chair, then tried to hit james harden in the head with it after this smh https://t.co/wsuHSyzXVt