1. Dubs Suspend Draymond After Spat with KD

    Dubs Suspend Draymond After Spat with KD
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    Internet Having Fun with Warriors Drama

    Dubs Suspend Draymond After Spat with KD

    Rob Goldberg
    via Bleacher Report
  2. This Is Too Accurate

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    NBA fans watching the Warriors drama 😂 https://t.co/JMsQadOgqy

  3. It's All Going to Plan 😂

    Complex Sports @ComplexSports

    KD: You think it’s working? LeBron: Yea, that was perfect. Next, you gotta swing on Steph midgame https://t.co/11zIOL5fGI

  4. KD Saying 'I'm Out'? 👀

    We're not sure...

    Thomas Duffy @TJDhoops

    Underrated part of KD vs. Dray: ”That’s why I’m out” 🧐 https://t.co/ukEsbKNgMv

  5. NBA Fans Deserve This 😭

    Tyler Conway @jtylerconway

    Warriors Twitter having a Draymond/KD Civil War after a half decade of making us all miserable???? https://t.co/2IIF4sT1sG


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  7. 👏👏👏

    Shahrukh A @SA2K99

    @Sports131738 @ChrisBHaynes Every NBA fan rn watching this unfold. https://t.co/o625mtz3ud

  8. Dray Losing Out on $120K

    Josiah Johnson @KingJosiah54

    Warriors: “We suspended you for the game tonight” Draymond Green: “Y’all still paying me tho, right?” Warriors: https://t.co/1kwX2l2qn2

  9. Is It Happening?

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    Warriors lowkey falling apart? 👀 https://t.co/dgyIRv14cc

  10. Fans Couldn't Be Happier

    ☕netw3rk @netw3rk

    [at the mere hint of discord amongst the warriors] fans of the 29 other teams: https://t.co/7WtMjgDn9i

  11. Whole NBA's Mood

    Cash @CashNastyGaming

    Warriors falling apart https://t.co/cmip5GRYmU

  12. Which Player Will Risk It?

    Mina Kimes @minakimes

    me watching NBA player’s TL to see who tweets about draymond first https://t.co/FDOmSWUcQr

  13. What Is Even Happening?

    TMZ @TMZ

    Kevin Durant's Mom Says She Loves LeBron James and Magic Johnson https://t.co/q8kVdK0kUy

  14. 😂

    Fumikage Tokoyami @FastTimesAtRF

    Bron you get that bleacher report notification? https://t.co/LCVybFZCno

  15. Let the Recruiting Begin

    Shea Serrano @SheaSerrano


  16. Kawhi's Laughing Somewhere

    Raptors HQ @RaptorsHQ

    When the Warriors are beefing: https://t.co/sK1UhF6nJe

  17. We Appreciate Jimmy More Now


    Draymond Green essentially did what Jimmy Butler did, except Jimmy did it to the whole team 😂

  18. Did One Decision Change the Dubs?

    Ben Golliver @BenGolliver

    If Kerr had just called timeout... -- No Draymond TO -- No bench dispute between Draymond & KD -- KD probably takes the game-winner -- If KD makes, all good -- If KD misses, loss on him -- No locker room argument, suspension or lost $120K -- "Coach, can I get a reimbursement?"

  19. KD Firing Up the Phones

    2nd String Sports @2ndStringSportz

    "Draymond Green is a little bitch anyways. Shoulda passed it to KD" - @ GS_Warriors_Fan145 https://t.co/4xwYXBRhTj

  20. Everyone Got a Pic of KD with a Phone 😂

    Good Mitch 🤗 Bad Mitch😒 @bigceee

    @wojespn “Draymond better chill, Durant got them hands” #KDBurnerAccount https://t.co/zIf7GfLSiG

  21. This Will Bring the NBA Together

    ☕netw3rk @netw3rk

    Fans of the 29 other teams reacting to Draymond getting benched https://t.co/ZqsubCz8Mq

  22. Where Is Steph?!?

    Dan Favale @danfavale

    kids amirite https://t.co/cqW416kwzz

  23. This Is One Possibility

    NOTSportsCenter @NOTSportsCenter

    #NBATwitter laughing at the Warriors now: “Hahahaha Durant is leaving, Draymond is getting shipped out, Curry is hurt, the Warriors are DEAD.” Headline from the Trade Deadline: “Warriors trade Draymond Green and 3 first round picks to Pelicans for Anthony Davis” NBA Twitter: https://t.co/EifG2L8qsQ