1. He's Trying, Jennifer

    Bleacher Report NBA @BR_NBA

    He's doing his best, Jennifer. https://t.co/GiyhA7NDwF

  2. Dubs Are Probably Cracking Up 😂

    David Mai @dmai21

    ...and then he said #ImTryingJennifer https://t.co/ramObka6dd

  3. CJ McCollum @CJMcCollum

    Somebody send me a “ I’m trying Jennifer “ t-shirt 😂😂😂

  4. 'I'm Trying Jennifer' Shirts Are Here 🛒

    'I'm Trying Jennifer' Shirts Are Here 🛒
    I'm Trying Jennifer logo
    I'm Trying Jennifer

    'I'm Trying Jennifer' Shirts Are Here 🛒

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    via B/R SHOP
  5. New Album Cover 👀

    ☕netw3rk @netw3rk



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  7. He Did Try Tho 🤷‍♂️

    Anthony F. Irwin @AnthonyIrwinLA

    “I’m trying Jennifer” https://t.co/TXBzYxzJ3U

  8. The Faceswap Tho

    вonesaw мcɢraw @The__Bonesaw

    @IanKarmel https://t.co/j0JDOg0ems

  9. LOL Not the Eye Test

    nb @nicjbae


  10. The Ye Art Work Tho 🤦

    Arthur @arthurbetter

    #ImTryingJennifer https://t.co/uIY35c0ugL

  11. Leave A-Rod & J-Lo Alone 🤣

    Chris Walder @WalderSports

    “I’m trying, Jennifer.” https://t.co/R9ubi7Us9w

  12. This Is Comedy 💀

    Michael Swander @MichaelSwander

    "I'M TRYING JENNIFER" https://t.co/2GRF2iiNid

  13. The Rest of the NBA...

    Duncan Smith @DuncanSmithNBA

    #ImTryingJennifer https://t.co/3ELOmjM14O

  14. Barney Is Trying Too 💀

    Justin Rowan 🇨🇦 @Cavsanada

    #ImTryingJennifer https://t.co/izqOF5IpKP

  15. The White or Black Shirt?

    Fat Kid Deals @FatKidDeals

    Grab your "I'm Trying Jennifer" T-Shirt for $15! https://t.co/IEEZGjz9zq h/t @CJMcCollum (All sales and proceeds will be donated to a local Portland Charity) https://t.co/9UmgGR2LID

  16. Leave Simba & Mufasa Outta This 😆

    Kofie @KofieYeboah

    #ImTryingJennifer https://t.co/15Y0k8PB3u

  17. Bryon Russell Was Trying Too 😂

    SLC Dunkismo @slcdunk

    I’M TRYING JENNIFER https://t.co/GI8e6acBdG

  18. It Can't Be Spoiled.

    honi 🇮🇷 @HoniAhm

    Please don't run I'm trying Jennifer into the ground. It's the only thing I have left.

  19. LOL

    warriorsworld @warriorsworld

    #ImTryingJennifer https://t.co/J4LA5MCYGV

  20. I Approve 😀

    Whitney Medworth @its_whitney

    gonna answer any criticism i ever receive with “i’m trying jennifer”

  21. Yooooo 😂

    A’s FAN MEK ⚾️ @_YoMek

    Smh CJ McCollum going on a world tour to talk about his disdain for the warriors https://t.co/np2sSfE5h2