1. Did They Just Become Best Friends?

  2. Troubles Defending the Crown 👑

  3. It's Party Time in Seoul 🔥

  4. 💀

  5. Scenes in Mexico 🎉

    Despite Mexico's loss to Sweden, Germany's result sent them through

  6. Contrasting Scenes in Germany

  7. There Will Be a New Champion

  8. Embiid Can't Handle

  9. Dirk Taking Germany Loss Hard

  10. 'Bye Bye Germany!'

  11. A Korean Man Is Being Carried Around Mexico City

  12. Well Brazil Are Happy 😂

    The pain of Brazil 1-7 Germany still lives

  13. Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

    Germany out at group stage for first time since 1938

  14. Where Did Neuer Go?

  15. The Reigning Champs Are Out

  16. A Bad Day of Finishing for Germany

  17. Kroos Set Up South Korea's Winner 😬

  18. This Party Will Last a While 🇲🇽