1. Managerial Mindset @ManagerialMinds

    Pep Guardiola looking at VAR like https://t.co/39692kBb21

  2. International Champions Cup @IntChampionsCup

    VAR is certainly playing its part in tonight's #UCL action 👀 https://t.co/DQmmY6gnm4

  3. Jake Humphrey @mrjakehumphrey

    Wow. The pitchside screen wasn’t working for the referee tonight. He wanted to see the pen decision, but couldn’t. Is it then ok for the him to award the penalty? Is the technology really ready? Messy.

  4. James Robson @jamesrobsonES

    The referee couldn’t check the pitchside screen regarding the Otamendi handball because it was faulty. He relied purely on the word of the VAR, which probably isn’t ideal for such a borderline decision

  5. Siavoush Fallahi @SiavoushF

    VAR is the best thing that happened to football


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  7. Mark Watson @watsoncomedian

    Not totally opposed to VAR but you can't have a two minute wait for a decision like that. Solution: the video ref has to be pissed, by law. Just says YEP or NO, FUCK OFF and his decision is binding.

  8. Daniel Storey @danielstorey85

    And that's the nonsense (for me) about VAR for everything other than yes/no, out/in, on/off decisions. It's caused a ludicrous stoppage, and it's still a subjective decision.

  9. Barney Ronay @barneyronay

    VAR is bullshit. Massive delay. People yelling, staring at screens, yelling at the ref to force a review. Horrible stuff.

  10. Sam McGuire @SamMcGuire90

    VAR is sound

  11. Chris Nee @ChrisMNee

    The good thing about VAR and handball combined is that we're all 100% agreed that it was a penalty.

  12. Ryan Plant @ryanplant1998

    VAR can only work if the decision is black or white. If the ball was in play or not, or if a foul was inside the area, anything like that. When it is being used to decided subjective calls, essentially becoming one referee's opinion against another, is when there is trouble.

  13. Barney Ronay @barneyronay

    When you slow it down everything becomes a penalty/shifty/ evil looking. If you slowed down man landing on the moon VAR would overrule it and book Armstrong

  14. Esmaeil @emtabar

    @Marcotti If it takes 4 minutes for the VAR officials to make a decision with several cameras, it's probably not a "Clear & Obvious Error" and VAR shouldn't have applied.