1. 🤣

    The Sportsman @TheSportsman

    💉 Messi vs Chris Smalling and Phil Jones... #UCLDraw https://t.co/YRT3WTLvbV

  2. Who You Got?

    B/R Football @brfootball

    Choose your Champion. #UCL https://t.co/YiFHdPQNWW

  3. David @David_Obere

    Lmaooo Messi against Smalling, Lindelof and co ? https://t.co/NsOq3yjNyq

  4. Possible Semi-Final Matchups 🍿

    Liverpool could get Man Utd 👀

    B/R Football @brfootball

    The road to the Champions League 🏆 https://t.co/r3qCPHLpxr

  5. Football Vines @FootballVines

    Chris Smalling vs Lionel Messi https://t.co/21DxpFog18


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  7. Stephanie Roche @StephanieRoche9

    @daithiOcoirc11 Another easy draw for Liverpool 🙄

  8. Man Utd Fan Isn't Enjoying Liverpool Draw (NSFW)

    Måx @maxtrimblr

    That reaction from Mark Goldbridge when Liverpool drew Porto 😂 https://t.co/dUrDE0An1m

  9. R9 is the greatest @GreatestR9

    Liverpool managing to draw Porto. https://t.co/LiThdxkxKy

  10. Irvin @LfcOkk

    LiVerpOol RiggEd THe DRAw LmaO UeFa LoVe LiVerPoOl LIverPoOl AlwaYs LUcky Yea lets forget we had to beat Napoli Bayern and PSG to be here while your Mcms played Young boys and Schalke #UCLdraw https://t.co/WTBQQkwQAW

  11. Footy Humour @FootyHumour

    Man Utd fans thinking of Chris Smalling trying to defend against Lionel Messi https://t.co/jhtVjl3W8x

  12. Tunga munyampenda @TungaM2

    Messi and dembele vs smalling and young #UCLdraw https://t.co/e3OQgkMQ8N

  13. Iron duke Jr. @Iron_Duke89

    @brfootball Smalling marking Messi https://t.co/YAkxrw2Mh8

  14. Mirror Football @MirrorFootball

    Why Man Utd fans are angry with Liverpool and Man City's Champions League draws https://t.co/8nKYKKiCKl https://t.co/pS73btVdTl

  15. JAGS @EtniesJags

    When Ajax finds out they’re facing Ronaldo & Juventus https://t.co/wwE8xRka8N

  16. April Is Big for City and Spurs

    SPORF @Sporf

    ⚪️ @SpursOfficial will now play @ManCity 3 times in 10 days. 📅 9/10 April 🏆 @ChampionsLeague 🏟 Home 📅 16/17 April 🏆 @ChampionsLeague 🏟 Away 📅 20 April 🏆 @PremierLeague 🏟 Away 😳 Season defining. https://t.co/WxWlFw3GsC

  17. Skipjack @Skipjack0079

    Time to check Twitter dot com for the latest news on Tottenham Hotspur Football Club https://t.co/jZwt3M8JmL

  18. B/R Football @brfootball

    United. Barca. Memories. 😍 https://t.co/Sx4A69pQku

  19. Footy Accumulators @FootyAccums


  20. Man Utd Legend Believes

    Peter Schmeichel @Pschmeichel1

    Barcelona is not the worst place for @ManUtd to go💪🍾@ChampionsLeague #ComeOnOle https://t.co/KurwdH4vvi

  21. Fabregas Is Backing Barca

    Cesc Fàbregas Soler @cesc4official

    @ChampionsLeague @ManUtd @AFCAjax @SpursOfficial @ManCity @juventusfcen @FCBarcelona @LFC @FCPorto Barça are winning it.

  22. Scotty Tridge 🇫🇷🇪🇸 @ScottTridge

    Every day we screaming... MESSI COME OUTSIDE 🗣️🗣️🗣️ https://t.co/RW7fRUxOek

  23. Mitch $tacks @MSdaghost

    “mEsSi CoMe oUtSidE” Pls shut the hell up. Who are you trying to fool? You’re devastated.

  24. allMyGuysAreBohlarz ツ @IzzyIsOptimus

    Telling Messi to come outside then realising he might throw us outside https://t.co/1iOuT7Y6ti

  25. Tom McGrath @tommcgrath1878

    UEFA to any tough draw Liverpool can get in the champions league https://t.co/Fa3J4njwAz

  26. Troll Football @TrollFootball

    Champions League Quarter Finals. https://t.co/YZEQyfok0m

  27. Jonny Sharples @JonnyGabriel

    Grand asking how's Phil Jones meant to prepare for facing Lionel Messi, but how on earth is Lionel Messi meant to prepare for facing the chaotic energy of Phil Jones? By getting Gerard Piqué to try and defend on all fours and telling Samuel Umtiti to somehow slide tackle himself?

  28. EUC Sport @EUCSport

    Potential Ronaldo Vs Messi in the Champions League Final 😱#UCLdraw https://t.co/PnmaHUnr0a

  29. Walker Is Ready for Spurs

    Kyle Walker @kylewalker2

    This will be fun https://t.co/PkJ2tGAbe0

  30. GrandMaster Flash @Natz_reloaded

    @ManUtd Messi still has nightmares https://t.co/DPk3yANN5D

  31. ✖️ @uzairpatel_

    Mike Phelan when Ole asks how we should plan to stop Messi and Suarez https://t.co/wrH3QClK4Q

  32. Messi and THAT Shoe Celebration

    FootballFunnys @FootballFunnnys

    Lionel Messi is Man United's biggest nightmare. https://t.co/YBtkHGVIH4

  33. Tosin Olugbenga @TosinOlugbenga

    Of all the English Premier League club left in the Champions League, Manchester United is facing the toughest team. What's all these, who did we offend? 😂 😂 😂 #UCLdraw https://t.co/LBsBHRYWsw

  34. Messi's Coming for Man Utd

    OptaJoe @OptaJoe

    22 - Lionel Messi has scored 22 Champions League goals against English clubs; more than any other player in the competition. Devilish. https://t.co/DnfOQ5fga9

  35. Paddy Power @paddypower

    Could be a Liverpool v Man Utd semi final if they both get through. #UCLdraw https://t.co/0RAGaOGD08

  36. Dream Team @dreamteamfc

    Spurs have drawn Man City in the Champions League 😱 https://t.co/6I0v6UpZWw

  37. SuperSport @SuperSportTV

    Messi, Suarez, Dembele and co right now... #UCLDraw https://t.co/DtxhIa5ray

  38. Jimmy @EntireDesign_

    Barcelona vs Manchester United Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester City. #UCL #ChampionsLeague https://t.co/uOQgmHuOk8

  39. Portista @FCPortoGlobal

    Payback time. #UCLdraw https://t.co/tVnMTdLxZF

  40. Football Tweet @Football__Tweet

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has got good memories of the Nou Camp. #UCLDraw https://t.co/DpAs8zIWSy

  41. UEFA Champions League @ChampionsLeague

    😍 The quarter-final draw 😍 🤔 Most exciting tie? #UCLdraw https://t.co/bpkwkVKvdH

  42. Ed Jackson @edjacko

    Potential United v Liverpool champions league semi-final. That’s a cracker if it comes to be. #UCLdraw