1. Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    Eli doesn’t care 🤣 https://t.co/QtMi7LSJUl

  2. Cory Smith @RCorySmith

    Eli Manning double bird in GIF form is just glorious. https://t.co/c8PNX4I53i

  3. ESPN @espn

    "You go to Philly, you're getting the double bird right away from a nine-year-old kid." @EliManning talked about his experience playing at Lincoln 😅 https://t.co/xeBISDQCbJ

  4. B/R Gridiron @brgridiron

    In case they forgot 💍💍 @EliManning https://t.co/0TNXASiJVB

  5. Hunter @HunterHodies

    Eli Manning is a national treasure for that. Protect him at all costs.

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  7. Ali M. @AlisArena10

    How many times did I beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl? Eli Manning says: https://t.co/OtIQPyKnFI

  8. kathleen @kathleen_hanley

    eli manning being forced to apologize for flipping the double bird on live television https://t.co/kQNoSPbV0P

  9. Talkin’ Giants @TalkinGiants

    When people say Eli Manning isn’t a Hall of Famer https://t.co/kb1kMVYwwt

  10. Charles Robinson @CharlesRobinson

    Turns out Eli Manning had two more F’s to give. Exactly two. He saved them both for #Eagles fans. On national television. 😂 https://t.co/43JgGoK8Fu

  11. RK @RyanKoenigsberg

    Chargers: We select Eli Manning Eli: https://t.co/nK5yrpSGym

  12. Dave Birkett @davebirkett

    And they made him apologize for flipping the bird. 😂😂 No one whose watching this can honestly be offended by that. Great TV.

  13. Will Brinson @WillBrinson

    Eli Manning might be the most underrated comedic mind of this generation https://t.co/0wGvAGUKOu

  14. C.J. Holmes 🦹🏾‍♂️ @CjHolmes22

    “I’m sure you can blur that out, right?” https://t.co/BMIIXtUMr4

  15. Albert Breer @AlbertBreer

    Man I never thought Eli Manning would notch the first FCC violation of the NFL season, but he we are!

  16. Jimmy Traina @JimmyTraina

    This isn’t your traditional Monday Night Football telecast. https://t.co/77klqOPgBc

  17. Josh Norris @JoshNorris

    me when I see your tweets about tony pollard replacing ezekiel elliott https://t.co/wc1tK5Zph3