1. Wrestling World Erupts for Edge's Return

    Everyone went wild once they heard 'You think you know me' at the 2020 Royal Rumble

  2. 💕✨ @AnnetteReid24

    EDGE'S RETURN FROM WWE'S IG!!! https://t.co/IQYXMvb1S8

  3. Chris Ross @dead_end_old

    Hey @EdgeRatedR 👋 Thank you for this moment and making a Scotsman cry tears of joy. We all love you brother! 🤘😘 #Edge #RoyalRumble #WWE https://t.co/94SGHANPdU

  4. Felipe Lopez @felipe92lopez

    I feel like y’all deserve the reaction when Edge came back to wrestle 😂#RoyalRumble https://t.co/YZ9r7q6PtG

  5. ⎊ Jesus ⍟ @CoupDeJeebusz

    @EdgeRatedR Thank you for giving everybody a moment they'll never forget. Was a pleasure ti watch you come back 😭 https://t.co/cHjmIO491r


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  7. Mat Mania Podcast @MatManiaPodcast

    Here’s the video of the moment when @EdgeRatedR came out at #RoyalRumble. ⚠️ motion sickness warning, we were hype. https://t.co/yw9njgDxE9

  8. kanni ♡ @kanni_g

    i completely lost my shit. my childhood fav. @EdgeRatedR #RoyalRumble https://t.co/nMyiK98Yv2

  9. Bibi Blossom @itsbibiblossom

    I give you my reaction in video form and my mom yelling at me 😂 @EdgeRatedR #RoyalRumble https://t.co/yu3BgbHmTw https://t.co/Z5rQuG6lrE

  10. Sir Nathan! Lord of Greatness! @RealFNGame

    @EdgeRatedR came back and I was sooo happy!! Don’t believe me? #RoyalRumble #Edge https://t.co/TbLYDyaOaz

  11. The Beanie Boi @TheBeanieBoi96

    My reaction to @EdgeRatedR returning in the Royal Rumble match 😭😭😭 https://t.co/mNHGMDn5q7

  12. OBSOLETE @sodastereeeo

    I’ve already lost my voice from heckling, but when @EdgeRatedR came out I swear I think I actually teard up 🥺 it’s been 10 years. I didn’t n ow how to react. https://t.co/SISz1JNDiw

  13. x @katabasicboi

    VOLUME WARNING ‼️ buttttt saw ⁦@EdgeRatedR⁩ return and lost my shit. Also, worth losing my voice 🤯 #RoyalRumble2020 https://t.co/WbGdZbtsEB

  14. 🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♂️ @Wogbog96

    @EdgeRatedR thank you for making my husband the happiest man on Earth. https://t.co/nmzsuwJWmP