1. Controversial Stop by Eagles Defense

    NFL @NFL

    Dak is stopped short of the goal line. @Eagles take over on downs. 📺: #PHIvsDAL on ESPN 📱: https://t.co/sXVKWk2eYl https://t.co/s2mNqexToF

  2. DraftKings @DraftKings

    dak fantasy managers: https://t.co/1jh8M8N0XZ

  3. FantasyDaily @NPaswell

    @jasonffl When youre playing against Dak. https://t.co/q5hQx75n0K

  4. Internet #BlackLivesMatter @cjzero

    Dak https://t.co/ObrCkG8GWS

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  6. Michael Gary Scott @TheeeHonorable

    Tomorrow officials gonna be like “we got the dak call incorrect. It was a touchdown” #dezcaughtit

  7. Pumpkin Pat @ThePatP

    Dak Prescott: *reaches the football a foot past the goal line* NFL Referees: https://t.co/9P5KV4l5MU

  8. 2 Sexy 4 da 🧢 @SheIgnant

    Dak when they said he didn't score https://t.co/lDrGfhpHaz

  9. Andrew Joseph @AndyJ0seph


  10. dripgurley @dripgurley

    I guess the refs are playing against Dak in fantasy this week😂 https://t.co/CgVhnJn6ua