1. A Look Into Ohio State's Tradition ❌

    During rivalry week, the school goes all out to eliminate the presence of the letter 'M'

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    College GameDay @CollegeGameDay

    Yep ... it's ❌ichigan week at Ohio State. https://t.co/KH59aqTngQ

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    Matt Barnes @Matt_NBC4

    It is officially Beat ❌ichigan Week! And we ready for it here at @nbc4i! Join us now as we get you started on a Rivalry Week Monday! https://t.co/A0XCh77c0d

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    Emily @emtam_

    Happy ❌ichigan week http://t.co/SfcIXe4e6t

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    Dana Lewin @dana_lewin

    You know ❌ichigan week is real when even the stores are doing this. https://t.co/VjYANcYybU

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    Ohio State Football @OhioStateFB

    Ca❌pus Sights: No “❌” is safe... #GoBucks #BeatTTUN https://t.co/JUUuQvIoqi

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    John Kasich @JohnKasich

    Beat ❌ichigan.

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  11. LeBron James @KingJames

    Ga❌eti❌e!!! #OH #IO

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    Eddie Rein @OvertheRein12

    This ad was paid for by Urban *eyer supporters @11W http://t.co/peIDQucoT9

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    ESPN College Football @ESPNCFB

    It must be Michigan-Ohio State week. OSU is boycotting the letter 'M' on campus. (h/t @RogerTerry) http://t.co/Pt53pUaMOH

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    Ohio State Buckeyes @OhioStAthletics

    Inhale deeply and take in Rivalry Week around ca❌pus #GoBucks https://t.co/uEar1z7ir9

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    Ohio State Football @OhioStateFB

    Ga❌e Week. #GoBucks #ToughLove https://t.co/bQiSeRmPda

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    Shannon Hardin @SG_Hardin

    It’s that ti❌e of year! Beat ❌ichigan week! ⭕️-H?! https://t.co/8ei3PLO3Wj

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    The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center @OSUWexMed

    At #OSUWexMed, we have the cutest #Buckeye fans in the land. 👶😍 It's our favorite ti❌e of year! All babies born at our hospital this week will receive a Beat ❌ichigan sleep swaddle. #GoBucks #BeatXichigan https://t.co/It0FYWMG2f

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    Ohio State Football @OhioStateFB

    The Ga❌e. #GoBucks #ToughLove https://t.co/3fwVlcfuLD