1. Pictures Say It All

    Master @MasterTes

    The 2019 Dallas Cowboys https://t.co/WbTWx6whMv

  2. Skinny Hardaway @Skinny_Unscrptd

    Cowboys fans really told me with a straight face they were going to the Super Bowl when they started off 3-0. https://t.co/pWESUqr1e3

  3. B/R Gridiron @brgridiron

    Cowboys fans watching this game https://t.co/tP8gG7xDfK

  4. Tag a Cowboys Fan ⬇️

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    Cowboys fans at the table during Thanksgiving 😠 @brgridiron https://t.co/vcrNvnh1Fv

  5. Emmanuel Acho @thEMANacho

    #Cowboys fans waving bye to Jason Garrett like: https://t.co/13wHeKxXdk


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  7. The Dawgzilla @TheDawgzilla

    “How Bout Dem Cowboys Skip!” https://t.co/1Kp7vwHhiO

  8. NOTSportsCenter @NOTSportsCenter

    When an extended family member shows up to Thanksgiving dinner and says he’s a Cowboys fan https://t.co/3qqiSjmUW0

  9. Damien Woody @damienwoody

    Grand opening....grand closing #Cowboys https://t.co/v1LAsWZKKc

  10. Jasmin ✨ @Jsneedyy

    What being a Cowboy Fan looks like 😂😂😂 #HappyThanksgiving https://t.co/QqQNNfkY4U

  11. Anthony @AntV2103

    Cowboys fans when they get the ESPN notification that Jason Garrett has been fired https://t.co/vO725fOU6a

  12. Zay💈 @TripIeDoncic

    Jason Garrett getting fired party get in here https://t.co/CA6LgCkOio