1. Josh Shiaman @TSNJoshShiaman

    This. Is. Real. #ColbyRasmus https://t.co/U6NB4U7lT6

  2. Ross Villarreal @SportsRV

    I thought I'd seen that Colby Rasmus pic before... https://t.co/mk5u6MRhLJ

  3. Remko Rinkema @RemkoMedia

    Colby Rasmus, you okay? Blink twice if you're being held hostage at an Amish farm. https://t.co/mIIeuG1Lc4

  4. Tyler Brooke @TylerDBrooke

    When you've got to hit dingers at 4 but build a barn at 5. @MrColbyJack https://t.co/XKBL2ar3Yr

  5. Pete Blackburn @PeteBlackburn

    “Wow you could not possibly look any more gross” Colby Rasmus: hold my beer https://t.co/IxvBtLqCXl

  6. Toast Dispatch @ToastDispatch

    Colby Rasmus states he will only play night games if lit by candle-light due to Amish heritage. #STLCards #Rays #MLB #AmishBaseball https://t.co/K6ZPvRqPze

  7. BVH @BVHJays

    BREAKING: Colby Rasmus has joined the Wyatt Family. https://t.co/9tZ9REsTEA

  8. Dan Horton @DHorton398

    Live look at Colby Rasmus gearing up for the 2017 season ... https://t.co/sfSlZK1OUc

  9. The GOAT

    GEEZ49 @geez49

    Why is @MrColbyJack out at pic day looking like brother hezekiah from kingpin or a Billy goat take ur pic https://t.co/bsVnCa01eV

  10. Baby Cakes @cneyland

    Only real baseball fans can spot the true Colby Rasmus. https://t.co/DWLiudt9A8

  11. 🐄

    Andrew Mearns @MearnsPSA

    Colby Rasmus out here just back from churning butter in Lancaster with Jebediah and Hoziah https://t.co/rziHAmsgZ5

  12. Grant Goldberg @GrantGoldberg

    Colby Rasmus out here looking like Mose Schrute https://t.co/Xo1sE1ATJM

  13. If He Played for the Yanks This Could've Been Avoided

    Tampa Bay Rays @RaysBaseball

    For all interested parties: https://t.co/K0mGz9hOEQ