1. 😬

    Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    .... #NationalChampionship https://t.co/xeO83G86h9

  2. 😂

    Tatum Hinkle @tatumhinkle08

    Did y’all see Lil Wayne during the halftime show #NationalChampionship https://t.co/uQt7HxmzfC

  3. He Really Did Take His Outfit 🤣

    Stephen Favetti @stephenfavetti

    Lil Wayne took his fit from Joey #NationalChampionship https://t.co/PduRKyCTXS

  4. Can't Argue There 💀

    Matt Prehm @MattPrehm

    College Football fans across the country watching this halftime show https://t.co/fPT3Dn952m

  5. Terrible, Just Terrible

    Morgan Bagg @MorganBagg

    Devil Wears Prada (2006) https://t.co/s1fpTzlPdZ


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  7. Is This What the People Wanted?

    Def Pen Sports @DefPenSports

    Lil Wayne and Imagine Dragons? https://t.co/GgBDOL6qPS

  8. We Need to Know

    Josh Rosen @josh3rosen

    I wonder how much Imagine Dragons is getting paid for this CFP halftime performance... #amateurs

  9. He Might Have Been

    @GrantRamey @GrantRamey

    has Wayne been watching Seinfeld reruns https://t.co/VxLye0MAX1

  10. Spitting Image 😬

    Rob Proffitt @BreakinDownFilm

    Lil Wayne at the #NationalChampionship halftime show https://t.co/4iUof9yCun

  11. Show Me the Lie

    Post Ma[C]one @C_Patrick72

    Lil Wayne lookin like when scooby doo dressed up as a grandma so he could get on the plane https://t.co/adlLWdr5qA

  12. 👢

    Christian Pumphrey @cpumphrey17

    Lil Wayne snagged spongebobs boots for the Halftime show... https://t.co/mokWWmLsSE

  13. Did He Just Come from the Hamptons?

    Bunkie Perkins @BunkiePerkins

    Why is Lil Wayne dressed like a Hamptons socialite?

  14. This

    Jackson Davis @jackson_davis30

    Why does lil Wayne look like that 4 year old that was playing with his grandmas old clothes from back in the day https://t.co/IUzhmfmGUt

  15. Cam His Stylist?

    John Hendrix @JohnJHendrix

    Lil Wayne getting his wardrobe from Cam Newton

  16. Drip

    William Hulst @Dubyah_Hulst

    Lil Wayne shows up looking like the Hamburglar...#CFBPlayoffs https://t.co/5aZqeJXmeX

  17. Oh No 🐱

    S🦄🔜DEJAAAA @WhatTheDickens_

    Lil Wayne doing this halftime show looking like puss in boots https://t.co/OA0gb7RBZS

  18. He Took the Outfit

    Jeremy Lin @jeremy___lin

    Yo before lil Wayne starting rapping at the halftime show of the national championship I straight up thought Mary j blige was walking out on stage https://t.co/O0aNj2nfk2

  19. /r/CollegeBasketball @redditCBB

    Us during this concert https://t.co/MaLc5Hok1G

  20. Like Looking into a Mirror

    Riley Creamer @RileyCreamer

    Lil Wayne during the halftime show #CFBChampionship https://t.co/9OpwXL0eZz

  21. It's Real Out Here 😆

    ً @Ekblad5Jesus

    Lil Wayne showing up to the Halftime Show https://t.co/LVIm5mtxAc

  22. Modern Big Comfy Couch

    Chris Ellwood @Chrell_Hood

    Remember Lil Wayne? This is him now. Feel old yet? https://t.co/s3nAxWLm87

  23. Real

    Brian Davis @BDavisAAS

    Lil Wayne needs to be on Bevo Blvd. next season.

  24. Pretty Much

    Matt Prehm @MattPrehm

    Lil Wayne https://t.co/v0lqEqJoBd

  25. He Definitely Took a Look

    RedditCFB @RedditCFB

    Lil' Wayne raided my grandmother's clothing closet.

  26. Would Watch

    Caleb Keener @_Keener

    Thy should remake Charlie and the chocolate factory and let lil Wayne play Willy Wonka

  27. UAB Guest Appearance 😁

    Yahoo Sports College Football @YahooSportsCFB

    go UAB https://t.co/2OvqMkBmOd

  28. The Important Questions

    Ry @JustRyCole

    Wtf is Wayne on…

  29. Was This Where He Got It From?

    Cam @CamdenDunnahoe

    Lil Wayne before the halftime show #CFPNationalChampionship https://t.co/IwSU9ByKo5

  30. Is This a Rescue? 😂

    The Champaign Room @Champaign_Room

    LIL WAYNE TO THE RESCUE https://t.co/ECOHeon2H3

  31. Pete Blackburn @PeteBlackburn

    Lil Wayne on his Christine Baranski shit https://t.co/69EDEu647T

  32. FACTS

    Tom VanHaaren @TomVH

    Lil Wayne looks like he got dressed in my grandma’s closet with his eyes closed

  33. Is This a Good Thing?

    Cowboys Ride For Mike Boynton @CowboysRFF

    Oh snap Lil Wayne up in here!

  34. Martell @Martemar_

    What thrift store did Lil Wayne crawl out of? #NationalChampionship

  35. It's Wild Right Now

    Alex Kennedy @AlexKennedyNBA

    That Lil Wayne outfit is wild! 😂