1. LBJ Shows Love for Lue

    LeBron James @KingJames

    T Lue thanks for the memories and more importantly our partnership bringing a 🏆 to that deserved city/fan base. U know how to find me 🙏🏾

  2. Jared Weiss @JaredWeissNBA

    JR Smith and Kevin Love react to Ty Lue getting fired. https://t.co/oXdkRWlglf

  3. Russillo @ryenarussillo

    Tbh, I’m not sure Lue would have lasted the off-season if LeBron stayed.

  4. Maybe We Should Have Known...

    Joy Azzi @JoyAzzi

    It was at this moment that we knew it was over #cavs #tylue https://t.co/dTyr0yRe1z

  5. Michael Lee @MrMichaelLee

    I sat in Lue’s office a few months after the title. Just had a framed photo of the parade hung up his wall. Spent summer of 2016 studying best offensive schemes, spoke to Pop & other coaches, with intent of improving because he knew he wouldn’t always have a team that talented

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  7. (((Eeriec Koreen))) @ekoreen

    If you fire your coach within the first 15 games, you are a messed-up organization.

  8. Sports Illustrated @SInow

    "3 straight finals in your first 3 years as a head coach is something special." — @RealTristan13 thanks Lue for leadership https://t.co/95ww9cK4Bg https://t.co/U4IupcYLG3

  9. Maybe Ty Wanted This

    Mario Hoxha @albanianthunder

    In memoriam of Ty Lue https://t.co/FTRQNxa5hi

  10. Would Watch

    Jayson Buford @jaysonbuford

    LeBron and Ty Lue about to link up for The Shop.

  11. Tom Fornelli @TomFornelli

    If you’re going to fire your coach after 6 games why didn’t you just fire him in the offseason? Did you think Ty Lue was going to lead this team back to the Finals without LeBron?

  12. 💀

    Steven R. Walker @Steve_R_Walker

    Ty Lue explaining the Cavs 0-6 start ... https://t.co/mrxJlH9LFa

  13. Never Forget.

    Bryce Noe @Dr_Noe52

    My personal favorite Ty Lue moment https://t.co/7GoNsmehzv

  14. 🤔

    Anita Faker @MovesLikeRoy

    So The Cavs fired Ty Lue who coached the team to three consecutive finals and won a championship two years ago for a 0-6 start but Hue Jackson gets to keep coaching the Browns?!? https://t.co/p9K7JeGtjf

  15. No One Is Safe.

    Randy Lee @randella22

    Hue Jackson when he hears Ty Lue just got fired #Browns https://t.co/bqCyJKivKO

  16. Cavs Players Might Not Like This Move

    Mo Mooncey @TheHoopGenius

    Cavs management: *fire Ty Lue* Cavs player: HE’S A VERY GOOD COACH TO ME https://t.co/f1YlSVR85h

  17. Jordan Schultz @Schultz_Report

    What Ty Lue's indefinite plan moving forward should look like: https://t.co/30MECVLjf7

  18. Complex Sports @ComplexSports

    The Cavs’ head coach left in July... https://t.co/khGwH0QSOe

  19. You're Fired.

    Mrs.Joe’s favorite son @PoloMccartney

    Cavs front office to Ty Lue https://t.co/IECg9qknmi

  20. R @ImRaulR

    @KingJames Ty Lue was never the coach https://t.co/bsTcgyLuHA