1. @R8derfan24

    Can't go wrong with a AJ1 in the collection 🤓

  2. @lebronsedges

    A family that rocks AJ4s together—stays together.

  3. @Cj_2K

    Low Key kinda 🔥

  4. @shoenicorn17

    The cable guy, Ernie "Chip" Douglas, said it best "cleanliness is next to godliness"

  5. @graisinbrand

    Tonight's kicks! Going Back To The Future 😂⏰🔮

  6. @Tw2et

    Soggy, rainy, autumn weather kicks.

  7. @Money2323

    ALL DAY!!!!

  8. @dmcdougald910

    MJ Monday

  9. @mannyfreshmusic

    Switched the Red laces out with the black Travis scott laces. 1st time wearing these.