1. NBA Twitter Loved GoZ Cameo 😂

    Zach Lowe, Marc Stein and other NBA reporters were featured in the premiere. Scroll through to see their reactions ⬇️

  2. Zach Lowe @ZachLowe_NBA

    All downhill from here for me and my pondcast https://t.co/CSavPi64V0

  3. Craig Malamut @mutsackcraig

    Fun fact: @ZachLowe_NBA's boat in the scene is tied to a low post. https://t.co/UYTGso5Usv


    B/R Football @brfootball

    The top goalscorers across Europe's top five leagues this season 🌟 https://t.co/ds0SBEY3XC

  5. Marc Stein @TheSteinLine

    Meanwhile ... stunning developments here. Stunning! Quite honored ... as well as awestruck by Centaur Windhorst https://t.co/sFGmDcNMDD


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  7. Marc Stein @TheSteinLine

    I really, really, really love this show ... https://t.co/JF5k9mFVru

  8. Daryl Morey @dmorey

    Looks like #GAMEOFZONES did not look up @JHarden13 playoff performances in the Basketball Reference room before making this episode https://t.co/8tHR4VkiqX https://t.co/RQuozk3m3r

  9. Basketball Reference @bball_ref

    This is seriously amazing, we are honored to be on Game of Zones. Thank you @mutsack @mutsackcraig 🙌 🙌 🙌https://t.co/5eO6GEhOBQ https://t.co/60xTrOL1n1

  10. Kevin O'Connor @KevinOConnorNBA

    Too damn funny. I'm honored to be in this episode twice LOL https://t.co/pLv0Qy3QYy

  11. Howard Beck @HowardBeck

    Soooo many fun easter eggs in this episode. I recommend a big screen - and frequent pressing of the pause button. https://t.co/D9yxV15Vv8

  12. John Hollinger @johnhollinger

    The easter eggs in this are amazing and the bald dude writing on the chalkboard looks vaguely familiar, but the funniest part is still the drawn and quartered horse being "out indefinitely". https://t.co/5qe5ttmPbr

  13. Ben Golliver @BenGolliver

    Thanks @BleacherReport @BR_NBA for the 'Game of Zones' love @andrewsharp https://t.co/oXGnHVN3OA https://t.co/vb9N0mawmV

  14. Adam Lefkoe @AdamLefkoe

    What is going on?! #GameOfZones https://t.co/NTpgs8pJlI

  15. . @CountOnVic

    What is going on https://t.co/aDdQ4lNyRT

  16. Sean Forman @sean_forman

    This may be the greatest honor a sports reference site has ever received. Thank you @mutsackcraig & @mutsack and game of zones. https://t.co/PFYyjFzUkp

  17. Re-Watch Episode 1 of Final GoZ Season

    Make sure you’re caught up before the finale ❗🎥