1. Peyton Dressed as Gruden 😂

    Manning is dressed in full uniform to imitate Raiders HC during the Peyton and Eli MNF broadcast

    The Checkdown @thecheckdown

    Peyton is out here dressed in full Gruden gear 😂 https://t.co/AYGf6tj8ne

  2. Bleacher Report @BleacherReport

    Peyton going all out analyzing tonight 😂 @brgridiron (via @NFL) https://t.co/bf9yRCsf9K

  3. Danny Heifetz @Danny_Heifetz

    Joe Flacco warming up https://t.co/Kdn8pNNgG6

  4. ESPN @espn

    “There’s no place for no slow, 6’10” guys in the NFL.” Charles Barkley on what positions Larry Bird and other NBA legends would play in the NFL 😂 https://t.co/rtvGxmMSKT

  5. Matthew Berry @MatthewBerryTMR

    Totally here for Charles Barkley openly talking about his gambling on ESPN2 with Peyton and Eli. He’s betting the Raiders btw


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  7. ESPN @espn

    .@EliManning: "Hey #52 is the Mike." @raylewis: "No, I'm not the Mike. He's the Mike!" Eli: "Yeah Ray's right, the other guy's the Mike!" Eli Manning recalls playing against Ray Lewis during his rookie season 😂 https://t.co/dmr7bNqZY4

  8. Jamie McCarty @JamieMcCarty

    Oh my god… Ray Lewis clowning on Eli Manning and then they have the TAPE FROM THE 2004 GAME. this broadcast is fantastic #MNF

  9. Jan Crawford @JanCBS

    Wait what now we have Ray Lewis?! I am just able to listen to actual knowledgeable people talk about the game?? GET OUT OF TOWN WTF IS THIS

  10. Big Brain Phillips @BPhillips_SB

    Peyton: *dad joke* Ray Lewis: https://t.co/kAFsGwS6AW

  11. Here for the sports. “Go Sports” @Strick9Mj

    Peyton talking about Eli’s performance against Ray Lewis’ Ravens - “0.0 QBR. That’s the same GPA Belushi had in Animal House.” 😆 All of the other announcers had better step up their game.

  12. Aaron Nolan @AaronNolanNews

    🚨This is not a drill. 🚨 @EliManning’s fire alarm is blaring. https://t.co/kCbXJtPALe

  13. John Buhler @buhler118

    I was not mentally prepared for the ManningCast fire alarm https://t.co/nmFOmRbhku

  14. Alex Plinck🏳️‍🌈 @aplinckTX

    Add a fire alarm to your bingo card of strange things happening during this production. #PeytonandEli

  15. Arif Hasan, football season enjoyer 🏈 @ArifHasanNFL


  16. NFL @NFL

    Peyton: "[Ciara's] got a ring that I wanted... I didn't get it." Russell: "Well, I [want] a ring that @TomBrady has... I need to go get, too." 😂 Manning brothers are live right now on ESPN2 & ESPN+ https://t.co/CXwyBFKTqb

  17. Stefan Krajisnik @skrajisnik3

    Russell Wilson on the MNF broadcast while his wife wears a dress to Met Gala inspired by his jersey. Football. Couple.

  18. Sam Tarver @SamuelTarver

    When @DangeRussWilson decides to stay on the broadcast for Overtime. https://t.co/IH2uNIDtdo

  19. nbaayy @nbaayy

    RUSS HAS BEEN HERE BEFORE https://t.co/qs3nydmzIV

  20. Christian D'Andrea needs help to buy Ale Asylum @TrainIsland

    Travis Kelce's couch is made from 100 percent fine wookiee hair https://t.co/s9MRkgHXLH

  21. Hustle Westbrook @xxHeHasRisenxx

    Peyton and Eli trying to understand Travis Kelce when he talks about an “icy look” for Lamar https://t.co/XVH9W06L5E

  22. Matt Infield WSAW @Matt_Infield

    LMAO @ Travis Kelce not knowing the Chiefs play the Ravens in six days.

  23. Bryan Tweed @BryanTweed16

    I love how Peyton is way more invested in Travis Kelce’s game next week than Travis Kelce. #mnfwithpeytonandeli https://t.co/UJzC7IqVwg

  24. Brennan Smith @BrennanJSmith

    Travis Kelce is swearing. Eli’s fire alarm went off. Peyton wore a helmet that’s ten sizes too small. The production feels like a public access channel. This is incredible television.

  25. Bills Stats, Graphs & Memes @BufBillsStats

    Travis Kelce be like, https://t.co/qBMBv9RdHG

  26. Tom Gulitti @TomGulittiNHL

    Eli and Peyton quoting Wedding Crashers mid interview with Travis Kelce.

  27. NFL Up @NFLUpOfficial

    Peyton really said "Aight imma head out" at the start of OT 😂 @EliManning, @DangeRussWilson 📺: ESPN2 https://t.co/tyuYPgClbK