1. The Tweet

    Chicago Bears @ChicagoBears

    QB1. https://t.co/TuyrAcpoCM

  2. The Dawgzilla @TheDawgzilla

    @ChicagoBears @andydalton14 The Bears Social Media Account Manager right before they Tweeted QB1. https://t.co/rZNUjGgngU

  3. NOTSportsCenter @NOTSportsCenter

    The Bears: “Andy Dalton. QB1.” Bears fans: https://t.co/UVu3bcsl4a

  4. Stephen A. Smith Burner @SASBurnerAcct

    @Gabriel97Bruh @ChicagoBears @andydalton14 I’ve never wanted to block one of my teams Twitter pages so bad

  5. Alexa Ross @AlexaRossTV

    The Bears social media team woke up and chose violence today https://t.co/ST6Q5cuXT7

  6. 👑Terron {Free brodie, get well kelle} @terron_francis

    @ChicagoBears @andydalton14 Bears fans looking at Social Media team like: https://t.co/6aNYMqyXHZ

  7. Eagles Fan Problems @EagleFanProbs

    I can’t fathom the pain of your team passing on Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson to draft Mitch Trubisky, and then still manage to end up with Andy Dalton 4 years later. Honestly... condolences. https://t.co/Hm0ChktXUS

  8. Nathan @NathanJH31

    @ChicagoBears @BrewPack8 @andydalton14 https://t.co/WxgBRfwNBC

  9. Johnny @Johnny_FB13

    Feels like the @ChicagoBears are just mocking us now https://t.co/159g0DFvL2

  10. Jaime Mendoza @JMendozaPPW

    @ChicagoBears https://t.co/zzAeYleUP0

  11. Bears Nation @BearsNationCHI

    @ChicagoBears @andydalton14 https://t.co/TGoyaTUA8D

  12. Travis T @TravisT_FFB

    bears social media tweeting “dalton QB1” https://t.co/QG1rmcoHbv

  13. sydney fife @moneylinechad

    @ChicagoBears @andydalton14 https://t.co/vEeAeeej1R