1. Rustin Dodd @rustindodd

    Puerto Rican native Christian Colon on Ian Kinsler's words here: "It's the truth. We got flair, and he don't." https://t.co/Z8AQpL4keh

  2. Leyland Piles on

    Bill Shaikin @BillShaikin

    Leyland: "We're trying to make America great again."

  3. Mina Kimes @minakimes

    this makes me wanna root for puerto rico 🤔 https://t.co/EkXfDTejCz https://t.co/qjg6umUjHM

  4. New Meme Joe Veyera @JoeVeyera

    Make America Great Again by playing boring, emotionless baseball! Oh yeah, can totally get behind that.

  5. nick @nick_pants

    when you see the kinsler takes https://t.co/3YrUKBY19o

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  7. Jonah Keri @jonahkeri

    Brb, getting a Puerto Rico flag tattooed on my face for tonight's game. https://t.co/zE7HByx1o9

  8. Bless You Boys @blessyouboys

    That Ian Kinsler guy sure hates showing off during baseball games, doesn’t he https://t.co/mG82e74YFM

  9. Vanessa Demske @vdemske

    Ian Kinsler must have eaten a bad batch of Grape Nuts today. https://t.co/9qkC6DaC63

  10. Lana Berry @Lana

    @minakimes (i was already rooting for puerto rico)

  11. Andy Martino @martinonyc

    Hi. If MLB players would stomp and point and yell like Yadier Molina in the semi this might just might still be saved. https://t.co/UUZrjH0chw

  12. Bill Baer @Baer_Bill

    Brian McCann reading the Ian Kinsler quote like https://t.co/TCNtnUNOfM

  13. Kevin McCauley @kevinmccauley

    I'm a Puerto Rico fan now 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷

  14. Cespedes Family BBQ @CespedesBBQ

    this *confirms* why I was pretty much already rooting for Puerto Rico https://t.co/lXwDzGgdZ8

  15. Robby Kalland @RKalland

    i hope someone on puerto rico hits a home run, carries the bat around first base so he can wait to get to kinsler before flipping it https://t.co/OBikRiiI4J

  16. Adam Jacobi @Adam_Jacobi

    Give me a Javy Baez (and all that comes with him) over an Ian Kinsler (and all that comes with him). 10 out of 10 times. https://t.co/5h0kyqW9mp

  17. Lookout Landing @LookoutLanding

    go ahead, Kinsler--say that to his face https://t.co/IyXxuXkOFx

  18. Sean Jordan @BaySean

    Ian Kinsler face plants on the diamond and in the New York Times. #WBC2017 https://t.co/eUNfQifvFt

  19. David Roth @david_j_roth

    Team USA strikes a blow for traditional, good baseball by open-carrying rifles in the field and celebrating home runs by scowling furiously.

  20. Vincent Samperio @VinceSamperio

    Play the game the right way. https://t.co/c5HnPhmT4y