1. Clippers Trade Rivers to Wiz for Gortat

    Clippers Trade Rivers to Wiz for Gortat
    Austin Rivers Traded  logo
    Austin Rivers Traded

    Clippers Trade Rivers to Wiz for Gortat

    Alec Nathan
    via Bleacher Report
  2. 👀👀👀

    kuz @kylekuzma

    First domino

  3. He Got the 'Fresh Prince' Treatment 💀

    Oruny @OrunyChoi

    Austin Rivers rn https://t.co/o8RXkqI0w7

  4. 😬😬😬

    Stri:(a @StrikaNation24_

    *Austin rivers doesn’t get Doc a Father’s Day gift* Nine days later: https://t.co/VTG8IDVI3y

  5. Kevin O'Connor @KevinOConnorNBA

    Hello, Gortat. Goodbye, Jordan? https://t.co/347LtYd1Az

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  7. What an Era It Was

    Bleacher Report NBA @BR_NBA

    End of an era... https://t.co/gNpfTptKNN

  8. Great Photoshop 🙂

    Tyler Conway @jtylerconway

    FIRST LOOK: Austin Rivers in a Wizards uniform https://t.co/78KpJHIcet

  9. COLD

    Sekou Smith @SekouSmithNBA

    At least they waited until after Father’s Day https://t.co/gVvcwjvayq

  10. Awkward...

    Jorge Andrés @IBThatRaspOnTV

    Austin Rivers traded to the #Wizards....How awkward is this Thanksgiving gonna be 😬 #DaddyDontTradeMe

  11. The Perfect Quote 😂

    mike mulloy @fakemikemulloy

    I’VE ABANDONED MY BOY!!! - Doc https://t.co/lPvIqlSuUs

  12. NBA Summer Is Officially Here

    Mason Ginsberg @MasonGinsberg

    Seems like trading Rivers may have... (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) ...opened the floodgates

  13. That One Time...

    Beyonce has an uncle named Larry Beyince. Bruh.... @DragonflyJonez

    I swear there was a postseason once where Austin Rivers had like 3 or 4 really good playoff games. That happened and I'm not gonna let anyone tell me it didn't. I was there. (I think)

  14. Doc Probably Heated RN

    /r/NBA @NBA_Reddit

    Doc bursting into Jerry West's office https://t.co/Njs0ZarcAz

  15. Hmmm Is Right

    Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat

    So Austin Rivers to a Wizards team with too many wings and Marcin Gortat to a Clippers team with DeAndre Jordan with an option decision. Hmm.

  16. SHEESH

    Vincent Goodwill @vgoodwill

    Jerry West to Doc: “That’s your wife, not mine." https://t.co/fBlKxfEtM3

  17. DJ Done in LA?

    Adam Wexler @KPRC2AdamW

    Sounds like DeAndre Jordan has played his last game in a Clippers uniform. Even if he opts in, I'd imagine it's with a trade in mind (and in the works). https://t.co/nqlDJsMYBI

  18. That Ain't Right 😂

    David Wright @DavidWright_CNN

    choosing between austin rivers and marcin gortat is like choosing between stubbing your toe and getting a paper cut

  19. Didn't See That Coming

    Chris Ross @ChrisRawse

    Nepotism finally took an L https://t.co/rOec94I3by

  20. Jerry's All Business

    Michael Lee @MrMichaelLee

    Former Lob City era Clippers players seeing Austin Rivers get traded, like, "Now, you want to move him?" Just goes to show you that Jerry West ain't messing around. Sent Chris on his way. Dumped Blake. Ditched Austin. DeAndre next? Straight business, never personal with The Logo.

  21. Think This Was Everyone's Reaction

    Bill Simmons @BillSimmons

    What wait? https://t.co/jDXeMbyzP0

  22. SB Nation @SBNation

    Live look at Doc Rivers after the Clippers' front office traded Austin to the Wizards https://t.co/7prM8NOHQp

  23. Rachel Nichols @Rachel__Nichols

    Reminder - Doc Rivers signed an extension as the Clippers’ coach but is no longer running the front office. https://t.co/sxioSd1x0d

  24. E. García Gundersen @Erik_Gundersen

    This is pure speculation but I think Portland could get in on the DeAndre Jordan thing. They have the salaries to do it if the Clippers are at all interested in playing ball.

  25. Born Salty @cjzero

    Jerry West aggressively marking his territory all over Doc Rivers

  26. Killjoy 🤔🏆 @KilljoyGSW

    Austin leaving the nest late like a true millennial

  27. Draft Woj the 🐐

    Jacob Pramuk @jacobpramuk

    I miss draft Woj. Would have preferred: “The Washington Wizards are enamored of Los Angeles Clippers guard Austin Rivers and are fixated on exchanging him for center Marcin Gortat” https://t.co/yqtMY9KVvD