1. This Might Not Be Over 👀

    Is this Carlos Beltran's niece tweeting about more Astros cheating?

    Jomboy @Jomboy_

    Beltran's niece tweeting about the buzzers, which matches up with what Ive been told from about 5 different parties. https://t.co/zla70bW0Wu

  2. Altuve Didn't Want Jersey Ripped Off 🤨

    ...This was after walk-off home run against Aroldis Chapman

    Kenny Ducey @KennyDucey

    Altuve making sure he keeps that jersey on (via r/nyyankees) https://t.co/OO32FVFxTi


  4. Altuve Rattled in Interview After Win

    ً @NYYDJ2

    Here’s the clip of Altuve screaming at his teammates not to rip his jersey off including audio from the interview with @Ken_Rosenthal. https://t.co/y7Lv76QFpX

  5. Not the Best Look 😬

    Brendan Kuty @BrendanKutyNJ

    Hmm. https://t.co/FRvqII7TYB


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  7. Altuve Disappeared into Clubhouse

    Immediately after ALCS-winning home run...

    James @JamesZeht

    On top of the adrenaline pumping and telling ur teammates not to rip your jersey off, your the first one to go into the clubhouse while everyone else celebrates on the field and puts the shirt on over the jersey? Jose Altuve clearly has wires under his jersey. https://t.co/Gb1JNJqc3A

  8. UPDATE: Account Has Been Deleted 💀

    User who broke the news has deleted their account

  9. Same Account Going After Gleyber Too?

  10. Beltran's Family Says 'Niece' Is Fake Account

    Marly Rivera @MarlyRiveraESPN

    The Beltrán family told me that this individual, who claims to be Carlos Beltrán's "niece", is not related to the family in any way. This person may or may not have additional information about the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal, but they are not related to the Beltráns. https://t.co/2vTdiqGvl4

  11. What Do You Think Reddick Is Wearing?

    Arash Markazi @ArashMarkazi

    Wow! Just wow! https://t.co/GejuhGMgUu

  12. Indians' Clevinger Not Holding Back 👀

    Gabe Lacques @GabeLacques

    Mike Clevinger, who started Game 3 of the 2018 ALDS against the Astros, ready to go vigilante. https://t.co/vbv0frWlv1

  13. Altuve Denies Wearing Electronic Device

    Altuve Denies Wearing Electronic Device
    Astros Wearing Buzzers logo
    Astros Wearing Buzzers

    Altuve Denies Wearing Electronic Device

    Joseph Zucker
    via Bleacher Report
  14. This Tweet Didn't Age Well 😂

    Houston Astros @astros

    Just feels like there's a buzz in the air. https://t.co/xWeaSaIiD4