World Football's 50 Most Beautiful Goals from 2011

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentDecember 27, 2011

World Football's 50 Most Beautiful Goals from 2011

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    Detractors of the world game do not understand the the art, the beauty, the skill and the degree of difficulty when footballers score beautiful goals. 

    2011 has been filled with some jaw-dropping goals. 

    This video slideshow aims to entertain you with 50 of the most beautiful goals this year. 

    They're broken up individually so you don't need to search it yourself. 


Jeremain Lens

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    Instead of diving and rolling around as if he had broken his leg, Jeremain Lens got back up and scored an audacious goal from an outrageous angle. 

Hao Junmin

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    10 minutes after watching Alexander Geynrikh score a wonderful goal, Hao Junmin followed suit. 

Alexander Geynrikh

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    Alexander Geynrikh took advantage of lax Chinese defending. 

Ivan Perišić

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    Ivan Perišić’s highlight of the season. Aside from this, he has been consigned to being a bit-part player for Borussia Dortmund.

Ryan Taylor

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    If only Ryan Taylor's defending could be as good as this goal. 

Davide Chiumiento

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    180-degree turn from Davide Chiumiento before volleying it home. 

Eran Zahavi

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    In recent years, Palermo have signed Edinson Cavani, Javier Pastore, Josip Iličić and now Eran Zahavi. 

Carlos Ruiz

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    I switched channels when Carlos Ruiz hit his free kick into the wall. What a mistake that was. 

Mikhail Sivakov

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    Mikhail Sivakov was one of the best players during the UEFA Euro U-21 Championships this year. 


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    After two years at Al-Gharafa, Juninho has returned to Vasco da Gama to finish his career. 

Javier Cortés

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    Javier Cortés is only 22 and I’m sure European scouts are mulling over whether or not to recommend him. 

Yuto Nagatomo

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    Flying the Japanese flag high. Yuto Nagatomo has had a memorable 2011. 

Kafoumba Coulibaly

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    The real hero is the cameraman who wasn’t fooled. 

Scott Sinclair

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    Adel Taarabt looked a better player that season but has so far flopped in the Premier League, whereas Scott Sinclair has played reasonably well. 

Ruud Ter Heide

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    Tremendous technique and composure to score. 

Lautaro Formica

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    Not only did the goalkeeper concede from long range, but he also fell flat on his backside. Poor chap. 

Wesley Sneijder

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    The talking point is will Wesley Sneijder be sold in January or in the summer? 

Yohandry Orozco

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    Yohandry Orozco is currently on the books of Wolfsburg. 

Zlatan Ibrahimović

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    This is why Zlatan Ibrahimović has won eight consecutive league titles (two of them were revoked with Juventus during the Calciopoli scandal). 


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    45 yards out. Maybe Samuel should contemplate moving into midfield. 

Jörg Siebenhandl

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    That forward defines greediness. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

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    If only Cristiano Ronaldo could do that to Barcelona. 

David Villa

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    Ray Hudson is such a passionate commentator. Get well, David Villa. 

Roman Bezus

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    The 6’1” Roman Bezus made his debut for the Ukrainian international team shortly after that goal. 

Dani Alves

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    If Dani Alves was more selfish, he’d score a lot more goals, but he is a team player.

    When it matters most, in El Clásico, he comes up big-time by rendering Cristiano Ronaldo useless.

    Alves is easily the best attacking wing-back in the world. 

Joonas Jokinen

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    Joonas Jokinen became an instant overnight sensation when attempted an audacious and unnecessary back flip whilst taking a penalty.  

Andrés Guardado

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    Loyalty isn’t something you see from modern-day footballers.

    Andrés Guardado is a rare exception.

    His club Deportivo La Coruña were relegated from La Liga and Guardado chose to stay.

    Six goals and three assists in 13 games and Deportivo are on track to be promoted straight back up. 


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    Now Ronaldinho needs to score from a goal kick. 

David Beckham

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    That is why you put defenders on the posts. Look at Patrick Nyarko (No. 14), a forward, ball-watching until it’s too late. 

Iñigo Martínez

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    I love how Iñigo Martínez doesn’t even attempt to make eye contact with David de Gea.


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    David Beckham’s goal against Wimbledon entered my mind immediately. 

Fredy Guarín

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    Fredy Guarín is an interesting case. Sometimes he plays excellently and other times his daft mistakes cost Porto games. 

    Right now, he's not a permanent fixture in the team, so it would make sense for him to seek greener pastures. 

Raul Meireles

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    Raul Meireles didn’t even play two seasons for Liverpool before defecting to Chelsea. 

Lionel Messi

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    I can’t even do that on FIFA. 

Alex Terra

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    A terrific overhead kick from Alex Terra.

Jani Virtanen

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    Jani Virtanen didn’t make the grade for Udinese, but has found solace playing in the Finnish Veikkausliiga. 

Julian Schuster

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    Julian Schuster hasn’t scored since this goal. 

Iñigo Martínez

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    Iñigo Martínez’s amazing goal complements well with his amazingly embarrassing own goal.

Pa Modou Kah

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    This goal by Pa Modou Kah may have sealed his lucrative deal with Al Khor.

Benjamin De Ceulaer

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    A bit of Dennis Bergkamp in the move.

Dejan Stanković

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    Dejan Stanković has a knack for scoring outrageous goals and this wasn’t the first time that Manuel Neuer had conceded from halfway. 

Dimitris Sialmas

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    You can argue that Manolis Skoufalis’ rabona is more beautiful than Dimitris Sialmas’ overhead kick.

Giovani Dos Santos

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    The fact he had the presence of mind to chip instead of blindly blasting the ball shows the composure of Giovani dos Santos. 

Wayne Rooney

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    People forget that for 78 minutes, Wayne Rooney was isolated in the 4-5-1 and cut a lonely figure. In one moment, he went from zero to hero. 

Kevin-Prince Boateng

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    Kevin-Prince Boateng has been in sensational form.

    Six goals and three assists.

    Statistics do not reveal his whole-hearted efforts and complete displays as a footballer from an offensive and defensive perspective. 

Eric Hassli

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    Eric Hassli’s claim to fame. What a goal. 

Darlington Nagbe

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    Darlington Nagbe: “First touch wasn’t good enough so I took another touch.”

    Classic. Two juggles and then an unstoppable volley. 


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    Commentator: “This is a long way out. He’s not going to have a go, is he?”

Lionel Messi

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    This is why Lionel Messi will win this year’s FIFA Ballon d'Or.

    Mind you, if Pepe was on the field, I doubt Messi would have scored this goal.

    Pepe had Messi in his pocket through legal and illegal methods up until Dani Alves pulled off perhaps the most synchronised dive ever. 


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    Ronaldinho actually outshone Neymar in this game with a hat-trick.

    But…let’s take a moment to praise Neymar.

    It must be instinctive because he’s out of his mind to attempt such a complex and bamboozling move. World-class talent, but does he have the mentality to cope with the pressure?

    By 2014, we may have the answer. 

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