BCS National Championship: 10 Reasons to Love Alabama in This Game

Carl Stine@@CFBAllDayCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2011

BCS National Championship: 10 Reasons to Love Alabama in This Game

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    If you have been living under a rock or otherwise isolated from all media outlets, you may not know that the BCS title game is between LSU and Alabama.

    If you have been living in said isolation for the past few months, you may not know that these two teams squared off on Nov. 5, and LSU won, 9-6, in an overtime thriller.

    Now that all of that is explained, let's get to this list.

    It contains the 10 reasons you should pick the outcome of Armageddon II to be in favor of Alabama.

    The game is to be played on Jan. 9, in New Orleans, and it will feature more All-Americans than guys in the stands wearing Tebow jerseys.

    Since the rematch is near the Tigers' home turf, one might be tempted to pick them, especially since they already beat the Tide in Tuscaloosa.

    Before you make that rash decision, take a look at these 10 reasons the Tide will beat the Tigers.

10. Motivation

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    The Tide were at home in the first meeting, and watched a big win slip away due to mistakes and miscues.

    Expect this team to be focused and motivated for their rematch.

    Add in an extra week of rest for banged up players and to focus, and the Tide are going to be the better prepared team heading into this one.

9. All-Americans

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    The Tigers may be tops in the BCS rankings, but the Tide have more impact players across the board.

    Alabama had the most First Team All-Americans of any squad in the country with four.

    Barrett Jones, Trent Richardson, safety Mark Barron and linebacker Dont'a Hightower are all members of the first team, while linebacker Courtney Upshaw and corner Dre Kirkpatrick made the second team.

    There is obviously talent on both sides of this contest, and recognition as one of the best at the position does not make a good ballplayer.

    That said, the fact that these guys earned these honors says much for their on-field ability.

    To beat the Tigers, they will have to step up.

8. Offensive Line Play

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    Part of Trent Richardson's success has been his ability to run guys over and make them miss.

    However, he would never have that opportunity in the second level without the guys blocking for him.

    Barrett Jones won the Outland Trophy, and as a unit, the offensive line has only allowed 15 sacks all season.

    Giving McCarron time to make solid decisions is a must, especially since LSU's corners are so dangerous.

7. 'Bama Has a More Consistent Offense

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    LSU is 12th in scoring offense, while the Tide are 16th.

    The Tigers are 17th in rushing offense per game, while the Tide are 15th.

    Not much difference there.

    Where the real gap between these two offense becomes obvious is in the passing game.

    A.J. McCarron is no Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson, but the man has been good enough to help the Tide check in at No. 72 in passing yardage per game.

    Compare this to the Tigers, who can be found at 105th, immediately behind Akron.

6. It's Tough to Beat a Great Team Twice

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    Beating a good team twice in the same year is difficult.

    Beating a great team twice is near impossible.

    Both teams had a ton of miscues in their first meeting, but the Tide's had far more impact on the outcome of the game.

    A team like Alabama that is out to decimate opponents and win championships will learn from those mistakes and make corrections where needed.

5. Fewer Missed Field Goals

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    The Tide missed four field goals in their three-point loss to the Tigers earlier this season.

    Since that game, they have gone 4-of-7, including a perfect 2-for-2 in the Iron Bowl.

    While this is not perfect, if they had made more than 50 percent in that first meeting, they would have won the game.

    There is absolutely no reason to believe that Tide kickers will miss 80 percent of their attempts in this one.

4. Limited Turnovers

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    Both teams had two turnovers in the first meeting, but it could be argued that Alabama's hurt more.

    A.J. McCarron's interception set up an LSU field goal, while Marquis Maze threw a pick at the goal line in the second half that killed a drive for the Tide.

    Against an LSU team that forces a ridiculous amount of turnovers, they are going to cough the ball up.

    The key will be limiting those mistakes to the middle of the field where it does not pose as a much of a threat.

    That's not to say a turnover in the middle of the field isn't a bad thing, only that throwing picks that result in points for the opposition or squandered chances and are huge momentum shifters have got to be avoided.

3. Nick Saban

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    Saban is a great coach, and LSU fans have got to be concerned with one thing:

    Les Miles has not had his annual clock management SNAFU.

    Although it has been pretty obvious this season that the place-kicking position was not a big emphasis of Saban's stellar recruiting, he has managed to assemble an incredible team and coach them to this opportunity.

    Whether you like the man, you have to admit he gives the Tide as good a shot at winning this thing as anyone could.

2. Trent Richardson

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    You can debate all day long if you wish that Richardson is not the best running back in the country.

    That said, it's nearly impossible to argue that he's not at least top two.

    The man is a beast, and if you haven't seen this run against Ole Miss, take a moment and check it out.

    Richardson is one of the keys to a Tide victory in this game.

    In the last meeting between these two, he garnered 169 yards of offense, and he will need to do something similar in this game if the Tide have a shot.

    Plus, he needs to find his way into the end zone...

1. Defense

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    While LSU and its elite level cornerbacks seems to get all the hype, Alabama has been the more dominating force of the two for the entire season.

    The Tide are first in the nation in points allowed, rushing defense and passing defense.

    For those who cannot put two and two together, this means they, statistically, have the best defense in the nation.

    Against an LSU offense that appears challenged at times and could not score much in the first meeting, that streak of success is likely to continue.

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