Power Ranking Don Cherry's 25 Best Suits of All Time

Matthew FairburnCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2011

Power Ranking Don Cherry's 25 Best Suits of All Time

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    Hockey Night in Canada would not be complete without Don Cherry. And Don Cherry would not be complete without a crazy, eye-popping suit.

    Don Cherry has made some wardrobe choices that would send fashion aficionados into panic attacks, but I personally enjoy each and every one of Cherry's choice. He keeps the viewers on their toes.

    Let's take a look at the best 25 suits Cherry has ever worn. 

Teal Cherry

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    This suit doesn't even scratch the surface of the lunacy of Don Cherry's wardrobe choices.

Maroon Cherry

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    I think maroon is Don Cherry's color, don't you?

Pinstripe Cherry

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    Don Cherry doesn't always go with an outrageous suit. The guy can rock pinstripes as well.

Race Car Cherry

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    You would think Don Cherry is at a race track with a suit like that.

Purple Cherry

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    No color is off limits for Don Cherry. In this case, that includes purple.

Classic Cherry

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    Even Don Cherry has a classy side.

Fruit Cherry

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    Who puts fruit on any piece of clothing? Let alone a suit.

Irish Cherry

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    Don Cherry is a proud Canadian, but even he can get into the Saint Patrick's Day spirit.

Brown Cherry

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    Brown is an old school color for a suit. The flowers on the suit are not a part of any school, however.

Zebra Cherry

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    I honestly don't know what to say about this suit. Who would design such a thing?

What The?

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    I'm not sure what exactly this suit is supposed to be, but it's definitely right up Don's alley.

Santa Cherry

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    Don Cherry would make an excellent Santa Claus, wouldn't he?

Polka Dot Cherry

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    Don Cherry has worn some crazy suits, but polka dots? C'mon.

Plaid Cherry

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    A simple plaid suit is always a fine decision.

Octopus Cherry

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    As if his suits weren't enough of a distraction, Don Cherry enjoys using props on occasion. 

Checkered Cherry

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    Don Cherry is sporting one of the classic colors of hockey in this photo: Maple Leaf blue.

Daisy Cherry

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    I didn't take Don Cherry for a fan of daisies.

Flowery Cherry

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    Flowers are on thing, but this is a bit over the top, even for Cherry.

Neon Cherry

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    I'm not sure neon green is Don Cherry's color.

Pink Don

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    Real men really do wear pink, I guess.

Tropical Cherry

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    This suit is very plain for Don Cherry, but the earthy tones are very sharp.

Hawaiian Cherry

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    You have to love Don rocking the shades and some Hawaiian threads.

Ron MacLean as Cherry

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    This is one of the few times I have seen Cherry wearing a normal suit. On this night his partner, Ron MacLean, decided to play the role of Don Cherry.

Orange Cherry

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    Quick, someone call 911, Don Cherry is on fire.

Crazy Cherry

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    I'm not sure what this design is exactly, but it's reasonably sharp.