Rose Bowl: 10 Best Uniform Combinations for the Oregon Ducks

Brad ReadSenior Writer IDecember 14, 2011

Rose Bowl: 10 Best Uniform Combinations for the Oregon Ducks

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    The Rose Bowl matchup between Oregon and Wisconsin is garnering a bunch of media attention and rightfully so.  You have a new school Pac-12 juggernaut against a traditional Big Ten powerhouse.  Everyone is concerned with how Oregon’s speed will matchup with Wisconsin’s size.  Yes, that is a compelling storyline to watch, but I am here to talk about the one thing on every Oregon fan’s mind: What uniforms will the Duck's sport to beat the Badgers?

    A wise man once told me, “You gotta look good to play good” and there is no truer statement for the Oregon Ducks.  With the endless options of uniform combinations it is hard to determine which pants, jersey, and helmet ensemble they will go with.  Will they don the ‘All-Black’ look?  Might they go retro?  Maybe highlighter colors will be used again?  Heck, they could even wear something we’ve never seen before.

    Here are the top 10 uniform options the Ducks could wear in the Rose Bowl.

10. Stormtroopers

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    Out of all Oregon uniform combinations, the Stormtrooper look might be one of the most tame options they have.  The benefit of wearing these uniforms is that they will stay cool in the warm Southern California sun.  If the Ducks go with this combo they will come out playing light and fast, just what they need against the Badgers beefy players.

9: Semi Throw-Backs

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    Oregon last wore these uniforms in 2008 when they destroyed a heavily favored California team.  This particular combination seamlessly blends new school swagger with old school tradition.  You have to admit, the simplicity of green and yellow makes a statement that is a pleasing adjustment from the more flashy uniforms of recent.  In addition, the classic U of O logo on the helmets and pants will bring a smile to any Duck fan who has been through the difficult Oregon seasons.

8. Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

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    Wow, these uniforms sure do pop.  The black-yellow-black unis would be a great option for the Rose Bowl because they will be a stark difference compared to the boring Wisconsin jerseys.  One can't say enough about the matte black helmets.  They seriously give me goosebumps every time I look at them.

7. Futuristic Flash

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    If you went back 50 years and told an Oregon fan that the Ducks would have a uniform combination that consisted of gray helmets, white jerseys and gray pants, they would call you crazy.  There is no green or yellow in these uniforms at all!

    That is exactly what I love about it.  The Ducks are cutting edge and they won't let a silly thing like 'school colors' stand in their way of making a statement.  Wear a combo like this and recruits all over the country will come flocking to the U of O where the options are endless.

6. Highlighter Meets Steel

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    I know, I know, these were the uniforms that Oregon wore when they lost to LSU. It doesn't matter because these uniforms are so sick that they deserve a second chance.

    My favorite part is how the undershirt matches the jersey and has their number on the sleeve.  If the Ducks dare to go with this option a second time, I guarantee they will be victorious.

5. Gang-Green

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    Those shiny green helmets that seem to change color depending on what angle you are looking at them are down right amazing.  This falls in line with the more understated Oregon uniforms and this is exactly why they should consider wearing them in the Granddaddy of them all.  If the Ducks decide to go all green, then the Rose Bowl will look like a Christmas party.

4. BCS Day-Glo Magic

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    Look at these beautiful uniforms.  The first time the Ducks busted out the highlighter yellow-green uniforms was at the BCS National Championship game.  While Oregon might have lost that game, it was by no fault of how they looked.

    The chrome helmet accented by shockingly bright day-glo yellow looks simply mesmerizing.  I could see the Ducks rocking a uniform combination that blends some aspect of these uniforms. 

3. Fighting Ducks

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    Puddles' favorite uniforms must be these because they feature his face on the shoulders.  Some people thought this particular jersey was a bit too childish but I couldn't disagree more.  What I love most about the Fighting Ducks uniform is the way the forest green jersey contrasts with the black pants and helmet.  I love it!

    If the Ducks take this route in the Rose Bowl, there is a good chance they will come out fighting.

2. Black-out

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    You would be hard pressed to find an Oregon fan who doesn't like the all-black look.  Actually, it might be hard to find anyone who doesn't think these unis are simply spectacular.

    One word to describe this look: Clean.  A uniform combination like this one will inspire the Ducks to come out and play to their utmost abilities.  Fast, Hard, Finish is the Duck mantra and if we rock the Black-Out, Wisconsin won't know what hit 'em.

1. Something Outside the Box

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    There you have the top nine uniform options the Ducks could wear in the Rose Bowl.  But let's be honest with ourselves, Oregon will not wear any of these combinations shown. Why?  Because Oregon takes the national spotlight as an opportunity to showcase what makes their football team so great.

    They walk a fine line between flashy and cutting edge, which is why they will wear uniforms that get people talking.  I know they will be sporting some sweet threads we have never seen before and that is exactly what Duck fans want.

    Win the day!  Go Ducks!

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