Lassi Hurskainen Video: Watch UNC-Asheville Star Save Christmas from Evil Grinch

Nicholas Goss@@NicholasGoss35Correspondent IDecember 11, 2011

UNC-Asheville mens' soccer goalkeeper Lassi Hurskainen saved Christmas this season by stopping the evil Grinch from taking all the presents.

The Grinch hid presents around the campus and the community and it was up to Hurskainen and teammate Dan Jackson to find them.

How did they retrieve these presents from the Grinch's hiding places? With their awesome soccer skills of course.

Hurskainen shows off his unbelievable accuracy by kicking these soccer balls up to tall heights and knocking down the presents the Grinch hid.

I don't think some professional players would be able to nail some of these presents like Hurskainen does without 50 tries.

Give the Grinch credit, though. He did not hide these presents all in the same place. He hid them on top of trucks, hills, the Justice Center and even a parking lot.

Speaking of the parking lot, the long-range snipe used to nail the present box in the parking lot was unreal. I would love to know how many tries that took.

How do you make the Grinch pay for disrupting Christmas? Kick a soccer ball at him when he's in a Porta-Potty. That'll show him.

Just like in the classic Dr. Suess story, the Grinch couldn't steal Christmas.

This was an awesome trick-shot video with a really well done holiday theme built into it. I cannot wait for Hurskainen's next video!


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