A Sports Fan's New Year's Resolutions

Ed DuffyContributor IDecember 27, 2008

This time each year we decide what we want to fix, do better, or change in the up coming year. I usually pass, as there are just too many possibilities, and, after all, the holidays are depressing enough to some, so why add to it?

This year, however, I have decided to make a few resolutions in regard to my sports fanaticism. So, here we go.

First, I will not bash the Yankees, their lavish spending, and their fans. After all, it’s only money, and it is their money. I will not bash the signing of CC Sabathia who finished last season as hot as anybody short of Man-Ram (more on him later).

Of course, once the playoffs started, like the previous year, he couldn’t get it done. And, of course, that will surely put him in very hot water in the Bronx if that happens next October. If they get there. Can you say opt-out clause?

I will also not bash the AJ Burnett signing. I will wonder to myself how you give a 32-year-old pitcher who is finally had a year minus a disabled list appearance a five-year deal. But I will not bash.

I will not bash the Teixeira signing, either. After all, this was a no brainer for the Yankees. Who did they have to play first base? Nick Swisher and his .240 BA? I think not!

Tex is 28, and in his prime, does not look for the limelight, leaving it all for their prime time regular season star A-Rod, which should play well in the clubhouse. On top of that, he plays Gold Glove defense. And hey, the man in his first postseason appearance hit .467 against the Red Sox. I will not tell you all he hit were singles, and he failed to drive in a run in the series, because I am resolved not to.

I will not bash the fact that the Yankees have no center fielder. After all, Johnny Damon admitted he had slowed to the point where left field makes more sense at this point in his career. And Damon should surely approach the numbers he put up last season.

They still may end up with Mike Cameron from Milwaukee if they can find a prospect to add along with Melky Cabrera. Hmmm, wasn’t it just a year ago that Melky was gunna be Mickey Mantle? I won’t say that this next year!

I will not bash the signing of Kevin Cash as their backup catcher. Now, paranoid Red Sox fans would say that this signing was another slap in the face to their beloved Sawx, and who is going to catch Wake now? It never stops!

But enough on the Yankees. I will also not bash the Lakers; after all, their Christmas day win, at home, versus the Celtics pretty much assures an NBA championship, doesn’t it?

I will be positive toward the Dallas Cowboys and their passionate fans. Maybe they can get by Philadelphia this week and make the playoffs, and end the 20-year drought without a playoff win. Hey, they’re not America’s team for nothing.

You have to give credit to Jerry Jones for letting us all know before the season ended that Wade Phillips would be back as head coach, with his staff intact. After all, I doubt he gave coach in waiting Jason Garrett an actual time table as to when he would take over.

And this gives all those teams looking for a new head man a chance to move down to their second choices and regroup.

I will not hammer T.O. He has a right to say whatever stupid things he wants to. Romo should throw every ball his way, and forget about that Witten guy

I will not hammer Brett the Jet when the inevitable should I play or should I go now game begins sometime shortly after his season ends this week. I just won’t.

I will not criticize Manny for his genius plan to leave that awful city of Boston and the organization and fans that stood by him and his zany antics for seven plus years.

After all, look how it has played out. There are teams lining up to sign what many have called the greatest right handed hitter ever. Aren’t there?

I will also not be so quick to judge athletes when they fail drug tests, test positive for banned substances, shoot themselves, call out teammates, and coaches, drink and drive, let their entourage beat guys up, beat their wives or girlfriends, have a whole bunch of kids with different women, skip team meetings, show up fat, or simply not play well.

These are humans too, and just because they are paid millions doesn’t mean they should be treated differently than you or me.

It’s going to be a great 2009, and if it is not, you won’t hear it from me.


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