Greg Oden Is Looking Like a Bust

John GrayCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2008

The legacy of Greg Oden's greatness is starting with a thud.  The next great center is not living up to his expectations.  None of the other greats—Patrick Ewing, Shaquille O' Neal, Tim Duncan, David Robinson and even Dwight Howard—started with such an undistinguished beginning.

Oden's scoreboard is what it is: full of disappointing single digits at best and gathering more fouls than rebounds or points. Usually, such stars don't gradually develop so slowly (ie. projects) but contribute much more than Oden. 

Is Oden on track to become Michael Olowokandi, Dwayne Schintzius, William Bedford or Yinka Dare?  Or a marginal player such as Benoit Benjamin and Emeka Okafor?

Celtics are becoming even more fortunate that the lottery ball did not fall in their favor and were forced to trade for Ray Allen and KG. This allowed them to gain an NBA championship, even if the window of success is short lived.

We first got a warning on Oden when in a Summer League game, before the injury, the Celtics's Leon Powe dominated Oden, drawing 10 fouls from him and limiting him to a few points. Oden is very foul prone and is on track to break Darryl Dawkins record of fouling out within 5 minutes of a game.

Comparisons to Bill Russell are extremely pre-mature if not insulting.  Hopefully, he develops into a good player. Fortunately, he is only two seasons out of high school.  But, certainly, Oden is not the dominating, or even contributing, player on either end of the court as expected and has been a major disappointment.

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