WWE: John Cena's Greatest Matches

B/R StudiosFeatured ColumnistNovember 22, 2011

John Cena needs a hug. 

Following the Rock's long-awaited return, the anti-Cena contingent in Madison Square Garden was more fervent in expressing their discontent for Cena than usual, as the fan support lies heavily with the Rock heading into their WrestleMania 28 tilt.  To make matters worse, Cena took a Rock Bottom from the People's Champion at the conclusion of the "25th Anniversary" of Survivor Series.    
Some dislike Cena for his clean-cut heroics, while many others feel he is not an elite enough wrestler to deserve the habitual top billing in which he receives. But while he may never receive credit for being a great worker, John Cena has had more than his share of great matches.  Suffice it to say, Cena may even be considered underrated when it comes to putting on a classic wrestling performance.  
What makes John Cena especially great is that his great matches range from epic tilts with WWE Hall of Famers like Shawn Michaels to surprisingly good matches against the likes of the Great Khali.   
Cena will always take his polarizing responses in stride, as the multi-time WWE Champion never complains in public about being booed.  However, one thing about Cena that should never be hated is his ability to get in the ring with the best of the best and more than hold his own.  
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