5 Most Annoying Players in the NFL

B/R StudiosFeatured ColumnistNovember 21, 2011

Is it just me or are some NFL players so annoying? And I don’t mean bad or underperforming or even in trouble with the authorities. I mean that just looking at them brings out an irrational anger in you.

Would you rip this player’s poster off the wall when you saw it? Does the media’s obsessive praise of a particular player have you reaching for the mute button? Do you laugh when you see an NFL fan wearing their jersey?

If so, you may have a case of NFL player annoyance. Watch the video above and then consult your doctor.

As people, each of us is annoyed by different things. For me, I’m annoyed by grandstanders and poseurs, guys who draw attention to themselves and then fail to back it up with their play. There’s nothing more annoying to me in the NFL than idiots getting camera time who don’t deserve it. I’m thinking of annoying players as class clowns who tell awful jokes, wishing they would just shut up so the rest of us could get back to why we’re here in the first place: to watch great football.

Take a look at my five most annoying players in the NFL, and give me your feedback in the comments.

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