BCS Rankings 2011: Who Got Screwed in the Standings?

Ian Berg@@ShugJordanPkwyCorrespondent INovember 14, 2011

BCS Rankings 2011: Who Got Screwed in the Standings?

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    With the most recent release of the BCS standings there were few changes that were expected to occur. With the losses of Boise State and Stanford there was an obvious shift that had to happen, but there are a number of teams that are still getting screwed in the standings.

    The argument for the non-automatic qualifying schools seems to be lost this season as Boise State has lost, but there is that pesky undefeated No. 11 Houston Cougars team that looks to throw a wrinkle in the discussion.

    As week 11 of the college football season comes to a close, here is a list of those that got screwed in the latest BCS standings. 

Oregon at No. 4

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    Oregon has played its way back into the one loss championship discussion with the routing of the Stanford Cardinal this past Saturday. The Ducks were one of the best teams in college football this week and are playing some of the best football in the country.

    Oregon can’t climb much higher than fourth as the only one loss team ahead of them in the standings is Alabama, but the Ducks looked far better this week against a very formidable opponent. The Crimson Tide struggled early against Mississippi State while the Ducks plastered No. 9 Stanford.

    At the end of the weekend, the Ducks looked to be the most explosive and talented one loss team in the country. 

Southern Miss Just Short of BCS Bowl Bid

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    Southern Miss has lost one game this season, but the Golden Eagles have been playing inspired football as of late. The Golden Eagles are a one-loss team that is nowhere near the national title talk, deservedly so, but they are playing good enough to climb beyond No. 20.

    If the Golden Eagles continue to win and the Big East fails to field a ranked team, the Southern Miss team has a shot at pushing towards a BCS bowl game. At this point, they appear more deserving than any team from the Big East.

Houston No. 11

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    The Houston Cougars have done all that has been asked this season. They have pushed through their season towards an undefeated mark, but have lacked love in the BCS standings.

    All that has been heard the past few years is the scream of the non-automatic qualifier from the mountain tops as they search for respect. This season looks as if the strides of so many to push equality in the BCS between power conferences and the rest of the pack have failed.

    Houston stands strong outside the top 10 and will likely stay there no matter what they do to finish the season. Where have all the calls for the non-AQs gone? Paging Kirk Herbstreit and co.

Any Team with Two Losses Below No. 24 Auburn

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    The Auburn Tigers were absolutely throttled this past week by Georgia marking the second time in the past four weeks that the Tigers have had a loss by a margin of more than 30 points. The Tigers are standing at 6-4 overall on the season and still face the No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide at season's end.

    Any team that falls below Auburn in this week’s standings should feel slighted. The reality is that Auburn has only lost games this season by teams currently ranked in the top 15, but losing the way the Tigers have is the separator.

    There is an obvious gap between Auburn and the teams that have smacked them this season. Anyone who thinks otherwise didn’t even catch the highlights, much less the game.

TCU No. 19

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    The TCU Horned Frogs have found their way back into the BCS rankings with this week’s victory over Boise State, but still only climbed to No. 19. The Horned Frogs have faced two losses this season with a season-opening loss to Baylor and Week 5 overtime loss to SMU.

    Despite those losses, the Horned Frogs deserve to be higher than No. 19. The Horned Frogs proved last season with a victory over Wisconsin that you can never count them out. Right now, they are getting a lot of bets in their favor. They also just beat the “best” non-AQ qualifier in the country, but Boise only fell to No. 10 which is nine spots above the team they just lost to. That just seems wrong.

Wisconsin No. 17

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    Wisconsin is by far the best two loss team in the country right now. The Badgers have lost two games by final play hail mary throws. Russell Wilson is one of the best signal callers in college football and has led Wisconsin to become a top 10 offense.

    He also has had help from Montee Ball. Ball has rushed for 1,242 yards so far this season averaging an amazing 6.7 yards a carry on the season. Ball has also added 23 touchdowns to the fold.

    Wisconsin is better than a wealth of teams that are ahead of it right now, but the standings don’t always get it right. Wisconsin is definitely getting screwed in the latest BCS standings. 

Oklahoma Gets Jumped by Oregon

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    Oklahoma has played some inspired football since the loss that came against Texas Tech earlier this season. Three weeks ago the Sooners routed an undefeated Kansas State team in response to their upset loss to the Red Raiders.

    The Sooners have been able to keep themselves in the one loss discussion with their recent performance but Oregon was still able to jump above the Sooners with a win over Stanford. The Sooners have games left against No. 22 Baylor and No. 2 Oklahoma State which could vault them back above the Ducks.

Big Ten with a Lack of Respect?

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    The Big Ten expanded to a 12-team format this past offseason pushing them into the world of conference championship games. The Big Ten has a wealth of quality teams this season, but the highest ranked Big Ten team is Michigan State at No. 15.

    The Big Ten holds the No. 15 through No. 18 spots in the current BCS standings and may be getting overlooked this season as the conference beats up on one another. One thing is for sure, the Big Ten title game will be a good one and the winner will make a BCS bowl game. At this point, the conference has to feel underappreciated. 

Georgia Wins Eight Straight to Only Climb to No. 14

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    The Bulldogs have lost two games this season, both coming in the first two weeks. They have since won eight straight games and are playing some of the best football in the SEC right now. The most recent win was a 45-7 drubbing of the No. 24 Auburn Tigers.

    The Bulldogs are one win away from sealing an Eastern Division title and are likely to earn it this coming week against Kentucky. Assuming Georgia wins out, they will likely continue to climb the polls. As of now, they should garner a little more attention than they have. 

Is Andrew Luck’s Heisman Campaign Over?

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    One of the biggest screw jobs of the weekend has to come with a discussion that Andrew Luck is possibly out of the Heisman discussion with a loss. He did not have his best game against Oregon, but it was apparent that the Cardinal were simply out manned by the Oregon Ducks.

    Luck is still the best quarterback in the game today and any discussion otherwise is laughable. What was shown this past Saturday night against Oregon was that he is truly the most important player in the country to his team and is by far the best signal caller in the land.


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