Breaking News: Two Years After Benoit Tragedy, 'Roids Claims Yet Another Victim

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IDecember 16, 2008

As a wrestler on the Independent Circuit, I hate the talks of steroids. I'm a scrawny guy who hates the thoughts of taking the stuff. That's why I jumped out of my chair when I received an email from my buddy Patrick Boucher about a developing story that is hitting the WWE once again.

More than two years after the tragedy known as Chris Benoit, I was informed that WWE developmental star, Mike Bell (pictured second from right), who had admitted to using steroids during his professional wrestling career, passed away Sunday afternoon at the age of 37.

Bell, who made noise as a preliminary superstar that had a highly intense battle with Perry Saturn, became the talk of Hollywood when he was featured with his brother Mark in a film produced by his other brother Chris documenting the downside of taking anabolic steroids. In shocking fashion, the entire Bell Family was featured in the film, "Bigger, Faster, Stronger," and it included both Mike and Mark in the documentary.

Mike and Mark Bell both admitted to using anabolic steroids to further their own careers, Mike in wrestling and Mark in bodybuilding. In the film, Mike Bell was said to have previous health issues, but no cause of death was known at release time. Once the film went public, the media went crazy claiming that Bell had attempted suicide in the past.

For more on this latest developing tragedy to hit the WWE, feel free to visit the story on www.pwheadlines.com.