Penn State Riots: Students' Reaction to Joe Paterno Firing Is Immature

Eric BowmanFeatured ColumnistNovember 10, 2011

The Penn State scandal took a turn for the worse Wednesday night, as Nittany Lion students hit the streets to riot, showing just how blinded they are to this whole ordeal. 

It's great to show love and support for Joe Paterno, but acting crazy in the streets doesn't help in these troubling times for everyone involved, especially the university, which is now in dire need of positively rebuilding its image. 

Late Wednesday night, the Penn State board of trustees met to discuss the situation at hand, and their statement shocked everyone. 

Jim Gardner of ABC Action News Philadelphia broke the story on Twitter (where else?), and then utter chaos ensued at State College. 

The legendary coach wanted to stay on and retire at the end of the year, but the outrage over what took place was too much for Penn State to bear, so they had to let Paterno go. 

Cleaning house is a safe move, as it's now time to start fresh at Penn State.

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Unfortunately, this move didn't sit well with students, and what they did on Wednesday night is absolutely ridiculous. 

These students have yet to stop and think about what actually took place in this scandal.

They've been so wrapped up in anger at how Paterno has been under scrutiny since the news broke. 

Seriously, who does things like this? 

That news station was going to need that truck later for a live broadcast, but instead they're left with completely different story than it wanted to get and forced to find a new way home. 

At this point the riots are now all for show, which is just wrong. 

The Twitter world blew up late last night, as everyone had an opinion on what was happening at Penn State. One of the best came from Brad Panovich of WCNC in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Their immature actions are being witnessed by everyone, thanks to the many smart phones able to capture photos and videos. 

How selfish do these students look right now? It's one thing to stand outside Paterno's house and chant his name, but rioting and revolting in the street after he was fired is downright pathetic.

CBS Sports Bryan Fischer tweeted his thoughts on the Penn State riots, and he puts in perspective how these riots will really crush the university.  

He's exactly right, and since this whole matter deals somewhat with football, just imagine what the parents of recruits are telling their children now. 

Penn State is going to take a major hit in all facets of the university throughout the next few years until school officials are finally able to clear the air, which won't be easy. 

I understand those who may be mad or upset they're losing their long-time coach, but that is no cause to act like a fool and terrorize the streets of campus.

Let's not lose sight of why this is all news in the first place.  

Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky is in the wrong here, but the way these students reacted on Wednesday night just hurts Paterno's legacy even more. 

It's almost as these kids only care about their coach, and not what Sandusky did. He was allegedly using his charity, Second Mile, to molest young boys, which is disturbing on so many levels. 

Instead, these students have turned the scandal towards them, showing how immature they truly are. 

These are difficult times at Penn State, but rioting in the streets is not the answer. Reacting in a violent way does no good for anyone involved, as it hinders the school these students attend. 

The students may think they're demonstrating their love and support for Paterno, but all these riots did was make matters worse for Penn State. It's going to be very difficult to recover from this, which is why the students need to stop digging the school into a deeper and deeper hole.

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