New York Jets Stay On Top of AFC East With Great Escape Over Buffalo Bills

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2008

The game was over.

The Jets were down 27-24 to the Bills late in the fourth quarter, and they could not stop the two-headed rushing attack of Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson, who hurt them on the ground all day long. 

The clock was winding down, and it looked as if the Jets were going to lose yet another heart breaker in front of their home faithful. 

One moronic second down play by the Bills changed the outcome of the game though. 

On second down the Bills decided, for some still unknown reason, to try and pass the ball.  Abram Elam came from the left side almost untouched, and hit Bills quarterback J.P. Losman. 

Elam then swiped at the ball, and it came loose. 

Bouncing around deep in Jets territory, Shaun Ellis picked the ball up, and quickly turned into a running back. 

He pounded, and then tip-toed, his way into the end zone. 

Touchdown Jets. 

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the great escape. 

Despite their best efforts to lose the game today, the Jets pulled out a miracle, a 31-27 victory, and are still tied atop the AFC East after huge wins by the Dolphins and the Patriots earlier today. 

The defense saved them, and after some wretched play the past few weeks, it was long overdue. 

Early on in the game though, it looked as if the Jets were going to win in a walk. 

Driving down the field on an almost perfect first drive, Thomas Jones plunged into the end zone to start the scoring. 

In doing this, he broke the Jets single season rushing touchdown mark with his 13th rushing touchdown, and the total touchdown mark, with his 15th touchdown overall.

Both of these records were held by the great Curtis Martin, and this has cemented Jones's status as a great Jets running back. 

In addition, Brett Favre ran for a huge gain on a quarterback bootleg in the drive.  Laughing it off in typical Favre fashion, this led to the score, and made the Jets fortunes looked great early. 

Later on, Favre hit Jerricho Cotchery with a touchdown pass to make the score 14-3, and the Jets looked as if they were back. 

Favre was gunning the ball with precise accuracy, the receivers were making a difference once again, and Thomas Jones was running the ball like a man possessed. 

The Bills were done after this, right? 


Coming back like a team fighting for a playoff spot, even though their chances were slim to none entering the game, the Bills ended up handing it to the Jets for the better part of the rest of the game. 

They played like the team who wanted it more, and as a result, the Jets faithful were ready to give up on their team once and for all. 

These feelings were very warranted.  J.P. Losman was moving the ball down the field—yes, J.P. Losman—and the running game was punishing the Jets defense. 

At the same time, Favre went back to throwing picks (he had two today), and the rest of the Jets went right back to shooting themselves in the foot. 

Going into the half though, the Jets were up 21-17 on a huge long touchdown run by Leon Washington, who is quickly stating his case as to why he may be the best backup running back in all of football. 

The wheels came off quickly though once the second half started, and the Jets made the game much too interesting once again. 

Luckily though, the Bills had some stupid penalties, including one that negated a huge 100 yard kickoff return for a touchdown after the Jets made it 24-20 off of a field goal. 

Later on though, Fred Jackson took five Jets with him into the end zone in a pathetic display of tackling, and the Jets offense went off of the field quickly, which gave the Bills the ball back. 

Somehow, someway though, the defense came through and saved the season for the Jets. 

Now at 9-5, even though they probably should be at 8-6, they have the 3-10 Seattle Seahawks next week out in Seattle. 

What should be a simple win against a team destroyed by injuries is no sure thing since the Jets are going out west again for this game. 

In a must win, the Jets must play better next week, or they will not be as lucky the next time. 

Enjoy the win though.  Normally, these games go against the Jets, not usually in their favor. 

Rejoice in the giving of the holiday season, because the Bills sure did give the Jets one great present today.

Give thanks for the great escape today out at The Meadowlands by the New York Jets. 


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