John Morrison and The Miz Win the World Tag Team Titles

Martin BentleyCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2008

John Morrison and The Miz won their second Tag Team Championship as a team, and their first World Tag Team Championship, after defeating the former champions CM Punk and Kofi Kingston at a WWE house show in Hamilton, ON on Saturday night.

The title change came as a shock, as titles usually do not change hands at non-televised events, but the fans at Copps Coliseum were in for a treat...or a nightmare if they were Punk or Kingston fans.

WWE are holding their Armageddon PPV tonight in Buffalo, NY, and Punk is scheduled to face Rey Mysterio to earn No. 1 contender status for the Intercontinental Title, so the decision to take the belts off Punk and Kingston seems to indicate that WWE want Punk to go for the IC Title instead.

Indeed, it was Kingston who took the pin, with The Miz hitting his patented Reality Check on him after Morrison distracted Punk, so whilst the belt is off Punk, he still remains somewhat strong.

As for Miz and Morrison, the 2008 Tag Team of the Year now have World Tag Team gold to go along with their golden Slammys, and it remains to be seen which teams will step up and challenge the golden Dirt Sheet Duo.

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