Movember in the NHL: 25 Best Mustaches in Hockey History

Matthew FairburnCorrespondent INovember 7, 2011

Movember in the NHL: 25 Best Mustaches in Hockey History

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    Movember is in full swing throughout the NHL as players across the league are growing mustaches in order to raise money for cancer.

    Some players have grown legendary mustaches throughout the history of the league, both for Movember and just for the hell of it.

    Here, we will examine the 25 best mustaches in hockey history. Enjoy.

Larry Robinson

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    Larry Robinson had a very successful NHL career, but his ability to grow a mustache may have been his most impressive trait.

Bryan Trottier

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    The Stanley Cup really complements the stache well in this photo. Trottier kept a career-long commitment to his mustache.

Sidney Crosby

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    Hey, at least Sidney Crosby put in an effort. It's not his fault he can't grow facial hair.

Sam Gagner

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    It's great when a quiet guy like Sam Gagner gets involved in the Movember festivities.

Niclas Wallin

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    Sometimes, Movember can become pretty creepy. Niclas Wallin is better off with a full beard in my opinion.

Dirk Graham

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    Dirk Graham was an excellent captain and had an outstanding mustache. I definitely think there was a correlation between the two.

Wendel Clark

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    Wendel Clark is one of the most beloved Toronto Maple Leafs of all time. And, man, could he rock a mustache.

Chris Mason

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    Chris Mason is a pro at growing facial hair. He put together a great playoff beard and a hell of a Movember stache.

Carey Price

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    Carey Price's mustache is awesome in its own creepy way.

Ryan Malone

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    Ryan Malone looks like he was pulled straight out of the '70s or '80s with that epic mustache.

Harold Snepsts

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    Harold Snepsts has a great mustache to counteract the ugly-looking jersey he is sporting.

Daniel Briere

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    This is Daniel Briere's version of a playoff beard.

Dave Schultz

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    What would one of the greatest enforcers in the history of the game be without a mean mustache?

Tim Thomas

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    Tim Thomas plays his best when his facial hair is raging.

Pat Burns

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    Pat Burns' iconic mustache is a huge reason why Movember has picked up steam in the NHL. Burns' memory will always be honored when a player grows upper-lip facial hair.

Mike Brown

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    Mike Brown is one of the few brave souls left in the NHL that still keeps a mustache for the majority of the calendar year.

Dave Babych

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    Dave Babych sported one of the bushiest mustaches I've ever seen during his playing days.

Jarome Iginla

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    Jarome Iginla's mustache scares me a bit.

Paul MacLean

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    Paul MacLean has the Ottawa Senators off to a roaring start to the 2011 NHL season in his first year as a head coach in the league. One has to wonder how this is his first shot at the NHL given that great mustache.

Ian White

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    Ian White is a classy guy with a really classy mustache.

Daniel Carcillo

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    Daniel Carcillo easily has the dirtiest mustache in the history of the NHL.

Cal Clutterbuck

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    There's a reason Cal Clutterbuck is a fan favorite in Minnesota. Just look at that stache.

Dennis Maruk

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    Dennis Maruk racked up 878 points during his NHL career and was sporting this great mustache for nearly each and every one of them.

George Parros

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    George Parros lives for Movember. He is the only active player that regularly sports a mustache and does so with great success.

Lanny McDonald

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    Nobody will ever be able to get on Lanny McDonald's level. His mustache was a work of art and added to his rough and tough persona on the ice.


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