LSU vs. Alabama Video: Watch the Interception That Helped Save LSU's Season

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIINovember 6, 2011

It was everything it was billed to be...unless you like TDs. A final of 9-6 in overtime was not for fans of shootouts, but if you like tough, grind-it-out football, this was the best type of game for you.

Alabama made a boatload of mistakes, and LSU made big plays. None were bigger than this athletic and timely interception from sophomore safety Eric Reid.

He leaves his assignment, flows over to Alabama tight end Michael Williams and literally steals the ball from him on the 1-yard line. This was one of two interceptions in the game—the first was from junior CB Morris Claiborne.

This was still the biggest play of the game and further highlighted the mental lapses that costs Alabama the game. The pass was thrown by WR Marquise Maze on a trick play. The ball was lofted in the air with a ridiculous amount of hang time that allowed Reid to make the spectacular play on the ball.

All the missed field goals by "long-range kicking specialist" Cade Foster, one was blocked (that one was from the foot of "short-range kicking specialist" Jeremy Shelley) and ironically caught in the air by Reid as well. There was also a very poor choice of play-calling in the overtime session.

There were just too many miscues to overcome for the home-standing Crimson Tide. They will look back at many plays as well as this fabulous interception as plays they wish they could have back.


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