The 30 Hottest Tennis Players Ever

Matt MartinezCorrespondent INovember 4, 2011

The 30 Hottest Tennis Players Ever

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    Tennis is probably the most watchable women's sport. It's competitive, fast-paced and suspenseful. But, there's something else about tennis that keeps my attention. What is it? I am having a hard time placing why I enjoy ladies tennis so much...

    Oh yeah! Because a great deal of the women playing could double as supermodels! Don't believe me? Well, here are 30 examples.

    These are the 30 hottest tennis players of all time (don't expect to see any dudes).

30. Anastasia Pivovarova

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    A stunner from Moscow—big surprise! Is there just a factory out there that churns out leggy model types who can swing a racquet? And if so, can I get an interview there?

29. Anna Chakvetadze

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    So what if Anna has fallen from fifth in the world to 228th in a four-year span? She's smoking-hot.

    And no, I don't know how to pronounce her last name.

28. Vitalia Diatchenko

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    Vitalia may have never been out of the second round of a Grand Slam, but we like her cheery demeanor.

    The Russian's long curls are sexy and she has a body to match.

27. Nicole Vaidisova

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    Even though Nicole's tennis career is behind her, we can still admire her super-long legs, right?

    That's what I thought. We'll miss you, Nicky. Can we call you Nicky?

26. Alize Lim

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    This generally unknown French-born pro is basking in the sunlight. This hardly looks like someone who is focused on a match. No complaints here!

25. Tadeja Majeric

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    Doesn't Tadeja make you want to visit the Republic of Slovenia? Those legs look like they could wrap around a man twice. The patented "tongue out" is a nice touch, too.

24. Annabel Croft

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    This Brit was one of the hottest players of her time. Back in the 1980s, Annabel turned more heads than a groundstroke battle at Wimbledon.

23. Dominika Cibulkova

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    Twenty-two, Slovakian and a multimillionaire. Where do we sign up?

    Dominika may only have one WTA title, but she sure can twirl that blond hair of hers.

22. Petra Cetkovska

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    Zero career titles? Who cares? Just keep on doing what you're doing, Petra. No one is watching. (OK, that might have been a little creepy).

21. Agnieszka Radwanska

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    Shoutouts to my people in Poland! Agnieszka represents you well. She has a killer body and is currently eighth on tour.

    I'm not sure what she's looking at or why her shoes suddenly became unnecessary, but her quad muscles are on full display.

20. Chris Evert

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    Here's a little blast from the past: Chris Evert. Love the kinky hairdo, the tiny tank and the revealing bottoms.

    Evert held her own on the court, too. What do you think about 18 career singles Grand Slams and 157 titles? No wonder she was such a prize catch in her day.

19. Gisela Dulko

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    Argentina has produced some pretty great athletes over the past few decades, and Gisela Dulko is one of them. A successful WTA touring professional, Gisela has netted more that $3.6 million.

    She is also pretty perfect-looking. That's how she got on the list.

18. Sania Mirza

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    With only one WTA win in her career, Sania might be best known for looking great during press conferences. Born in India, Sania has made most of her dough on the doubles side.

17. Flavia Pennetta

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    Flavia has been ranked as high as 10th in the world, so she's got that going for her. The Italian also has a mesmerizing stare, so she's got that going for her, too.

16. Stefania Chieppa

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    Yep, she's Italian. The 28-year-old pro plays on the ITF. Her highest WTA ranking was 359 and she has lost more matches that she has won.

    But, she has a great smile and some other nice, uh, assets.

15. Jelena Dokic

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    I was wondering what Jelena's super-upper thigh looked like. Thanks for the peek!

    Dokic was ranked fourth in the world almost a decade ago, but she has continued her success, and looked amazing while doing it.

14. Ashley Harkleroad

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    The list wouldn't be complete without an American, and a Californian at that! Ashley hasn't played in some time, but she did become the first professional tennis player to pose for Playboy in 2008.

    Tell me you're not curious, and I will call you a liar, sir.

13. Caroline Wozniacki

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    Attracted to talent? Meet Caroline Wozniacki, the current No. 1 player in the world.

    Those vibrant colors really work for her. Though, I'm looking more at the places without clothing.

12. Alona Bondarenko

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    This Ukrainian bombshell looks fantastic in that braid. Just don't let her catch you bad-mouthing her country. She'll knock over your Risk board right in the middle of the subway.

11. Iveta Benesova

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    What is it with these Eastern European women looking 10 years younger than they actually are? Iveta is almost 30 and she looks like someone who would get carded trying to buy cigarettes.

10. Daniela Hantuchova

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    Daniela was and still is a force on the singles circuit, but she is also just the fifth woman to win all four mixed doubles Grand Slams.

    She doesn't look bad in a bikini, either.

9. Amanda Coetzer

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    Back in the 1990s, Amanda was the toast of tennis. She won more than $5.5 million over her career and beat some of the best players in the world.

    She was also crazy-hot. So, there's that.

8. Olga Poutchkova

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    Surprise! Olga does some modeling! I know, you're floored.

    Olga is either Russian or Belarusian. To us, it really doesn't matter. Nice shoulders, by the way.

7. Raluca Olaru

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    Raluca might not be all that good (186th on tour), but she sure is cute. Anybody else see a slight Jessica Alba resemblance?

6. Agnes Szavay

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    Agnes makes me Hungary.

5. Maria Sharapova

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    Three Grand Slams, 24 titles and physical perfection? Maria Sharapova must have been pretty tight with God before he created her.

4. Tatiana Golovin

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    Tatiana Golovin is probably done with tennis because of back inflammation and we will certainly miss her.

    By the way, who stole Tatiana's shirt? Don't give it back, please.

3. Ana Ivanovic

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    This Serbian knockout is one of my personal favorites. She looks incredible on and off the surface and is classically beautiful.

    I know she's not No. 1 on the WTA rankings anymore, but she certainly is in our hearts.

2. Anna Kournikova

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    Anna may have been a perennial loser as a singles player, but she collected 16 doubles titles during her career.

    Do I really need to articulate Anna's beauty? I mean, you have a pair of eyes. Behold her perfection.

1. Maria Kirilenko

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    Here's another Russian beauty who got a double dose of good looks. With a face like an angel and the body of a goddess, no wonder she's up so high on the list.