NFL's 10 Craziest Referee Decisions of the Year, Midseason Edition

Antonio BonkalskiContributor IIINovember 3, 2011

NFL's 10 Craziest Referee Decisions of the Year, Midseason Edition

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    Referees are always under heat for making questionable decisions in big moments of big games, and this year is no different.

    In every sport, referees make mistakes during the game that could either be very funny to watch or very heartbreaking for a team. 

    Seeing a ref make a crazy call is one of the wonders of sports, and this season, there are many blunders made in some small and large situations.

    Here are 10 crazy referee decisions of the season thus far across the NFL and one video from the NCAA because of how bad of a call it really was.

"The Field Goal Is Good!" Syracuse vs. Toledo

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    Early in the season, Toledo faced the Big East Syracuse Orange. 

    Little did the Rockets know that a referee would decide the outcome of the game instead of their performance on the field.

    Syracuse had just scored a touchdown late in the game and was up by two points. When it kicked the extra point, it seemed like the ball hit off the crossbar but was called good anyway.

    The funny thing about this decision was that the play was reviewed and the ref still called the extra point good.

    Toledo tied the game on what would have been a game-winning field goal, and eventually lost in overtime.

    Tough luck for the Rockets, but this decision falls on the shoulders of that poor referee.

    This video had to be in the mix because of just how bad the refs were to actually review a terrible call and keep the decision.

Holding Call: Bears vs. Packers

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    One of the best plays in all of special teams play happened this year when the Chicago Bears fooled the Green Bay Packers with a decoy punt return and took it back to the house for a touchdown.

    Unfortunately, the referee saw a hold that was not even near the return man.

    The call caused the team a touchdown, and they eventually lost the game.

    Was the call necessary?

Jim Schwartz Offers Advice for the Referee

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    In a comeback victory against the Vikings in Week 3 of the 2011 season, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz offers a little advice to the referees.

    Why did he do this?

    The referee did not call the end to the game, even though the Lions clearly kicked a game-winning field goal.

    Fired up, Schwartz cursed out the referee saying that they should know the rules. 

    Not well put, Jim, but you tell 'em.

Jets vs Raiders Slip

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    This video is not that crazy of a call by a ref, but just a little stumble that caused some time to run off the clock before halftime.

    The Raiders were driving on the Jets in hope of a score before halftime. However, while the referee was going to spot the ball, he lost his footing and fell to the ground.

    Embarrassing moment for the ref. Hopefully, he didn't take the laughs of the players around him too personally.

Who's Got the Ball? Tennessee vs. Pittsburgh

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    As Tennessee faced Pittsburgh, the Titans kicked an onside kick late in the third quarter. The referees did not come to a decision together because both of them pointed different ways.

    Take a look at the video. Not only did the refs point wrongly once, but twice!

    Big mistake for the referees.

Victor Cruz Fumble?

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    In what led to a huge debate in the NFL, the Giants' Victor Cruz seemed to fumble the ball late in the game, but the ref thought otherwise.

    The outcome of the game was in favor of the Giants as they finished the drive and defeated the Cardinals. 

    Take a look at the play.

Cardinals vs. Vikings, Carolina Challenges?

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    During the Cardinals-Vikings game, a referee decides to bring in a third party in the Carolina Panthers to challenge a fumble call in the game.

    WATCH: 1:52-2:10

    Unfortunately for the ref, he did not know Ken Wisenhunt was not the head coach of the Panthers.

    Like they say in the video, c'mon man!

Eagles Backwards Pass

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    In the Sunday night game featuring the Eagles and Cowboys, unfortunately the referee had a bad sight on a play where he called a backwards pass.

    The Eagles were in control, but when Vick threw the ball to Jackson from the 12-yard line to the 9-yard line, the referees believed it to be a backwards pass.

    The ref might need a bit of depth perception with this bad call.

    Check the call. Backwards pass?

Defenseless Receiver Call

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    In Week 1, the Texans faced the Colts when a ref made a controversial call about a hit made by Daniel Manning on a "defenseless receiver."

    The result was a 15-yard penalty. 

    See for yourself. Was it a legal hit?

Defenseless Player Pt. 2

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    In a game featuring the 49ers and Seahawks, the referee called a hit on a Seahawk receiver an unnecessary roughness call because of a hit on a defenseless receiver.

    The hit looked clean, but you find out for yourself.